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Youporn review



The Golden Age of Porn

It is sometimes called the golden age of porn. Finding pornographic videos has never been easier than it is today. There were many obstacles in the past to view high-quality smut. You would need to drive your car to the adult video shop. Then, you could walk into the store and peruse the selection. Next, choose one or two videos.

You would need to approach another person to purchase your videos. You can then communicate your sexual preferences to them. To get home, you had to get back into your car and drive through the rain, snow and sleet.

You had to make sure you were there alone in order to make sure everything went smoothly. You wouldn't be allowed to take your TV with you to the bathroom if your wife was home. Imagine being under all that stress just for one thing. All you have to worry about today is privacy and time. It's only a matter of a few clicks to have access to an almost endless amount of adult content. If you are a little more knowledgeable about porn, you can access most of it free.

One way to get instant access to a large collection of online porn is with a good porn tube. The porn tube is an innovative addition to the online porn market. It crowdsources porn through its large user base. Every day, porn tube users, just like you, add new content.

Many of the best premium porn studios have uploaded clips from their latest releases to their free porn tubes. You may have difficulty finding full-length HD scenes from your favorite porn sites like Brazzers, Reality Kings, or Team Skeet. There are many great excerpts from premium content. These clips are more of a teaser that are meant to encourage you to sign up to those memberships, than to provide sexual satisfaction. These clips have been enjoyed by millions. You won't have to spend again if you are thrifty about your porn viewing habits.

Porn Hub is a worldwide, free porn site that almost everyone has heard about. You have many other options. Every site is different so Porn Hub may not be the right one for you. We'll be looking at You Porn today, which is another great porn site.

Porn is who's Porn?

Mind Geek and Porn Hub are the owners of You Porn. The site offers the same high-quality design and variety to its users. You Porn has been around since 2006. You can see it when you look deeper into their website.

Mind Geek, You Porn’s parent company, has nearly monopolized the online porn market. They own Porn Hub and You Porn as well as a large number of premium porn sites that they advertise. Mind Geek also purchased some of the most popular porn studios in the period when they started buying as many porn tubes as possible. Mind Geek is the owner of all Porn Hub networks, including Red Tube and You Porn, as well Brazzers and Reality Kings, and This long list also includes Sean Cody and Why Not Bi.

There are some issues with one company having so much control over the porn market. However, there are also benefits. Mind Geek has a consistent standard of quality across all of its sites. This is one of the biggest benefits. You Porn isn't breaking this standard, it turns out. You can see this clearly when you look at the professional layout and design.

High Quality Expectations Met

You Porn's homepage should instantly make it look familiar. It is almost identical to the Porn Hub design. It's OK to fix what's wrong, but it's not worth trying to fix it. You can browse the site by type using the site menu bar located at the top of the page. The site can be sorted by channels, categories, or porn stars. The site is easy to navigate thanks to the simple and elegant dropdown menus.

From there, the classic Porn Hub layout will continue. The Free Porn Videos Recommend to You are the first videos you'll see. You Porn also offers a section called "Videos we Love", where you can see some photos of staff members. Scroll down to view the Recommended Categories and Hot Videos for your country. You can also see the most recent videos sorted according to upload date and/or times. It is easy to navigate this site. claims that videos are comparable in quality to those on Porn Hub. You will find a mix of professional and amateur porn, as well as clips from the most popular premium websites on the internet. There is not much overlap between videos uploaded to Porn Hub and other Mind Geek porn channels. Although many videos come from the same studios they make sure each channel features a unique video.

Fewer Community Features, Fewer Amateur Videos

Porn Hub offers many community features that are enjoyed by most Porn Hub users. Porn Hub lets you comment, like and comment on videos. You also have many social networking options. These include the ability to message other users and follow them, as well as to post to a newsfeed. You Porn's community capabilities are not as extensive. Although you can comment on and like videos as well as save/create playlists, it is not possible to create a pornographic social media network. If you are looking for this kind of thing, Porn Hub may be a better choice.

You Porn has another problem: You don't have as many user-made videos. You Porn lacks social media capabilities. It's far less interactive than Red Tube and Porn Hub. This site was created to let you enjoy lots of porn. It achieves that goal. If you are looking for a community of amateur pornographers, and an endless supply of porn, You Porn is not the right place.

If you want to just enjoy tons of porn, You Porn is the best option. Upgrade your account to access full-length HD videos. For good reason, You Porn is the most popular porn site. You will enjoy a variety of options and a great user experience.

  • Huge variety of free porn
  • Porn is available in both premium and amateur versions
  • Great site design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Mobile Support
  • Low content quality
  • We have fewer community/social networking tools
  • There are no photos, just videos
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