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PicHunter review


PicHunter, a free porn website, focuses on professional porn images and photo shoots. The site claims to be one of the largest porn sites. Although this may have been true in the past, Pichunter has been outranked by larger porn sites with more content and reach. Pichunter is still a popular site.

With over 10 million visitors per month, they are a mighty presence on picture porn sites. They are also more popular than other porn sites. They were launched in 2001, giving them almost 20 years of experience and rich content. Their motto since inception has been "No Bullshit - Just Free Porn". They don't require any kind of premium memberships or payments to access their extensive HD content.

Sleek & Modern Site Design

This site is unique in design and layout, with large category previews taking up the majority of the page. These previews aren't pixelated or blurred like other sites that try to prioritize them. They are presented in crisp HD formats that catch the eye. Although there will be some banner ads and redirect ads, these are quite manageable when compared with other sites that have the same content.

You can scroll down this page to see the many photo gallery categories the site offers. There are the more mainstream categories such as "Stockings," "College," and "Stockings", but there are also options for more extreme fetishes, like "Fisting Gangbang", BDSM and Bukkake." These are more for the standard fetishes, and more for options that a wider audience might enjoy.

Register for an account and create your own playlists and content

This site's red and white theme is appropriate for the content they host. The theme is bright and makes the images pop, with the well-done red accents. The site's header, a thick red bar with a large font, makes it feel premium and modern despite being entirely free to use. It would be great to have a dark mode option, as this site can be difficult on the eyes at night.

Users will find the option of registering or logging in to existing accounts on the right side. These accounts are free and do not require any fees. Users can create playlists and favorite content with a free account. xpornsites believes that there could be more with the free accounts. It was lacking the ability to see your browsing history. This would allow you to quickly return to galleries that have lost their title.

These search and filter options are easy to use. Browse by studio, pornstar or category. Or use the search bar at the top to find something more specific. You can search by studio or pornstar to see preview images, as well as many filter options. Clicking on a studio or pornstar page will bring up a complete list of the galleries, along with a list similar studios/stars. A button for videos will also be available, but it simply takes you to the video site of the same people that run Pichunter.

Browse by Studio, Pornstar, or Fetish Category

Strangely, there were no preview images on the category page. However, there are preview images for the same categories on the frontpage. They should be consistent with that and add images. It would be great to have image counts in these galleries. The image counts for categories can be found by using the filter options of any search on the site. However, they are not displayed on either the front page or the category.

xpornsites discovered that browsing by categories was the best way to browse. Clicking on one of these categories will bring up a large selection of newly added galleries. These previews are only large photos of the first gallery image. The gallery previews do not include text, photo counts or other information. Xpornsites believes that adding at least one image count to the site would greatly improve user experience.

Galleries support Arrow Key Navigation and offer a variety of user options

The full gallery page shows the name of the gallery as well as the source studio or site and the date it was uploaded. Each picture in the gallery will have preview images below that information. To view the full-screen version, users can click on any one of these preview images. You can navigate between images using the buttons on the screen or quickly jump between them by using your arrow keys. There are also buttons at the top that allow you to zoom in, open the image in full resolution and add it to your favorites.

Pichunter doesn't restrict users from downloading or saving any image that they wish on the site. Contrary to other sites that offer porn pictures, Pichunter doesn't block users from right-clicking on an image and saving it. You can also add an image to your gallery, which you can return to later. Xpornsites believes that this should be open for other users to see the galleries you have created. A page to allow users to create galleries would suffice. This allows users to share and curate on quite a few social media platforms.

Amazing Mobile Site Experience

Pichunter's mobile version is as easy and sleek as its desktop counterpart. The mobile version of Pichunter has previews for galleries and images that take up the whole width of the screen. All of the menus in its header are still available. To make it easier to find, the menus are hidden beneath a drop-down button. You can load images full-screen, flip through them and return to the gallery without ever having to go back.

xpornsite's favorite features

xpornsite's favourite feature about is their site design and selection. The whole experience felt simple and intuitive. The site was not overloaded with ads or added a lot of unnecessary menus. There were also thousands of HD 1080p photo galleries to be explored. There are so many images on the site that users will never get bored. The cherry on top is the unlimited access you have to the site without the need to create an account.

xpornsite's Tips

Pichunter was a wonderful site but had its share of problems. These issues weren't major but they need to be addressed. The category previews should have image counts. The gallery previews should have more information. It would be great to have a title appear when you hover. Until you click to the actual gallery, you won't be able to identify the studio or pornstar.

xpornsite's Last Thoughts provides a lot of high-quality content at no cost. You can expect to find thousands upon thousands of galleries for every category on You will find content from nearly every major pornstar of the past 10-15 years. It is worth visiting this site, considering the minimalistic ad clutter and sleek design. There are also no membership fees or payments. Xpornsites recommends giving another chance if you're interested in large, professionally shot 1080p HD photo galleries.

  • Large Selection of HD 1080p Photo Galleries
  • Photographs taken professionally by big name pornstars and studios
  • Modern and sleek site design for mobile and desktop
  • Mobile Support
  • Previews could be more informative