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The world wide web has seen many changes and creative destructions since its inception. While many companies have been created and lost online, the overall trend is one that users have more options for finding platforms that offer information, software, and entertainment, especially porn.

Although there are very few sites that survived the Dot Com Bubble burst and the dawn days, the majority of those still available have not maintained an appreciable quality. When we searched for the first providers of internet porn we discovered that was one of them.

The Long History of

The Wild West was the origin of much of the web's early days. is one of the most sought-after domain names on the internet. People have fought, cheated and stolen it. was founded in 1994 and purchased from Network Solutions by Gary Kreman, the man who created

This was a year before Amazon and eBay were even on the scene.

The domain was secure, but the site was not developed for several months. A persistent campaign to fraudulently secure the domain led to one Stephen Cohen grabbing This set off a five-year legal battle.

Although he had regained legal control of his site at dawn of the new millennium, it took many more years to secure funding from Network Solutions. Cohen also tried to avoid paying Kreman fines, even though he was frequently ruled against by the courts.

Kreman launched again in 2012 as the definitive porn version on Pinterest.

A Modern Website for the Modern User is remarkably similar in design to Pinterest. Although the homepage can be viewed from any page, if you scroll quickly enough, it will "bottom out", each image and video page has a default to an endless scroll format.

Just like Pinterest, you can easily pin, favorite, comment, and pin a post with just one click. You can upload any image or video that meets the guidelines, create new boards and interact with other members of the community free of charge by creating an account.

You cannot signup for Google or Facebook, however, unlike Pinterest. We think is better than Pinterest in certain ways. You don't have to be constantly reminded to create an account if you are not logged in.

The site's menu layout makes navigation a lot easier than Pinterest. This site is also a great place to find uncensored nudity.

We'll get into the search options later. However, it appears that filtering results on homepage is easy with just a few clicks. To begin with, you can toggle through the Filter feature, which only displays videos, photos, or GIFS, along with the Sort feature, which displays what's popular lately, from the current week to the year and all-time. This makes it incredibly easy to find the best flesh footage.

This is a Sex Site With A Mission Statement's primary goal and "common goal", is to share and promote beautiful, nude women's content. Although there are no rules against photos that include cock, the emphasis is on feminine beauty. This can be a woman standing alone, with her naked privates or enhanced by vaginal juice or man's semen.

There are many types of women. Some photos show very little skin while others (read: most of them) are more obvious.

Whatever the reason, site creators don't care. They just want to upload something silly, and preferably in high-quality.

You can upload any picture you like, provided they aren't stolen or scare horses. Users from all parts of the globe are welcome to join this globalized, digitally connected world. offers users the opportunity to feel at home in German, European Spanish and French.

You can access all aspects of the site, regardless of your country of residence or membership status.

Make sure to follow the rules of etiquette

You should spend some time reading the policies and rules before you use the site, especially if it is your first account. Although most of these are fairly obvious, we will summarize them here.

1.) Pin Permanently Linked URLs- Pinterest is a site that aims to replicate it. It is crucial to keep track of the sources. To avoid confusion, make sure you include the original URL when sharing a post.

2.) 2.) A simple "Hot blonde gives her head" can increase the number of shares and views a post receives.

3.) 3.) We'll get to it

4.) Report Abuse - Although petty disagreements should not be reported, has a zero tolerance policy for anyone who starts flame wars or hurl abuse at users. You can report abuse on any post by clicking the "Report Pin", and site administrators will take care of it.

5.) Be kind - Respect everyone's tastes. This site is unique because of the diversity of tastes.

There are Content and Categories for Every Taste

We mentioned that there are many cum content options available, which should be of interest to almost everyone. To see the full range of cum content, just look at the main menu. You will find all your favorite fetishes such as Anal, Cum Shot and Big Tits. There are also some taboo and unusual kinks such as Fisting and Non-nude.

There are many tags that can be used to locate women of different ethnicities, such as Indian, Brunette and Latina. You can also use the search bar at top to search for images, clips and GIFs that cater to your fetish, even if the tag category you're looking for is not in the most popular or desired.

We found that there were dozens to hundreds results for terms such as 'cop', 'rope', and gym'. Additionally, we managed to find some interesting results for terms seemingly unrelated to 'teal’ and 'penguin.

It is important to note that some of our readers are females or switch-hitting males., on the other hand, focuses primarily on celebrating the female form. There are also more male-focused sections such as Penis, Solo Male Gay, Gay and Shemale.

The search engine and other filters allow users to separate their results by type of media. Photos are the most popular type of uploads, but there are many videos and GIFs. These can be found by searching, and you can also see a list of recent uploads for any media format by clicking the results buttons under the menu.

