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peefans review



Pee Fans, a growing porn site dedicated to watersports and urinationfetishes, is rapidly expanding. Although it is relatively new, it was founded in 2016 and has since grown to be one of the most popular sites on the internet for content related to this niche.

Pee Fans has just over 255,000 members. However, many of its members are active and committed, so the site is not as large as some other forum juggernauts. There are currently over ten thousand topics with several hundred thousand posts. While you may not be able go through the entire catalog in one sitting, it is growing fast enough to ensure that there will be plenty of content.

The Wet Zone

The majority of the porn found on Pee Fans can be found in "The Wet Zone," a charmingly named area. Here you will find stories, photos, videos and other content that deals with all things pee fetishes. You'll find original content as well as piss porn from professionals and amateurs in "Pee Pictures," which is the largest subdivision.

Popular is the section for videos. This section has links to videos about porn sites and other topics. Again, there is a similar split between content made by forum members and material found elsewhere. However, the original content is most popular so you will find videos here more often than elsewhere.

Two sections that feature text-based stories of pee fun are also popular with Pee Fans members. You can find erotic literature in "Fictional Pee Stories" and true stories in "Real Pee Encounters and Experiences". While neither is as popular as the videos and pics, both have a lot of well-written erotica.

All of the above should have one caveat. They only focus on female content. You can find videos, photos, and stories about men peeing in one section, regardless of whether that is something you like or not. This section is active but less than the other female sections. If this is the area you are interested in, keep this in mind.

Images are displayed on each porn page so that they take up most of the posts. To view embedded videos, you will need to sign up for a free account. However, images can be viewed as soon as the site is opened. Although signing up takes only a few minutes, it is recommended if your visit will last more than a few seconds.

Although it contains fewer posts than the rest, this area is still very popular. It is called "Pee Websites" and contains more information about third-party pee sites than any other area. Pee Fans is the most popular of all the sites. However, if you are looking for a starting point to other similar sites, this is the place to go.

Beyond the Fetish

It's not just about pee porn. The site has two of its largest subforums under the banner "The World Outside of Pee". One is for general chat that's not related to peeing (though it does come up quite often). The other hosts all content that's not about peeing. Although photos and videos are not the main attraction of the site, these sections are very active and well worth checking out after you're done with fetish porn.

A live chat box is located at the bottom of the Pee Fans homepage and in the sidebar for each subforum. General discussion can also be had. This discussion is varied in content, but it tends to revolve around sharing images or telling pee fetish tales. This discussion is active enough to provide fresh content but not too busy to make it difficult to follow. It makes the site's many options interesting.

Although there isn't an entire section dedicated to this purpose, there is an informal meet-and greet happening in the introductions section. These sections may be of interest to you, whether you are looking for a connection in person or just chatting with other fetishists online.

Premium Piss

Pee Fans has links to thousands, if not thousands, of pee photos and videos. The site offers all of the above content for free, but a premium members-only section is available to those who contribute financially.

The "PeeFans Official Videos Gallery" has thousands of professionally-shot pieces of piss porn as well as submissions from members. You will need to sign up to become a Gold member to access it. One month will cost you just thirteen dollars. Signing up for the full year will get you a deep discount that is equivalent to eight dollars per month. Most credit cards can be accepted and charges will be made under a discreet name.

Although the forum section functions as the main site, it is much more like a regular tube site. This site is best for this type content. The keyword searches, tags and sorting options allow you to navigate through the large selection of premium content. You can also download all the videos from this library.

Your membership will give you unlimited access to the video gallery, as well as the ability to send private messages and unlock some forum themes. Although the free version isn't full of annoying ads, it does have some minor benefits.

Attractive and easy to use

Pee Fans was built on top the Invision forum base, which is a relatively new backbone of online communities. Although it is more appealing than the other options, it does not compromise any functionality. It includes all the standard forum features such as powerful searches and user profiles. They are also well-accounted for and implemented.

Although there are a few ads on the free version, they don't distract from your enjoyment of Pee Fan. The site's features are perfectly mobile-friendly, possibly even more so than other competitors. If you prefer browsing the site via a mobile phone or other mobile device, you don't need to sacrifice function for form.

Ads that pretend to be site features are the most annoying. The link in the navigation bar that would lead you to live pee fetish webcam feeds redirects to an unrelated third-party vanilla camera site. Although it's not too obvious once you are aware of it, these deceptive ads can be annoying if they lead you astray.

Take a seat on the ground floor

Pee Fans is a great forum for anyone interested in pee porn. It has all the ingredients to succeed: a solid set-up, dedicated users, and a passion for the fetish. It just needs to keep growing in popularity and give it a little bit of time to reach the porn forum halls of fame.

It will be difficult to find anything negative about the site once that has happened. Pee Fans is a top-rated pee site. The free membership alone makes it one of the best. Premium memberships are reasonably priced and increase the site's popularity.

As it stands, anyone interested in this niche should visit the site. You can't lose by visiting Pee to see if it's a growing site.

  • There is a lot of material in all areas for
  • pee fetishism.
  • Live chat with active and entertaining
  • participants.
  • Section of premium porn video tubes.
  • Mobile Support
  • Comparable to other porn forum
  • juggernauts, this is a relatively small number.