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We all know that variety can be the spice of life. Doing the same thing day after day can make us bored. Our partners can get tired of us all from time-to-time (which is why the never ending search for "strange", especially among men, seems to be so popular). It is impossible to listen to the same music every day without changing it up. In some ways, life is about changing things up and keeping your days interesting.

This logic applies naturally to adult entertainment. It's not possible to just keep watching the same porn stars over and over again every time we feel frisky. While there may be certain girls we love more than others, it is possible to become bored with your favorite porn star, no matter how beautiful she might be. It's just human nature.

This holds true regardless of what porn we are looking for that day. High-end, professional, glossy porn is great. But do you really think you'd be satisfied with watching only videos from Brazzers or Reality Kings for the rest of you life? These studios are very good, and they are prolific. There is a chance that the traditional porn you are looking for will not always be the right one.

Interactive Porn is the Future

This is a passive form of porn. This is undisputed. It's a passive experience, much like watching TV. You have no role in this experience, other than picking the video and hitting play. That is all you have to do. Men who watch a lot of porn often complain about the solitude.

This is a valid complaint, if you think about it. In a meta way, porn alone can make you feel more lonely or dissatisfied. It can be a reminder that we don't have anyone to chase our carnal happiness, even if we are passively watching other people have exhilarating experiences in your room.

This is the 21st Century! Adult entertainment doesn't have to be lonely or solitary. The internet is a wonderful thing that makes it possible to instantly connect with people all over the globe. Shouldn't porn that we see reflect this? Why is porn not interactive, active and communicative? and other sites make it possible!

Cams are lucky to have their domain names, wouldn't they? This suggests that they were probably one of the first webcam sites. It is not often that you can grab a domain that clearly and concisely describes the services your site offers. This is especially true in today's world where all domain names are already taken.'s creators must have felt the same way as the team when they secured that domain. This is the best thing about it.

However, such a domain name carries a lot of responsibility. This name creates expectations for You are making a statement if you call yourself This is because you are essentially saying that your cam site iscam site. This immediately raises the bar. Let's now see if lives up to its name.

The Ultimate Camming Site

It is first and foremost a well-designed website. It is simple and clean. It is simple to use. It is simple to understand. It looks professional and sleek. has made a great start in this department. Porn Sites love the ease and thoroughness with which you can search for models and filter them out. This is an area that other sites often fail to excel in. This is a critical area for any site. is blessed to have one of the most effective filtering tools Porn Sites have ever seen on a web cam site.

You will find all the information you need, browsing-wise, in the menu at the left-hand corner of the page. It is now easier than ever to filter models according to your preferences. You can quickly set your preferences if you're looking for a particular show type, such as buzz mode, text message, connection, free>private, free>tips, or nude. If you wish, you can filter models by their age. You can choose to see only girls between 18 and 19, 20 and 25, or 51 and up if you prefer cougars.

You can also select certain ethnicities. You might be looking for only Latinas, or Asian women. You can search by specialty (couples or college girls, threesomes, MILF, lesbians, etc.). You can also search for a partner by body type, hair color, or special kinks. can help you find whatever you're looking for.

You can also see a dropdown menu at the top of this page to select which regions or languages you want to show girls. This site also offers a number of customizable functions. You can adjust the size of the thumbnails of the models, collapse the side menu, or any of the options in that menu. You decide what experience you want.

Many beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.

You will see thumbnails of all the current live girls to the right of your filtering menu. If you've ever visited a cam site, you'll know how to navigate this section. Scroll down and start to tingle until you find the girl that makes you smile. Below her photo (a screenshot from her current show in most cases), you will see her age, audio, whether she is in buzz mode and what type of show she offers. If she is in a private show, it will appear in the corner of her thumbnail.

Could be more streamline (Slightly).'s first complaint is the thumbnails. There are no previews of the show. You may have seen this on a few other cam sites. Cam sites often offer a glimpse of what's happening in the chat room of the model when you hover your mouse over her thumbnail. has, however, decided not to offer this feature.

It is also a bummer that the hot key "control + tab", which is used to open a new tab, isn't recognized by this site. This means that if you wish to quickly and easily peer into multiple chat rooms, you will need to right-click each one and then open a new tab in the old-fashioned manner. This is annoying as live cam feeds can slow down your computer. This issue could be solved by a simple preview feature.

This site has a lot to offer other than that. It is wonderful that they have teledildonics. This is a great feature that you will not regret. It basically means you can remotely control the vibrators of the girls, which adds to the interactive nature the site. Chat with the girls in private and public mode, or if activated by the model, play all manner of sexy games. To win a naughty prize, spin the wheel for a set number of tokens.

Cams offers almost everything you would want in a cam website except chat room previews. Cams is a great site that teaches you how it works intuitively. You will find a wide range of models and fetishes. is your new adult playground!

  • There are many options for women
  • There are many models
  • Great site design
  • Amazing browsing features
  • Mobile friendly
  • Mobile Support
  • There are no previews