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StufferDB review



Since 2015, StufferDB is a haven for all things stuffers, gainers, feeders and BBW chicks. You can also see before and after photos of weight loss. This site is for amateur stuffers, girls who stuff their faces with delicious food and take photos/videos. Gainers do the same. However, they will document their weight gains over a longer period of time. This is a popular fetish for chubby women. The majority of this content involves showing off, posing and stripping. It includes everything from petite and curvy girls to huge behemoths. You can also watch women stuffing their faces with food and watching their stomachs grow.

The most underrated model is the one with the largest breasts. They are still very talented, as this site's women show. This site contains a lot of BBW-related content, including naked photos, videos, comics, as well as other material about fat women. You don't have to be sexually explicit. The users can expect to see beautiful faces and fat bodies from girls, who will not always be naked. They will expose their stomachs and show off their breasts. This review will help you decide if this site is worth your time.

The homepage is moving forward

It is organized. It is not chaotic but it does look chaotic. This is probably because the site was created with passion. He created the platform to allow users to indulge their passions without having to pay premium dollars. Different sections are used to present the content. It begins with the most popular content, curated BBW cameras, albums with uploads arranged in descending order, latest updates combined, and other options.

Although the site is clean, some thumbnails of models are too small and users may have difficulty identifying the action. Some of the models are large enough that it is easy to see these women getting naughty, such as masturbating with dildos or fingering their coochies. The stuffing niche means that almost all the content is amateur. The site also has a "before and after" section where long-term men can see the results of their work.

While they do have some thin girls, the majority of their content is about the sexy fatties. The collection is quite hot and StufferDB boasts thousands to even thousands of fat chicks for you to swoon over.

The party begins immediately

The thumbnail located just above the Home button at the top of the screen is the'sDB Members' thumbnail. It contains 10,536 images in 151 albums that are filled with photos of thin girls who love their naked bodies so much they take their pictures and post them to the site. If the site's traffic is any indication, it has a large collection of fat nude women. These women are known for their huge bellies, which will be a delight to lovers of this fetish. This section contains files with catchy names such as Goth Belly and Goth Feedee, Jelly Kat and Fatphrodite.

This site also has more pregno content than any other stuffer website. They currently have more than 350 files, each with a lot of photosets, featuring pregnancies in different stages. Some men will find their bare bumps irresistible. StufferDB has some preggo content as well. There are many hot fat babes.

It seems like the site has everything. You can even find a collection of celebs who haven't been keeping their weight under control. Side-by-side pictures were shown of Britney Spears as she was in her prime and when she lost weight and struggled to lip-sync through her performances. This collection is enriched by celeb content.

Amateur content in abundance

The Amateurs category contains the most delicious sauce. You can expect to find wild and beautiful photos as well as videos of thick women in the Amateurs category. These are women who feel sexy and sometimes naughty about their large frames.

Users can also expect more content in the Models section. This section has 55k+ files and is divided into approximately 415 albums. The material consists of sexy photos taken by BBW models. The ladies also feel hot, just like all the models on the site. The content does not have to be explicit, as was mentioned earlier. You will see a few models that are fully clothed, or at least not showing off their erotic sides. They will not hesitate to show off their chubby bodies to all the world. Those who like their women thicker will find plenty of options.

Another category is called "studios" and it houses videos of thicker babes showing their bodies in front of HD cameras. This content isn't too large. The 13 albums contain only 143 files, which can be a bit small when compared to other categories. The quality makes up for this.

Anyone know of any nude YouTubers?

The site offers a section dedicated to YouTube babes. YouTube content, like most of its content, is erotic to a degree but not too explicit or hardcore. This is how the YouTube content has remained on YouTube for so long without being removed. The videos show girls lifting themselves up. StufferDB included the content because some people find it difficult to read such content. Users can expect to find 13,121 files in 569 Albums.

It is also interesting to see the Before and After category. These are the photos of women who embrace the old idea of feminine beauty. They show off their large, fat bellies, thick breasts and large hips. These girls are not afraid to get fat and document their journey from becoming fatter to being even more fatter. They don't fear the consequences of gaining weight. Users who like their women's fat and chubby will love the specimen. For any gainer lover, the pictures are quite attractive and pleasing to look at. These files total approximately 2000.

Drawing thick babes

The "art and comics section" is a great place to find drawings of thick girls or random comics. It also has some delicious looking comics. has over 12 000 illustrations of thick girls. This is quite impressive. It is obvious that a lot of effort and time went into bringing life to 2D thick babes. The entire collection is divided into 266 albums.

Things to Love About StufferDB

There is a lot of amateur content. A lot of the material is amateur-in nature. Users can expect to see familiar faces. Many of these girls appear 'next door'.

There are many videos and photos of BBW and feederism girls, all eating and growing fat while showing their erotic side.

It stays true to its niche. The site promises exactly what it promises and is consistent. It's all about fat girls, nothing else.

Mobile support. StufferDB is mobile-responsive and has a great design for the mobile version. It is both functional and simple to use.

Potential concerns

It's not the most attractive design. The design is chaotic and the content is poorly organized. Site also looks messy due to the tens of thumbnails that appear on the landing page.

You could use some hardcore content. Most of the content is fairly vanilla, if at all. The collection is too soft for users who like some serious action in their porn.

What the site can do to improve

The menu is confusing and needs to be fixed. It is too full of content and overwhelming for new users. It would be great to combine some of the content into menus. They should also add hardcore content to appeal to a wider audience.


StufferDB is a great destination for porn lovers who love to see fat and curvy babes eating, posing and stuffing food. There is tons of content, photos and videos that are free, including some featuring cute ladies. Their site has a large, active community with little or no advertising. This makes it a pleasant browsing experience. Although their design could be improved, they are a reliable source for stuffing porn.

  • There are a lot of amateur content
  • There are lots of BBW content and feederism content
  • Keep true to your niche
  • Mobile support
  • Mobile Support
  • It is not the best design
  • You could use hardcore content