You will also find Boards and Users next to the buttons. You can access not only smutty images or videos, but whole galleries that have a particular theme. You can also search the search engine for these photos.

Simply put, the Users' section is a place to find other members with similar interests or mind-sets. You can click one button to like, pin, or follow someone you find interesting. It is also an excellent tool to share your posts with others who might be interested in them.

Beware of Clickbait Links

About half of the links in the menu are spam connections or offsite links, contrary to what the names suggest. The Sex Cams button is a link to Flirt4Free's landing page. The same goes for all the buttons to the right.

Sex Stories links you to Literotica and Sex Games to Dirty Games. VR Porn Sites appears to be a promotional page for several virtual reality platforms. All seem interesting, but they do not relate to

The Sex Deals link at top of page offers some great savings but takes you away from iDealgasm. We think this is a poor use of space when you're trying to build a brand that is the porno version Pinterest.

The Twitter link is a great way to check out what is going on, but it is not clickbait. Staff at There posted preview photos, trailers, and other smutty material to their site frequently.

They used to.'s Twitter account has been dormant for some time, despite their over 100,000 followers. Their last tweet was published on September 11, 2018. This does not mean they are not worth visiting.'s social media pages function as an excellent porn archive. You can find the best material from their past by using their photo and video clips.

Be on the lookout for all of the ads

There are spam links all over the site and many ads placed on every page. While we know this is done to generate revenue for the platform, we think there should be a limit to how many ads can be placed on each page.

Although not as numerous as the tube ads, has a lot of banner ads. They blend well with the site, making it easy to accidentally click on them. Many of these ads are for 3D porn GIFs or pics that look very much like the legitimate links to the site photos.

However, I think this version is better than the Cohen-era ads.

It's easy to open an account

It is very easy to create an account on this website, as you might imagine. You just need to create a username (or nickname) and password and then submit your email. This is all there is to it. After verifying your account, you can upload, pin, share, and comment.

You can find the Help section under the Info tab or the How It Works section if you have questions.

Viewing the Site on Different Devices was created in the days before dialup. However, this does not mean that the site is not optimized for modern internet-capable devices. looks great on both smartphones and tablets, unlike other high-quality websites that have struggled to make the mobile-version transition.

All of the features available on the desktop version can be used on mobile. You can also post and interact with other users on mobile just like on the desktop. What We Love About It

Three things are the most important when assessing a website. First, site design and color scheme. Second, quality and quantity pornographic content. Third, interactivity.'s aesthetics are top-notch, and in some cases better than the site that inspired them. The simple background of off-white is easy to see and allows the many pictures of beautiful maidens to pop out. The site's limited use of red in the signup button and homepage link is an attractive accent and encourages users to take action.

The second surprise is the sheer volume of content and the high quality. The level of consistency is amazing, too. Although we haven't checked all the photos, it appears that they all - or at the very least the most recent - are in excellent quality. This is also true for thousands of GIFs, and video clips.

With tens to thousands of users, there are many new uploads every day, if you don't count every hour.

The site's navigation is also very fluid. There are many efficient and simple tools that can help you find what you need. The popularity filters make it easy to find amazing content from different times.

What We Hate about

This website isn't bad, to be honest. It's great for social media addicts and fans of photo porn. However, there are a lot of spammy links that will take you off-site.

The problem is also related to the placement of ads within other photos and how they blend in with real images. While this is a good business decision, we can't help but feel that it affects the user experience.

Although popups are not as common, it is still a problem. However, this does not apply to random redirects.

What We Would Do to Make More Popular

Although is well-designed, we believe there are some ways that it could be improved. One way to reduce the number of advertisements is to consolidate them into smaller numbers. While this may reduce revenues in the short-term, we believe that it would increase user interaction and revenue over time.

We would also take stronger steps to eliminate the annoying popups. Lastly,

We would also address the issue with the GIF toggle, located at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Is This Porn Platform Worth Our Endorsement is a great social media site and lives up to its reputation. We have some concerns with the excessive number of advertisements on the site. We have noticed, however, that many users don't include source links in their posts, despite following the posted guidelines.

The large and friendly community is a huge draw. Signing up is easy and the interaction process is very simple. We give a four-and-a-half out of five and recommend it highly to all.

  • Every day there are many new uploads of professional and amateur,
  • smut samples.
  • The community is friendly and very diverse in terms of taste.
  • To find the right smut, you have access to a variety of search and filter options.
  • The website's mobile version is extremely well optimized
  • Mobile Support
  • Nearly every page has too many popups and advert banners.
  • The spam ads are the main reason half of the links in this menu,
  • and a few others elsewhere are not visible.
  • It is possible that you may not have access to all clips and photos.