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youjizz review


Youjizz is a very popular video sharing site. It specializes in hardcore pornography. The name "jizz" is a colloquial term for ejaculation. You can masturbate up to full release through its content. The site gets over 100 million visitors each month, with an average visit duration of more than 10 minutes. That's a virtual ocean full of semen if they keep their word.

The domain now hosts over 4,000,000 movies. YouJizz is very popular in the United States. It is also available in Chinese. Trending content is available for many more countries. The default site displays Straight content. A dropdown in the upper right corner allows you to quickly and easily access Gay and Shemale material. focuses on straight material in this review.

A Unique Logo and a Wall of Porn

The header of YouJizz features a unique logo. The O and U appear to be wearing a top-hat, and have a mustache beneath. It gives the impression that a Monopoly man is winking at it, but it could also refer to a one-breasted woman with her head covered in an oversize hat and her right side showing. The logo's exclamation is below it. It says, "Yes sir!" This agrees to the site’s request for ejaculation.

The classic wall of porn thumbnails from free sex tube sites can be found below the header. The grid features Latinas engaging in oral sex, teens performing it in their bedrooms, as well as secretaries engaging in other activities that can get everyone excited. Many women are represented, including gorgeous MILFs and curvy cuties as well as beautiful Asians.

The familiar faces will be immediately recognized by porn lovers. On the front page, you will see material featuring Kenzie Page (Kenzie Madison), Alexis Fawx, and Karma RX. Those who recognize a few faces may recognize a few of them, even though they don't know their names.

Most scenes have the HD icon, which indicates that there is a minimum resolution of at least 720p. Many scenes are long and can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. There are a few premium clips and some amateur scenes on the website. The most popular porn videos are the ones with the longest lengths.

Watch full-length porn for free

YouJizz's default view displays the most popular material first. began our tour by showing us a video called PropertySex–La Sirena Sorry about the Confusion. This scene is about half an hour long and was taken from PropertySex. PropertySex doesn't normally give full-length material for free, so it's possible the scene was taken from them. It is distributed by YouJizz because of this. uses a spam-blocking plug in to block adult websites. We didn't get any pop-ups when we clicked the Play button. The scene opens with PropertySex logo, before a brunette knocks on the door. Filmed from the perspective of the man who opens the doors and invites the young woman in, the film follows the same format.

The scene was loaded in grainy 360p. After increasing the audio to maximum 720p, we noticed a marked improvement in audio quality. We would have preferred 1080p for this scene but it is sharp enough that we can appreciate the beauty of the Italian girl before she takes off her top at the five-minute mark.

The video player responds quickly and can jump between sections of the video in just one click. There is very little buffering. We jumped from the cunnilingus and blowjob to the missionary sex without any stuttering.

The stud says "I think your going to cumon you ass", towards the end of the scene, while penetrating women from behind. The stud pulls her out and kisses her cheek. The stopwatch icon located at the bottom of the video player allowed us to watch the entire scene multiple times at different speeds. You can reduce the speed of the pop if you're masturbating under the influence of amphetamines or other central nervous system stimulants.

For those who enjoy the scene, the Download button is embedded within the player. This direct download allows for easy saving of the MP4 file without needing to deal with a file locker service or go through a spam filter.

From where did the premium smut originate?

We discovered that the PropertySex movie was not only taken from a paysite but also many other sites. Tushy, a premium website for adult entertainment, has a 50-minute scene called “Obedient Secretary” that shows a blonde wearing glasses while having her anus rimmed. BangBros has a full length scene where a young Latina is pierced from multiple positions before having her face ejaculated.

Sites such as SpyFam, Vixen and Blacked were visible. These companies are active on the site and upload samples under registered accounts. Users with handles that contain strings of random numbers or letters have uploaded longform pieces containing smut.

The presence of large amounts of full-length material at big sites via a free tube is a strong indicator of piracy. YouJizz might have a different arrangement to premium sites. It is possible that there are a few people who don't have the skills to moderate uploads due to the large number of files uploaded. The authenticity of paysite accounts indicates some legitimacy in the online porn universe.

When we visited the site, we were able to observe some moderating uploads. The site's latest additions can be found on the New page. Bus Group, a 20-minute scene added recently. The thumbnail shows a Japanese Adult Video. The video featured a group molesting and sexually assaulting a young girl while she was riding on a train. YouJizz wouldn't let us click through the clip.

YouJizz has shorter scenes that feature cuckolding women or exploited college girls. If you're concerned about masturbating using premium material they haven’t paid for, For a wide range of HD, premium material, you can also visit the Premium Porn section.

Okay, but where is all the spam?

We experienced no spam problems during our visit to YouJizz. Our ad blocking plugin prevented us from seeing any ads and blocked very few spam messages. This is rare for free pornography, and even rarer on sites with many full-length premium scenes. Because the scenes were stolen from YouJizz. Spam is a common problem with free tubes that offer stolen content.

This alone makes YouJizz an interesting site. It's rare to find so many premium scenes in one location without spam. The selection of premium scenes isn't always random, so viewers who are searching for specific movies on a particular paysite may not find them. has millions of porn videos that you can download or stream for free. has a large selection of porn movies that you can stream or download. This includes amateur scenes, premium paysite samples and full-length hardcore videos. The layout and advertising make it simple for users to follow the instructions.

  • Over 4 million porno movies
  • Download and stream free
  • Premium scenes in full-length included
  • Mobile Support
  • Piracy?
  • HD could have a higher resolution