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True Amateurs review

True Amateurs

True Amateurs

It is difficult to tell the difference between a professional and amateur porn site these days. Everyone seems to be ready to jump on the amateur porn train that has overtaken adult entertainment. Your favorite pornstar will be promoting herself as an amateur homegrown star. You can also find professionally-made 'amateur porn websites' that look too professional to be amateur. There are also others that offer average homemade porn.

It's not easy to find a site that balances quality homemade porn and amateur porn. But True Amateurs has found the perfect balance. They offer home-shot, HD, and well-filmed porn. Although it is impossible to tell if these women truly are True Amateurs or not, they certainly have sex like they mean. These women seem to love being photographed while having sex together. It is refreshing to see these sexy babes relax in their homes and enjoy uninhibited sex. will be taking a closer look at True Amateurs in order to find out if they live up to their claims. You can expect a flood of sexual encounters made from scratch that will make your screen look hazy.

This site is relatively new

True Amateurs is based upon the assumption that these couples are actually amateurs filming themselves having sexual sex. It has been online since 2017, but it hasn't been around very long. The site's content is outdated and was last updated in 2019. This suggests they might be starting over. cannot tell you the history of those years but can tell you what they are giving you today. Despite the fact that they add something every 2-3 days, the collection isn't too large. There are currently 148 scenes available. They might be even more if you read the review.

This is the best hardcore porn!

You will see that not all of the women on this site are as well-known as you might think if you've seen porn over the years. There are a few notable pornstars listed on the tour page. A good number of real 'nobodies, showing the cameras their boyfriends behind the scenes, are also on the tour page.

The site states that they only cast women who have not been screened by a casting director, never received sex compensation (at least, so far), and have never submitted headshots. What members get is a tasty selection of professionally shot flicks, done in a sex tape setting. The content makes a lasting impression, no matter how amateur you are. The combination of big boobs and well-formed butts with luscious lips will be a delight. These scenes are amateur-filmed porn. It's hard to believe but the acting is entertaining and the couples are playful before the sex.

Bold and big

Everything on the site is huge. You are immediately greeted when you enter the member's section. Large thumbnails allow you to hover over them and see the action. It almost feels like the site was designed for people with visual impairments. Large buttons and large text are everywhere. True Amateurs is easy to navigate and you don't need to squint.

There are several tabs in the header menu, including videos, girls and categories as well as favorites, bonuses, favorite, watch later and promos. Large screens display the content, with big thumbs up and down buttons for rates. The site will introduce you to the most recent scenes. If you wish to view the entire collection click on "view all True Amateurs scenes" and you can enjoy the party.

The members' area of the site is well-designed and robust. It should be compatible with all mobile and desktop devices. It is fast and easy to find the smut you are looking for.

Smooth streams, high-quality scenes

Most scenes are shot in a bedroom. There are also scenes of couples having fun in the bathroom, kitchen, or in their cars. Some scenes are even taken from the boyfriend's perspective. One scene shows the girlfriend taking a shower while her boyfriend set up the camera. They quickly get each other horny and soon they are banging on the floor. The scenes are intimate and have lots of flirting and teasing. These scenes are also available in a length of around 20 minutes.

Although the videos are more professional than their name suggests, they still produce some amazing amateur-Esque videos. These include models deepthroating their partners in a shower, others lying in cowgirl positions, and some solo masturbation scenes.

The videos are also shot in stunning HD. You can also download videos in various resolutions, including top-of-the-range videos at 1080p as well as some with 720p,480 and smaller. The quality of the scenes is excellent for a phone and the overall quality is acceptable. Download and streaming speeds are excellent.

Hot selection of girls

Each girl in these videos is a hottie. Most likely, she's between 18-21 years old. Rarely will you find an amateur site that has such a large number of hot babes. You will see these girls riding erections in many different positions, including doggy style, reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. As they squeeze cum, you can almost feel the tightening in their vaginal muscles. The header menu has a Girls tab. However, there is no model bio. The majority of the women have a hot girl next door look and are the type you'd see at your local grocery store.

Pricing and bonuses

True Amateurs' content is affordable. The pricing structure is unusual. You can pay per week (both recurring), or per fortnight (both both recurring). However, you can also set up a monthly subscription, which will cost EUR19.99 per monthly. It is clear that there are no hidden fees, which is quite reasonable.

True Amateurs tags along zero bonuses. There is no bonus content, except for a few recommendations to join premium sites at discounted prices. Because this site is small, there aren't any galleries. The site also indicated that you could send your tapes in and possibly get paid for them in the tour area. However, there is not much information in the members' area.

Site has positive aspects

New content. Regardless of whether or not the videos are amateur, the content is fresh and available in HD.

Hot girls The site features a variety of beautiful girls who will bless the content with the beauty and sexual desires they have.

These videos are excellent for amateur content. Some were recorded in POV. These videos make for great viewing.

Mobile friendly The site's interface is mobile-friendly and videos work well on all devices.

Potential concerns

A small collection. The site contains approximately 148 scenes of video.

There is no bonus content. It's surprising that a site with so little porn has any galleries or bonus content.


Members would be able to access a lot of bonus content or networked content, which will help reduce hustle and keep them entertained while they wait for the increase in size. You should also be able to view galleries and information about the models on the site. The model index currently provides no information about the models.


The collection's size is a problem, but they should be adding more videos every week. True Amateurs should also be allowed to grow. This is something that they do every week, with new updates. Their videos are also available in Full HD and their action is truly captivating and very erotic. True Amateurs will definitely tickle your libido, and keep you coming back for more.

  • New content.
  • Hot girls.
  • Excellent shots.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Mobile Support
  • A small collection.
  • There is no bonus content.