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Today's porn industry is very different than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Once a simple entertainment business that provided videos of extremely attractive men having sex, the industry has evolved into an industry offering full-service, interactive and immersive experiences. It's nearly impossible for a porn website to survive these days without offering some kind of service that allows the viewer to be a part.

Porn used to be passive entertainment. You went to the shop, bought a VHS or DVD and brought it home to enjoy. You can have it with or without any lubricants or toys you may have. It was a simple exchange. It required imagination and a lot of imagination. It required you to be able pretend and to project yourself into the prerecorded soundscape that was playing on your screen.

It is now easier than ever to make believe and fall into a fantasyland of sex. Porn is now a star, and you are the center of attention. This has been demonstrated in many different ways.

Virtual reality porn is one option. This literally places you right in the middle pornographic situations. You can become a porn star with a decent set of VR glasses. You can instantly enter the world without having to do the hard work of imagining it. Just click a button, and you'll find the most beautiful women around, eager to please.

Hologram porn is also on the rise. Although it has not been made available to the masses yet (mainly because hologram technology still isn't quite there yet), the top porn sites have all the necessary tools to roll hologram videos. This will make it even easier to cut out the middleman. You won't have to wear VR goggles that can be cumbersome or disorienting. Soon, you will be able project a porn star directly from your bedroom.

Talk about porno-viewers becoming more involved in porn. This new technology will allow you to stand up and recreate the position she is in. It effectively makes it possible for you to have sex with her. This will rival the real deal if you add a male masturbator.

Unsurprisingly, hologram porn is likely to lend itself most to adult webcam sites. Many xxx sites have already set up tabs for hologram models on their websites - and they are ready for when the hardware is finally available. Imagine that! Imagine a beautiful cam girl playing and stripping for you in three dimensions right in front of your eyes. This is the future. It is a wonderful time to be alive.

Cam Sites Are Driving Porn into The Future

Even without hologram technology in place, it is clear that adult sites are among the most interactive on the internet. In fact, they are even more interactive than VR porn. Although VR porn is a simulation of sexual experiences with you at its center, it's still a prerecorded film. It is impossible to speak to the girl and ask her for specific tasks. Cam sites are the best way to get the most out of your cam experience.

Porn is incredible. It's even more amazing when it's live. Cam sites allow you to have fun with girls out of your league, which is something that's impossible in the real world. It is truly amazing to be able to chat with, get to understand, and interact with girls this high-quality. This is why many men spend thousands of dollars each year on cam sites. These sites can be addictive, and you'd be amazed at how addictive they are.

Remote controlled Bluetooth vibrators are another way that the cam site has elevated the interaction of porn. Remote controlled Bluetooth vibrators allow you to instruct the girl you are watching to do what makes your heart beat faster. Many cam sites also offer the ability to bring the girls joy. You can even communicate with girls from all over the globe, even if you live halfway across the world. You just need to press a button to make a girl squeal with delight via vibrations in her wireless toys.

There are so many cam sites, so little time

There are many sites that offer cams, but it is hard to know which one you should choose. How can you know which one is worth your time, money and energy? can help you do that. We do all the hard work and provide honest reviews on the top xxx cam websites. Is the site's cam girl enough hot? What are their expectations? How does the site look? We will be looking at these and other questions today with I'm Live, a popular adult camming website.

There are many things to love about I'm Live. They have been around for more than a decade. It's safe to say that any bugs or kinks have been fixed. I'm Live's first attraction is its high-paying models. A happy cam girl is one that's well-paid. A happy cam girl will do everything she can to make you smile. It is morally right to pay cam girls high rates. However, it is the easiest way to get the best performances.

However, there is a flip side to that. You, the viewer. I'm Live is a little different than other cam sites. While most sites offer free access to girls' live streams, I'm Live offers a variety of models.

Some stream owners will let you view their stream for free. The majority of them choose to use the "Live Sex Video Chat" option. This is not a private channel but a public stream you must pay per minute to view. However, you can choose to make models private. Each model will set her own price per minute. The main point is that you won't be able see a lot of action without paying. This is why I'm Live differs from other cam websites.

Choose a less than stellar layout

I'm Live's site design is another way they stand out from the rest. Many cam sites use a gallery layout to allow you to browse all the available girls quickly. I'm Live uses a list layout which makes it harder to find the right model. I'm Live's website design is customizable, which is a great thing. Do you prefer thumbnails? You can toggle to the style you prefer. Gallery mode will not allow you to view all information. If I'm Live wants to improve the user experience, this would be an easy fix.

Models aside, this site doesn't seem to have one unattractive girl. Although it is not clear if this site vets their cam girls, it seems as though they do. These girls are the best. We're talking about every single one. If that's your main focus when choosing a cam site to visit, I'm Live will take care of you.

  • Beautiful models in high numbers
  • Interactive Bluetooth toys
  • Many cam girls
  • Mobile friendly
  • Mobile Support
  • Price!
  • Site layout could be improved
  • There is not enough free content