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ViperGirls review



Porn forums are exploding all over the web, just like tube sites. It is easy to understand why. It is not surprising that most websites are created using pre-made web-building programs, rather than traditional coding. This is due to the ease of creating personal designs and professional plug-ins.

Moreover, forum managers should be concerned about acquiring more users, not unlike tube sites that are increasingly subject to DMCA-based cease & desist letters or lawsuits from professional studios for pirated content.

Despite the fact that forums are being mass produced all over the internet, it has caused a lot of market saturation. Forums of all types, especially those that focus on specific types of fap materials, tend to have varying quality. While some forums are good, they don't have much to offer. A few are exceptional, but you won't find many that are worth your time and worth joining.

The ViperGirl Studio is the Unique Feature That Makes This Forum Special

This forum's key feature is its participation and promotion. We are referring here to Viper Girls, women who upload their mildly arousing and very erotic photos to this forum. We are certain you will see familiar faces.

There are almost too many sections to keep up with

We decided to give a quick overview of each forum discussion section, as there are hundreds of them.

Celebrity Content

Celebrity photos - This section gets the most attention. Although there are fewer daily uploads than there used to be, there are many pages of responses. These often include photos of celebrities' sensual moments.

Celebrity Videos This section of the website is similar to the one above, but there seems more community involvement.

External Services

Scene Photos Every day, new photo sets are created. While each set gets thousands of views, there is a decrease in the number that each post receives.

Scene Videos- You will find the same content as the photo section. However, member participation is low and the number of views per posting are strangely low.

File Monster

Files Monster Collects - Want to see a lot of mainstream porn? This section is for you. You can view detailed information about each file, including its length, audio quality and studio.

Files Monstrous - This section of the website offers a variety of different forms of porn such as.pdfs taken from magazines, comics and artistic photos.

Files and Monster Videos - Similar to the previous section, this section tends more to show extreme, fetishized and unusual porn. Also, these videos are the primary format that these downloads are available in.

Adult Photos Sets

Other Photo Sets - This section of the website should not be called the "Suicide Girls" file sharing section.

Artistic Photos Sets This section has more photosets taken from various magazines such as Fem Joy and Wow Girls. You should also note that this section contains more nude and softcore photos than explicit, hardcore images.

Fetish photo sets - This section is all about feet, but the emphasis is on watersports.

Hardcore Photos - This section of the website contains only explicit imagery. It is fascinating to see that the website has both obscure titles as well as more popular bands such Evil Angel, Reality Kings, and Hustler.

Lesbian Photos - While there are many same-sex ladies on this site, the quality of the photos varies based upon the number of views of the different threads. Some posts get hundreds of views while others that were uploaded at the same time have thousands.

Softcore Photos Sets - This section is primarily about women in lingerie. You will love the Artistic Photo Sets pages and this one will be a great addition.

Transsexual Photos - This section is not for any particular sexual fetish. It's just a place for users to showcase galleries of transgender women.

Adult Content

Adult Photography Collections - This section contains a variety of magazines, photo sets, and other sources. You can also download the images from iStripper as a bonus.

Adult Link Drop - This section will take to you to various filesharing sites that offer a wide variety of kink, from mild to very intense. Each post often contains a detailed description, keywords, notable performers, and download statistics.

We recommend that you exercise caution when using this section of the site. Although you might be able to get free smut, there are over 1,100 threads that we can't guarantee your safety on every website.

Amateur Photos - This section is one of the smaller ones on the Viper Girls forum. We suspect this could be due to the fact there are many amateurs who also post in the Viper Girls Section.

There are surprisingly many views and responses per post. We have also found threads where people respond for several weeks, or even months, after uploading the original file. This section is for those who want to interact extensively with others.

Magazine Publications It appears that all posts were either deleted or redirect to other areas of the site. There is nothing here.

Pornstar Photo Collections - Another section that's decent for community interaction, but it is the one with the lowest post count.

