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xfantazy review



Xfantazy has made bold moves since 2018. Xfantazy's most noteworthy move was to compete with Premium Pro. Premium Pro is a premium porn website. Premium Pro claims that it uploads over 5000 videos per days in 720p/1080p/4K. You can also download videos. This deal is available for premium porn subscribers at $21.95 per year. xFantasy offers a great alternative for all. You will find enough pornography for free to make it worthwhile.

Check out the top videos for the day

All xFantasy videos can be quickly tested. Take a look at the top by going to the homepage. You can choose to view the top videos from daily top videos through weekly top videos through monthly top videos. To get a better understanding of the variety available by xFantasy, visitors can view the hottest videos for a specific time period.

This is a great way instantly to view a video right from the moment that you land on the homepage. If you are unsure what video to watch, you can use this method to locate it. The variety of porn xFantasy options will amaze you!

You have more than 2,000,000 videos to choose from

There are many sites that offer hundreds of thousands of videos for free, but xFantasy offers more than 2 million! This is quite remarkable. Every day, there are new videos added to the Premium Pro service. XFantasy does not claim there will be a limit on the content it offers. There is more porn than anyone can see on xFantasy, with new content being added every day. You can surf xFantasy confidently knowing that there are still content you haven’t seen.

There are many ways to sort porn.

There are many options to sort the top videos for the week, month, and day. What about the rest of the videos? xFantasy has many sorting options that make it easy for you to find the best porn. You can sort content by length, relevance, most viewed, or date.

Another way to find great porn is by using this method. It is also a wise decision, considering how many porn videos are available on xFantasy. Because there are over two million videos, it is crucial to be able organize and sort the content.

Thumbnails look great

A site that doesn't properly use thumbnails on free tube might need to be shut down. Similar sites could make the biggest mistake by not correctly displaying a video. Fortunately, xFantasy never made this error.

xFantasy makes thumbnails work for it. Thumbnails highlight the best parts of a video. This encourages viewers click through to see more of the video. This is a great way to increase views for a video and xFantasy does a fantastic job at it.

There are many tags available.

ThePornDude is very unhappy that many free tube sites do not have separate tags or studios pages. Fortunately, xFantasy knows this. You will find separate pages for tags and categories.

It's also very impressive to see the tag list. Each tag contains a number that shows how many videos were used. There are many tags. Visitors might not have seen xFantasy tags elsewhere. To view videos related to a tag, click on it.

There are a decent amount of categories

The tag list on xFantasy has no meaning if there isn't a category page. xFantasy's category section is strong. You might not see certain categories every day. On the category page, you will find many obscure categories such as muscles and heels. Each category is identified with a number. This number shows how many videos belong in that category.

There are many videos on channels with different themes.

xFantasy does not stop there. xFantasy is able to help people who don't know exactly what they want but know how to get there. xFantasy features videos that are focused on a specific theme. Viewers will have access to channels that feature uncensored porn or JAVs. Each channel lists a number that indicates the number of videos it has.

It is a quick and convenient way to see all the xFantasy has to offer. It's fun to see the creations of others. To see what channels are available, you can search the internet. There are always new channels. You can find new types porn. This could make the difference between being discovered and being left behind.

Video listings can include tags and categories

How can one find more hot and sexy videos of adult women? In most cases, they should search for similar pornography. This is not true for xFantasy.

When you click on the link, the categories and tags of the video will be displayed. You can easily find keywords and related categories by clicking on the appropriate tag and category, then you'll see what else appears. It's easy!

The perks do not end there. What happens after a person has finished watching a video? It's as simple as looking at other top-rated videos.

These are not the only important details on a page about a video. The description of the video will also be displayed on the page, if applicable. This is more adult-friendly than a freetube website. This is a great addition.

Website design and UI are clear and to-the point

xFantasy is modern in feel. It is not like Netflix or other streaming sites, but it feels modern. It's easy to use, has a simple interface, and is very user-friendly. It is easy to navigate the free tube website. It's like a light version of a modern streaming website. This is a great compliment for xFantasy, and they should be proud.

Download videos from xFantasy.

It is not something free sites can offer, but it is an added advantage. This does not mean that you can download videos for offline use. xFantasy allows you to do this. Clicking the download button will take you to the video. To save the video to your computer or to a cloud storage service, click on the download button.

Video thumbnails/video listings should show rating and viewcount

xFantasy makes few mistakes. One area where XFantasy falls short is its use of thumbnails. The site's thumbnails look great and is well-designed. However, xFantasy should still show the rating and views in thumbnails as well as video listings. This information is valuable and what viewers want to see. XFantasy does not do this unfortunately. But they should.

  • Check out the top daily, weekly, and monthly videos
  • There are more than two million videos available
  • There are many options to sort porn.
  • The thumbs look amazing and are very detailed
  • There are tons of tags
  • A decent amount of categories
  • Pages for tags and categories are available.
  • Channels broadcast a variety of video themed shows
  • Video listings include categories and tags
  • Web design and UI are both precise and to-the-point
  • Mobile Support
  • Video thumbnails/video listings don't show view count or rating