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PornBB review



PornBB is an amazing adult forum where users can share and enjoy all types of porn. You can find porno movies, celebrities videos, JAV content and webcam girls. There are thousands of users on the site who have contributed to millions upon millions of topics that revolve around adult content, from the pure and simple to the most sinister. Anyone can sign up to the site and make contributions. It is a well-known porn board. You can browse a variety of categories, while users with more refined tastes can visit the gay, fetish, and hentai forums. This review will focus on the main PornBB Forum. There are thousands of porn photos and movies available for free. Users should be able determine whether the site is worth the effort by the end of the review.

Site statistics

PornBB was launched in March 2007. Since then, it has been a great platform for members to share and view porn. Since then, the site has seen its popularity grow and is currently ranked #8,490 in global traffic. The site attracts close to 1.7 million page views per day and 210,676 unique page views daily. It has an estimated value of $1,819800.00 and a daily income around $ 1,685.00. It has 6,471,309+ posts from thousands of users. Hundreds of them are online at any one time.

First impressions

PornBB is one of very few adult forums that has opted for pink instead of the usual blue and white theme. To set the tone for the site, they welcome visitors with a blonde vixen in a doggy-style position. This forum is straightforward and directs users into the heart of the action. There are several categories, including adult movies, model content and pictures.

You can also find a section for community where you can meet new people, have general chats and share content that isn't necessarily sexual. PornBB is a paradise for porn but users can navigate it easily. Although there aren't many unique features that make PornBB stand out from other adult forums online, there is plenty of entertainment to be had. It's a fairly standard forum.

Take a quick look at these additional sections

This review is about PornBB. It's important to let users know that there are other sections on the site for people with more refined tastes. They realize that everyone has different tastes. Instead of having dozens of boards users might not be interested, the team decided to eliminate them. This has been fixed by placing links to sister sites in large tabs on their header menu. These extra sections have their own color themes which is a welcome relief for anyone not keen on pink. They are.

FetishBB - This one contains content revolving on BDSM, bondage and kinky fetish porn. This is the best option for those who enjoy porn of the bizarre and kinky variety.

HentaiBB - This is where to find Japanese art, subbed porn videos and dubbed tentacle clip with tons of hentai and anime.

GayBB - This board is dedicated to gay content. Users are viewing videos and photos of twinks and bears as well as muscly stus and all things in between. It is obvious that no girls or straight content are allowed.

There are loads of professional, fresh adult content available.

As long as there is plenty of porn, the supply of hot XXX content doesn't stop flowing. Each category has its own sub-board. Adult Movies is the first category. It includes boards like XXXX HD Videos, Webcam Girls and JAV Videos and Movies, Virtual Reality & 3D porn and many others. The content is similar-themed and has been grouped together for user convenience. Other forums include Model Pictures and Videos and Adult Images, Other XXX and Porn Discussion.

Each fora offers different levels of interaction depending on what content they contain. The XXX Video Mega Threads contains content such as anal, interracial and masturbation. It has over 6k topics and 3.2 million posts. This is the best place to go if you are looking for hardcore or vanilla porn videos. Celeb XXX Videos has less activity, with around 1200 topics, and just over 100k post.

There is also an off-topic forum on the site where users can discuss topics such as how to keep safe online from malware and viruses. You can also ask about how many porn files they have on their hard drives, and other 'general' topics. The activity level is lower than that of adult-oriented forums.

The content has one thing in common. Most submissions come from multiple power users who have contributed to the majority of the material. One user, grinder261, has over 420,000 posts. These members have contributed content over many years and every day. These members ensure that the forums never lack stellar adult entertainment.

PornBB has a hidden gem, the "Babe & Video Identification Board". Here, users can request additional content from a performer. For example, if a user finds pornstar material that they don’t recognize, but still wants more (videos, photos), They simply need to post the picture of the pornstar. Her image will be instantly recognized by the masses and they will provide more content. This is a great option.

Explaining the hosting situation

PornBB does not host any porn content, if you aren't familiar with the concept of porn forums. The site allows users to host the clips on third party platforms, just like other adult forums. File Joker, Hit File and Keep2Share are some of the places where users can get these files to their computers. These files can be downloaded for free. However, some file hosts have a maximum number of files that a user can download before they require an account. Many of these file hosts don’t charge any fees to obtain a membership. Users should be aware that PornBB does not specify one file hosting provider. The content uploaders will make that decision. It is likely that PornBB will not be approved by the original content creators, but this is not a unique board.

PornBB registration requires a username and email address. After the user confirms who they are by clicking on the link provided by the site, they will be able to immediately start contributing to the content. There isn't much to PornBB except that they will need to purchase a membership to a file hosting service at some point in order to get a lot of content.

There are many things to love about PornBB

There are millions of threads, there is a lot of activity on this site with tons of posts and threads. This translates to a truckload full of porn material.

All content on this site is available for free. Users don't even need to register to view the posts.

There are loads of categories; the content can be uploaded by users and is truly diverse. It can satisfy many tastes and fetishes.

A fantastic pornstar identification system. The site also has a fantastic pornstar ID board which allows users to quickly identify pornstars by using photos and names.

Potential concerns

Content can only be downloaded. Users must download the videos in order to view them. This may include purchasing a file hosting subscription.

It is difficult to find specific content. There are millions of posts with different types of porn but it's still hard to find a particular video.

No torrents. Torrents aren't used often which is a common option on many adult boards.

What the site can do to improve

The site should offer the possibility to change the color scheme. It is likely that the pink color is too bright for most people, so it would be nice to have an option to change to something darker.


PornBB is an excellent adult board. It has a large community that shares tons of content. You can browse millions of posts that contain hardcore XXXX content for free. There are many categories to choose from and new content is added daily.

  • Millions upon millions of threads
  • No cost
  • There are many categories to choose from
  • The amazing pornstar identification system
  • Mobile Support
  • Only the content can be downloaded
  • It is difficult to find the right content
  • No torrents