Non-Nude Content

Non Nude Photo Collections Despite the claim to consolidate all non-nude content, many posts look similar to the Softcore Photo Sets posts. This section is unique because many of the posts feature attractive theme photoshoots such as Cinderella, candy doll, or bikini. There are also many posts that are definitely sexy but not necessarily suggestive.

Non Nude Photo Sets - This section is very similar to the one before, except that the models are from larger studios. They are certainly more suggestive and less explicit.

Miscellaneous Content

Adult Comics We can't verify that all these comics were shared in a non-pirated way, but they look great. Viper Girls also features a variety of art styles and sexualities.

Adult Games - This section of the website has a variety of games in terms of quality and type. There are 3D sex sims, animated cartoon hentai, and a lot of Flash games. This variety means that you will need to look for the right art style and genre, as well as a well-programmed Flash game.

Adult Stories - There are only two posts within this section. The first post is an older post about a sex tale that the author seems to have written. Pradeep8715 has updated the titillating tale over several weeks and received a dozen mostly positive responses.

Another post contains an updated list of recommended adult erotica books, many of which offer offsite download links. Each post will contain information about the size of the downloaded file and the plot for each novel.

Adult Magazines This section contains photo downloads or high-definition.jpegs of elite websites. Instead, it hosts photocopies and scans of magazines past and present. Although the quality of these posts isn't as high as others, they are still better than the ones you will find elsewhere on the site or in other porn forums.

Animated images- This section has a minimum of a dozen posts. However, the number and quality of each reply is impressive. Some posts actually have hundreds or even thousands of replies that go back many years.

Fake Materials - This site continues to be a hub for fake material and photoshopped photos. There are many celebrities women present, including Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba. But there are also some females that you wouldn't have thought of, like Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Material - You will find just a bit of everything here. We were initially skeptical about the amount click-checking required. After a while we realized that this section is full of unusual and fun content.

Adult Video Collection

3D and VR Videos This section has only a few posts but allows for lots of interaction with users. You will find preview images for each post. These can be adjusted to a 2D format or screen shots from a VR experience. You will also receive the file name, file size, length, formats and the download link.

Amateur Video - We often find that our readers prefer amateur porn to any other genre. This section is for you if you agree. We suspect that some of these posts are pirated due to the fact that they feature different people.

Adult Movies You'll find a variety of professionally produced movies here. Each video includes biographical information. There are plenty of preview photos to keep you interested to the point that you'll want to download more.

We cannot guarantee that these movies and clips are not stolen. Be cautious when purchasing new material from this site.

Adult Movie Feed - This section is almost identical to the Adult Movie section. However, there is one rule: You can only add one movie per thread. There are five times as many threads.

Animated videos- You might have guessed that there are no animated movies, 3D animated or hentai. There are also animated films in comic style that have sound effects and voice acting. There are also many parodies and original smut movies of sci-fi, fantasy, and other subgenres.

BDSM & Fetish - These sections include the usual bondage and extreme porn, but there's more to them than you might think. There are videos that show giantess femdom and sex in full lex.

Hardcore videos - This section seems redundant, so we don't know why it was kept. We should point out that these posts are for those who like porn with females of various bodies and ethnicities.

Pornstar videos This section is very similar to the Adult Movies Section, but the emphasis is on the stars and not the movie titles. Here you will find all your favorites, such as Devon Blue and Alexis Fawx as well as Asa Akira. There are also some talents that you might not have seen or heard of, like Lee Anne, Danni Rivers, and others.

Scat Videos - In the interest of being thorough, Viper Girls editors decided to include a dedicated section for defecation. Curiously, though the number of threads is low at a mere tens of thousands, there are many thousands of posts.

Softcore Videos – Curiously, this section is second to the File Monster Collection in popularity. This section will feature solo women masturbating and lesbians in love. It also contains a lot of explicit erotica.

Transgender Videos - This section features transgender performers as well as crossdressers, such-called ladyboys and young men who are extremely edgy.

Vintage videos - This section has a different definition so only videos older than two decades are permitted. As we've seen on other porn sites' vintage sections, most of the content was created between the 1970s and the 1980s.

Voyeur Video - These videos (or most of them) are ethically filmed and only feature simulated spying video, but they are often quite well done.

