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Big Booty Videos review

Big Booty Videos

Big Booty Videos

We found that most sex blogs offer a bit of everything, which is great for many erotica lovers. There are some aesthetic and consumption benefits to focusing on one niche of porn or a particular body part.

Booty of the Day, as the name suggests, is a porn site. It is one of the best, though not the most well-designed. Continue reading to learn more about what we mean.

We are certain that you will be able to guess the "Type" this site caters to

BotD's main focus is to deliver media with large rear end assets that you have never seen before. This site is geared towards pygophiles (i.e. those who have a passion for large rear ends) so there are no uploads of tiny derrieres. Instead, the site editors will only upload the largest butts they can find. The site editors actually pull their content from Twitter users, Vimeo posts and tube sites. also has a variety of sources.

Many Picturesque Posterior Pictures

Many of the uploads are uploaded by amateurs from all over the globe. These talented exhibitionists are joined by a few aspiring erotica stars such as Lexi Lloyd and a few porn professionals such as Diamond Monroe.

BotD's photos are, however, completely legitimate and (we believe) free from pirated content, which is a big difference to other porn blogs. You can wank guilt free and your favorite fap photos will not be taken down due to a DMCA claim.

You will be linked to the relevant tags and category for each post. However, it is usually only to one or two. It varies from one post to the next, but most photos get tons of community feedback. This can lead to thousands of comments.

This site is a large community, with many people to interact with. Most of them are friendly. Almost all people will link to you to similar content on other websites. This, according to our knowledge, is safe and not malware- or spam-laden.

This site allows you to share your favourite posts to Twitter, Facebook and, for some reason or another, Google Plus. Keep in mind that Facebook is more cautious about erotic entertainment than Twitter. We recommend sharing only to the former social media platform as BotD content can be softcore while half of it is more explicit.

You also have access to free GIFs

Many uploads within a week consist of a collection of photos that are related to a theme or a photo set. However, BotD also hosts many GIFs. GIFs are a lot more sexually explicit than many photos that focus on nudes and risque.

GIF uploads typically only include two to three GIFs of the same sequence from a pornvideo. However, BotD editors may include a series up to a dozen GIFs and a link back to the original video. Although some posts provide detailed documentation about the source and name of the model featured, editors on the site are often inconsistent.

Curiously, comments on GIF posts get significantly less community interaction than those in picture galleries. Pic galleries often get hundreds of comments while GIFs may only get one or two.

These birds have a unique feature that we have not seen anywhere else

GIF Theater are two unique features that we've seen on this website. You can click on the link to the first, located under the GIF Big ASS Gifs Tab, to see a random collection of quality GIFs. The window will fill up and you can scroll through them with the clicks of the arrow keys. Although it is minor, we think that this would be a wonderful feature for those who enjoy variety and want to upload multiple files with one click.

Video loops can be as long as three times longer than GIFs and have better video quality. They also have an audio track that can be turned on or off. These uploads are twice as common as GIF-type posts.

The design is simple but very elegant

This site is quite attractive at first glance. You can choose from GIF and picture post sections as well as random pages. Although the site's navigation is easy, there are still some areas that could be improved.

Clicking on the Big Ass List will take you to a list with the talent of the site. Strangely, the left column contains a scrollable list. The center and right columns have fewer than a dozen model links that can fit on the same page. Even more bizarre is the fact that you can search this page for models, but the models are listed randomly on the page and not alphabetically.

Fair enough, the search engine that is used for this purpose works just as well as the main site search engine. The ads are located on the right-hand corner of the screen and are easily spotted. There are usually two links.

Examining the Mobile Version

Most websites are at least somewhat optimized by the 21st Century. Even if they haven't, most websites are at least partially navigable. However, you may need to zoom in and out a lot. Booty of the Day is clearly designed for mobile devices, but it doesn't look very good.

As an illustration, when you click on the BotD homepage from a desktop computer you'll see half a dozen links, often with content previews and links to the original page. There is also a direct link to our comments section. Links to specific categories, menu tabs, and the total number numbered pages are located on the left.

The mobile version does not have previews or links to pages. However, you can select the next page and not select from a number page. Or you can click on random pages. You can't click on the Categories and Tags, BotD GIF Theatre, Big A*S List and you won't get the full functionality of the standard version.

You can also switch to the desktop version via the menu. To get to the desired location, however, you will need to zoom in and click carefully.

What we like about Booty of the Day

This niche site is known for posting quality content from all corners of the internet. BotD is a diverse site that caters to fetish groups. There are many categories, not only the usual ethnic, MILF and BBW, but also some very rare or unique ones like Cosplaying, Ink and Walking. There are also sections that are very specific, such as Volleyball or, of course, Yoga Pants.

The usual features such as the Popular and Random buttons, and the novel GIF Theater or Video Loop bonuses, are very much appreciated. Although they could be better organized, the search engines for the main, archive and model pages work well.

BotD was having a problem with both the number and quality of redirects. We found this when we were researching this site. Although we can't verify every link, it appears that they don't lead to pages which could cause harm to your computer. There are also very few popups and redirects.

The community is active and you can comment even without an account.

How we would polish this rough gem

There are certain things that must be improved, especially the mobile version. One of these would be to add a page toggle function that is numbered or arrow-shaped at the bottom of each page, along with the Popular and Random icons buttons. We would add all the subsections to our menu and replace the grey, boring link icon with a more vibrant, colorful one.

Although not as problematic, there are some links that were uploaded in around a third of the posts. Although we understand that not all links will work due to the nature of the internet, it is a common problem that site editors have to periodically clean their archives for broken hyperlinks.

Are We Sure Most of You Will Enjoy This Erotic Site?

Although this site is technically a fetish, we believe it will be of interest to the majority of our readers. The website's structure has some problems that we have seen. It isn't enough to ruin the user experience, at least not when it comes down to the desktop version. This site is unique because of several things.

  • There are tons of tushy titans to be admired
  • for free, as the name implies.
  • You can enjoy your erotica more enjoyable
  • with a number of cool features.
  • Some categories and the video loops are
  • quite unique when compared to other porn
  • blogs.
  • The site's community, which is active in
  • many ways,
  • will link you to similar content in the
  • comments section.
  • Mobile Support
  • There are tons of tushy titans to be admired
  • for free, as the name implies.
  • You can enjoy your erotica more enjoyable
  • with a number of cool features.
  • Some categories and the video loops are quite
  • unique when compared to other porn blogs.
  • The site's community, which is active in many
  • ways, will link you to similar content in
  • the comments section.