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skokka review



People enjoy mocking India so much. People make fun of India for being dirty and for having to take a walk on the streets. People often make fun of India's English accent and Bollywood movies. It's understandable that sometimes, something bizarre can be quite funny. What people don't realize is that India is full of beautiful women. They are buried deep within by their social sexual repression. Unless you are in an arranged marriage you're a hoe. That's what Indians think. If you are different and have no limits, you can jump on this website and read this review. The sheer number of hotties on this site will have you spellbound.

The history of the site as well as its design's creation date is the 26th of October, in the year 2010. That's an amazing thing. As we all know, India has very specific rules regarding dating and other matters. It doesn't help that some of them happen to be Muslims. How do you keep this website going for 10 years? That's quite an accomplishment. Now we can take it apart and make it better if it isn't. It's a common thing on our site, though. You can now see all that this place has to give you by visiting us. If you are interested, you will enjoy the following paragraphs. We'll be discussing the design and navigation system of the place in these paragraphs. So, let's begin!'s design isn't impressive, and that's a fact, right from the beginning. The logo is in a simple font and is only available in white. This site looks more like an official site of a kindergarten than an escort website. This is just the first impression. You'll notice how many chicks took photos in ridiculous, but cute poses. You'll also notice that their bios contain emojis as well as broken English. This is just hilarious. Even though this place's design is ridiculous, it can still make you laugh.

As far as the navigation system goes for, it still looks ridiculous. The options can be confusing. Let's take a look at the facts! You have four choices at the top of this site. You have the option to choose from a wide range of services. You will then be able to access all Indian regions. This is a very cool feature, and we appreciate it. The search button and button for different cities are at the end.

The options at the top of the list are quite good and contain lots of information. They include all escort services, as well as the entire region and city. We think so, but we are not Indian, so maybe we are wrong. There are also options at the bottom, where you can choose from different types escorts. As people often say, the future is now. You also have the option to place your ad.

Website content

The content of is a pretty fantastic thing, and we're going to explain why right away. You have immediate access to the content and don't need to go through the nonsense options at the beginning. You have direct access to the content. Let's now explain the core of this site. This site is all about escorts/prostitutes. We'll explain a bit more. First, you have banging as an option. You can bang, get massages, or go to what they call the "adult meetings." Although there is no explanation, our common sense suggests that these are probably code words for orgies.

You don't need to worry about escorts. You get all the kinds of them at the top of, but you can also view them at the bottom of the site. There are many other options available, so you don't have to limit your search. There are also male hookers and escorts. It's your choice. You can choose your poison. This is a great thing we can all respect.

Mobile and desktop experience

The desktop experience for is pleasant. The site is very easy to use and we saw no ads while browsing. The site allows you to view all the shemale escorts and chicks. This is how a website should work, in our opinion. As far as web browsing from your computer is concerned, we have no complaints. We encourage you to visit the site, especially if your current location is India.

The mobile version of is also amazing. All the options are available there, but they have a slightly different place. The creators hid them in a single button instead of showing them all over the site. This is what mobile porn sites do, but we don't have the time to nitpick every thing they do. While we enjoy nitpicking on crappy sites, this site is good enough for us to let it go.

We would compare them and say they are both good. It's difficult to choose the right escort, and it can be a huge decision. You're about to spend a lot of money. So, if you want to be careful with browsing, then use the PC version. If you are able to browse this site quickly and you know the layout well, you can use the smartphone version. It's faster and more fun, if that's possible.

What I like about the place

There are things that we like and dislike about Let's start with the negatives. Let's say this: The design of this place is terrible. It's not designed for a professional website. It is a simple white website with some bizarre motives. And it looks terrible. They could have chosen something more modern if they wanted. At least, for 2010's standards. You need to make some changes if you want your site to last and thrive when the rest fall. This means you must make your design look like it was made in this decade.

What are the things that we love? Well, when it comes to, this could be a pretty lengthy paragraph. Even though it has terrible design, this place looks good. The site's navigation system is modern and there are no ads. The chicks are all beautiful and cover every part of India. We can see the effort they put into their users. This is why we think this is quite cool. We hope it can survive the test of time.

Suggestions to the site and conclusion

The only suggestion for would be to change your design. The site would look even more professional if they did this. All else is good. The navigation system works well and the chicks look great. This site doesn't have annoying pop-ups and sponsors so you can just enjoy your time. It's an excellent little site.

Well. Let's close this review. You should know our opinion. Well, we believe that is cool. We recommend that you visit their website. They will provide you with nothing but the best treatment and a site that only works once. And most importantly, they will have hot people. There will be escorts of all types, so no matter what your sexual preferences, you'll have fun.

  • It is simple to use
  • Cool navigation system
  • These escorts look amazing
  • Mobile Support
  • It is simple to use
  • Cool navigation system
  • These escorts look amazing