We should also note that we do not endorse internet piracy. We are still a small company that can't afford to be sued for publishing stolen articles, despite the many articles we have published.

This is because Viper Girls does not have everything. However, it seems that Viper Girls has as much content as any larger tube. We assume that there must be some.

What to ignore - or Rather, Not Click on

While we realize that not all the information we have listed may be of interest to everyone, we want to highlight the most useful parts of the forum and those who can take you offsite. There are two buttons at the top of this page: Forum and What's New.

The default homepage displays all of our discussions. The What's New tab will take you to a smart page that, although not present on every forum is quite rare. It's a great way to keep track of new, trending and frequently discussed threads.

The majority of links in this section aren't worth your time. You can also click on the Cheating Wives or Free Cams tabs to go offsite to Live Jasmin or another obscure site. Although the Porn Games link takes you to a landing page that allows you to access a 3D porn site (but you'll need to signup and make payment to gain access), it does not allow you to register.

The links to the other sections of the site take you to some places, but they are not necessary. A few take you off-site.

The other link, Lil Humpers leads to another porn site with the same name. We find it quite distracting but still pretty good.

The ads are surprisingly pleasant

We are often very critical of adverts on websites, particularly those that appear on forums. While we understand the need for websites to generate revenue, it is important to remember that balancing ad placement with saturation is an art form.

Too many ads can mean that one will miss out on any click-throughs and revenue they may earn. Too many ads, on the other hand, can turn off users and stop sign-ups. Viper Girls appears to have reached a compromise that seems to work for them.

You will only find a handful of ads as a free user. One banner often contains GIFs of webcam models on various live streaming sites. You will also find a variety of digital dames on the lower right-hand corner from iStripper.

Although they might seem distracting at first glance, the ads are actually a compliment to the site. The iStripper ads can sometimes be semi-transparent giving them a futuristic hologram look.

We should also note that popups may occasionally be required when you navigate around the site.

Save money on Smut by opening a Premium Account

Viper Girls allows you to access the site without any ads and save money on downloadings. It is easy to sign up and it is very affordable to obtain an exclusive membership.

A week-long trial membership will cost you only $5, while a regular monthly membership is only $12.99. You will need to pay $29.99 for 90 days. This is less than ten bucks per month. A 180-day membership costs $54.99 upfront.

Payment options are flexible. You can use common credit and debit cards as well as PayPal transfers, PaySafe, PaySafe and cryptocurrencies. An Amazon gift card can be used to pay, but a 10% processing fee will be added. You can also contact LinkSnappy tech support live if there are any issues.

It is also worth mentioning that non-members can save some money by using the VIPERGIRLS discount code and receive 20% off.

What is the Mobile Experience Like Compared to Desktop?

The mobile version of Viper Girls appears very similar and runs as well. There are a few notable exceptions. First, the attractive red-white color scheme is no longer available. Instead, there's a basic off-white that's accented with different shades of blue and bits of yellow. The Dark Mode option is no longer available.

The sections and thread links look great, but they are simplified and don't have any promotional photos. The iStripper ad, which some may view as a positive or a negative thing, is missing.

It runs just as smoothly and has been well optimized in programming terms, but we consider most of those aesthetic changes to the mobile version to be a downgrade. We recommend that you use this site on desktop.

Summarising This Fap Forum

VG is a unique forum site that combines both traditional forums sections with some new features such as the Viper Girls. We understand that you will have to pay to get the best site experience. But we believe it is well worth it.

We give Viper Girls four stars out of five. We highly recommend it and encourage you to sign up.

  • In dozens upon dozens of specialty sections,
  • you will find both mainstream and uncommon fetishes.
  • This forum features exclusive models, known as Viper Girls,
  • which is a departure from other forums
  • You can get tons of erotic material for a small fee
  • Mobile Support
  • The site is well designed but the mobile version could be more user-friendly.
  • Although there are fewer ads, popups may be necessary.
  • You will find spammy links in the menu section.
  • We can't guarantee that you won't come across illegally shared content.