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Who is Porn Hub for? Everyone! It is one of the top-rated sites for adult entertainment. This site is free for anyone who wants to view millions of high-quality videos.

Porn Hub is one the most popular porn channels. It features a beautiful design and an extensive video collection. lsi also dedicates itself to creating new content every single day. It is a top-rated site. It is hard to find an adult video archive that is better anywhere else. This is especially true since it's one of the most widely used adult entertainment sites in the world.

Pornhub allows the public to access its huge data base to see how people use its content. It was discovered that its site had been visited by 42 billion people in 2013, which is an average of 115 million visits per day. Pornhub had an 8.7 billion more searches than last year. This makes it one of its most successful years.

Data transfer was 6.597 petabytes or approximately 209 gigabytes each second. This commitment reached its highest point with 203 million votes and 11.5 comments. If you believe that there is a decrease in video uploads, don't be alarmed. This year, 6.83million videos were uploaded. Here is a list with the top categories and ranking. You can view the full report at Pornhub 2019, the Year website.

Top Searches

1. Amateur

2. Alien

3. POV

4. Belle Delphine

5. 5. Cosplay

These are the most requested categories

1. Japanese

2. 2. Lesbian

3. Amateur

4. Hentai

5. Ebony

Celebrity research

1. Belle Delphine (30,910,569 searches)

2. Kim Kardashian is still in second place (18.817.924 search).

3. Cardi B (11,823,278 searches)

4. Lena la Spina (10,924,824 searches)

5. Ariana Grande (exceeds Nicki Minaj's 9,009,394 searches).

Investigate video game characters

1. Zelda

2. Lara Croft

3. D. Va (Surveillance)

4. 4. Super Mario

5. Bowsette

The Top Earnings Categories

Amateur - +108%.

Pairs verified - Up 93%

Tattooed women up to 85%

Traffic is the top in the country

1. USA (first place for large amounts)

2. Japan (beginning at #4).

3. United Kingdom (down from #2 - India was prevented access to some adult sites because of blocking by the Indian government. India was ranked #15 last year, down from #3.

4. Canada (at #5)

5. France

These are the most desired female pornstars

1. Wool Rhoades

2. Mia Khalifa

3. 3. Riley Reid

4. 4. Danger Abella

5. 5. Brandi Love

These are the most popular male pornstars

1. Jordi El Nino Polla

2. Alex Adams

3. Owen Grey

4. Johnny Sins

5. James Deen

Percentage of female visitors

32% (+3%)

This is the most watched porn day and time

Sunday 23:00

Porn is less well-known at night and weekends

Monday - 5:00 AM

What's a premium porn hub?

Pornhub allows you to choose the experience that you want. You have two options when you visit their homepage. You have two options when you visit their homepage. Either browse videos like lurker or join the Pornhub Community.

You have two choices if you decide to go with the second option: you can sign up for a free account or upgrade to a premium account. Premium pornhub accounts cost $9.99 per month and offer unlimited access to many benefits. The account creation page is simple and shows the breakdown of all benefits at each level.

It doesn't take much to decide whether or not you want to join this community. If you create an account, you can send messages to other members and download pornhub videos. Verified members allow you to feel confident that you are talking to real people and not fakes.

Modelhub is the platform that makes money from pornhub videos. Upload videos to sell. These videos are usually amateur videos and cost less than $4. This is the right place to be if you are looking to make a name for yourself as an amateur dick succker, professional dick succker, or chosen fucker. You can upload unlimited models and earn 65% commission for each sale. You can see the statistics to see which models are most popular.

Is there a live camera in the porn hub?

They are not as well-known and popular as the videos but they still have their own section. Nearly 2K models are available at any one time and can be viewed and enjoyed in real-time. They are available in many sizes and colors and can provide everything you need, from foot to bondage. Live cams can be expensive and private so they are very costly. If you feel comfortable being in semi-private settings, you can join a party chat and watch the performer. You can also make your chat visible to other users. Gold-plated shows are also available.

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