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Locanto review



People who are familiar with Craigslist will have a little flashback after visiting locanto. The site, which was launched in 2006, is based on the popular bulletin board site. The result is a Craigslist-like website that caters mainly to India. It's not a bad thing - it works perfectly. Locanto also does things that Craiglist cannot. Locanto's forward-looking verification process for escorts or other providers is one example. This protects both the provider and the hobbyists.

72 countries represented

This is an incredible number of countries! This is a far greater number than most Craigslist-like sites. You can search classifieds in Canada, Australia, Qatar, Australia and Tanzania. Locanto, which is the center of all the action, remains in India.

What does this mean? Locanto won't be as active if a Locanto-recipient is located on another continent than India. Some sections are downright dead. This is normal and to be expected.

Locanto should not be penalized for this. No website like this is universally accessible (not even Craigslist). Because the Indian section is the main focus, and each Indian section is so busy, people can use it to enjoy the Craigslist Marketplace (e.g. buy, get a work, etc.).

It is easy to find escorts

It is easy to jump into the action and begin looking for escorts. You can find 'Personal Services" on the left side. This section includes categories such as Massages and Strippers, Phone & Cam and, along with Escorts (male escorts), and Transsexual Escorts to name a few.

Let's say that most people will choose 'Escorts. There will be many good browsing options. If you are searching for something specific and wish to use a keyword (popular search terms pop up at top)

Users can then choose to view only ads that have pictures or choose an age range. You should see a range of escorts if you do a search. However, it depends on what keyword was used. If you're looking for Locanto escorts blindly, there are tons of them. You can be selective here, there are plenty of beautiful women to choose.

It is easier to find the preferred escorts by using tags

Users who first visit the escort area may wonder what the deal with the tags at top of the page is. It's very simple. You can locate them by using the location and search fields. These ads can be described as 'Horny girl' or 'Blonde Escort'. Click on one of these to see only ads that contain those keywords.

These tags are very popular for Locanto. You can almost guarantee that clicking them will bring up search results. Don't feel like it's a waste to spend your time exploring these tags. Click a tag that speaks to you with confidence.

It's easy to wish for simpler days when casual encounters are all that one needs.

Ah, the convenience of the casual encounters area of 'that bulletinboard'. The 'Casual Encounters section is located to the left of this page, right near the area where escorts are available. This section allows people to browse categories like Women looking for Men, Women looking for Women, Fetish Encounters and Men Looking For Men.

See escorts in gallery

The gallery section allows users to browse image-by-image the Locanto escorts. The gallery icon can be found on the right hand side of the Escorts pages. The thumbnails will display the escorts. After selecting the escort, the browser can click on the ad to view the rest of the images (if available - not all ads feature more than a few images).

This is a great way to see if an escort is worth investigating further or if they are not the right person for you. While not everyone will have the opportunity to view the gallery, others may prefer to be on the 'down-low. You can browse by gallery for those occasions when you don't have to worry about anyone looking over your shoulder or walking into the room.

Beautiful thumbnails of escorts

Thumbnails are beautiful and very clear. Because it's vital for people to be able to identify the person they are interested in interacting with, it's important that thumbnails look clear. This applies to all escort forums. If the thumbnails are unclear and don't give confidence to the browser, they won't stay.

They all look great, as do the thumbs. Locanto made a smart move to ensure that these looked as great as possible. If you keep up the good work, people will continue to visit the forum to view the fine escorts for many years.

Listings of escorts could contain more information

However, this is not to say that actual ads might have more information. More on those later. The actual listings that appear when you click 'Escorts" or browse by list may be more detailed. They will only show if the listing contains pictures (a +1 symbol in the listing indicates this), the location, the age and a brief byline explaining what the ad is all about.

The byline does not leave out important information, though. This is usually where you will find the phone number and contact method, as well as a brief description of the escort. However, a bit more information (such as services in the byline), would encourage people to click to see what the escort offers.

Many ads contain excellent information

Advertisements are an entirely different story. Although it's not true for every ad, Locanto ads almost always tell users everything they need about the escort. This is not surprising, as they all compete for views.

Ads usually include images of the escort and the location. The escort who posted the advertisement may have additional information. Each ad should be read carefully. Every provider is unique, so it's important to read each ad carefully before deciding to make contact.

You may also be interested in the following section

What should a person do if they click on an ad and read it? Instead of searching blindly, scroll down to the bottom and check out the section titled "You might also be interested". These ads display similar ads to the one you just saw. This is a great way for one to freely browse their region for escorts!

Follow the escorts

You can follow a user, whether you visit a friend and want to see them again, or if they just want to save the contact information for later. This feature is not available on many other bulletin boards. Users can follow the instructions to see if an escort has been online and contact them. This is a great way to not lose a trusted escort (whether they were used in the past or not) and to contact them to make arrangements at any moment.


Although it would be great if were more popular around the globe, its strong presence in India makes it a wonderful resource for Indians. It is easy to use, but it doesn't reinvent any of the old tricks. It is solid, even though it could use more detailed ads. It's also a useful site that makes it infinitely easier to find escorts.

  • Representatives of seventy-two countries.
  • It is easy to find escorts.
  • It is easier to find the best escorts by
  • using tags.
  • You have many options for browsing.
  • Take a look at the gallery for escorts.
  • Beautiful thumbnails of escorts.
  • Many ads contain excellent information.
  • You may also be interested in the
  • following section.
  • Follow favorite escorts.
  • Mobile Support
  • Listings of escorts could contain more
  • information.