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Forumophilia review



There are many porn platforms available, not just tubes and aggregates. These include spinoffs from existing networks and new studios. Other forms of erotic entertainment, such as virtual reality experiences and video games, have emerged all over the internet thanks to faster internet download speeds, better processors, and more powerful computers.

Joining an erotica-oriented forum is a great way to keep up with all the new content and to select the best for you. There are many porn sites out there, so we decided to also review them.

A forum from a past age

The origins of internet forums are not very recent. They date back almost as far as the invention of the internet. They were very primitive visually, hard to navigate and had little other than text content.

The best forums have improved over the years, but the internet is full of outdated forums and those that no longer have active audiences. It was founded in 2005, and it appears to have the same design and color scheme as its predecessor. However, there is still a vibrant community and lots of content archived.

The Design does not take risks but...

That is not necessarily a bad thing.

The forum's design is the same as other forums. It has a title and menu at the top, with links to sections. The website's logo looks great and is a mix of different colors with black text. We do think that the website could use some contrasting colors, such as yellow to break up visual monotony.

There are many sections that cover a variety of topics. Many of these receive new engagement each day. There are 32 sections with thousands of topics. It is impossible to cover all the information in depth. These sections are the main selling point of the forum. We will however briefly review the half dozen categories.

Teen Babes Fanclub - These sections have a lot to offer in terms of fetishes and sex acts. The one thing that unites them all is the fact that this section is about hot teen girls. Each topic has several hundred replies, which is a lot more than the smaller ones. They also have hot material, unlike other forums.

Celebrities, Pornstars and Models - This section is designed to promote the most well-known stars in the industry. In the first section, every topic only has the name of the actor, while nearly all posts include biographical information and photos. Forumophiliad does not seem to host video players and is only offsite to sites that host movies.

Entertainment video Megathreads This section is said to contain direct links to porn videos. We have found that many of the links are broken and could lead you to dangerous websites. Interestingly, the BDSM topics are the most popular, with more functional links.

Full Movies - This section appears to be entirely made up of links to torrent and other similar sites that host professional porn videos. The movie's cover and back are shown in almost every post. There is also a brief synopsis of each film and information about its category.

The links in this section work well, and are not as problematic as the Megathreads section. Forumophilia has a policy against linking to malware-infested sites, but we are unable to check all links or endorse downloading pirated content.

We found it interesting to see the tastes of webmasters as well as users. The smallest section is "Ethnic And Various Other Porn Movies", while the second largest section is dedicated exclusively to Jav (read, southeast Asian) pornography.

Entertainment Pictures- These pictures include a variety of images, including soft and solo, bondage, kinky and many amateur uploads. We think the amateur section is the best, as most of the uploaded photos are ones we have not seen elsewhere. However, some posts are based on photos that were compared to the avatar of the user. We suspect that there is a lot of stolen content.

VIP and Chat - You can post anything about porn on any forum, even a small one. Forumophilia also has a spot, but we find it odd that almost all the threads are about finding or asking questions about porn. Stickies are available to encourage discussion, but it seems that members only want to talk smut.

The Babes Page is a nice addition

You can also find free porn images, videos and links to external sites. Babes is a subsite that hosts close to 1,200 profiles from European porn stars. It is quite simple in design, with limited categories tabs and a search engine that specializes in finding models. You can also sort models by their initial letters. You still get a nice biography and many free photo galleries for each profile.

However, there is no chatroom or other modern features.

We believe that every forum should have a few things, including a chat area. Forumophilia doesn't have one. This is unfortunate considering the site boasts so many members.

We would like to add a blog section for those users who are active. This will allow a select group of writers to publish their work. We would also add a section for user-erotic art.

Although there is a category page,

This website has many terabytes in content, which we have repeatedly noticed. Although it may seem unusual, Forumophilia does have a page with tags that are listed alphabetically.

There is no specialty search engine, nor a shortcut menu that will allow you to jump to a specific section. You will need to scroll a lot. This page is also extremely detailed and enjoyable to read, as some tags are quite quirky.

Examining Forumophilia on Different Devices

Most websites that we review, especially older ones that predate the smartphone revolution, don't optimize their platforms for mobile. Or at least they don't do it well enough. This forum is remarkably responsive on both smartphones and tablets. It is not clear if the forum has been optimized well, or if it simply works well on mobile.

All features can be found on mobile devices regardless of the size, even though some preview images may appear larger on the screen. Many preview images are actually larger than the screen. However, clicking on them will take you to the actual thread.

Finally, text that looks small on a desktop computer is perfectly sized for handheld devices.

Advertisements are kept to a minimum

We have observed a trend in forum design, especially one for porn. Designers are trying to make their sites more profitable by putting ads on them. This website posts only a few ads on most pages and has remained conservative.

Forumophilia appears to be free from popups and redirect links. However, there are thousands of links that have been posted to some threads offsite, so we can't guarantee that all users will be safe.

You can support the platform if you wish

Although the forum is completely free to join and interact with, there are few ads. We do believe that Forumophilia would be grateful if you could support them financially. You will find a link to the forum's top menu that takes you to a page with a QR code for the main administrator's Bitcoin wallet.

It's not easy to sign up, but it is a good thing.

We find that signing up for forums, studio sites, tubes and aggregators is easy. They usually ask users to create a username and password for free-to-join sites. Next, you will need to verify your account by email. All you have to do to access pay-to-see sites is to enter your payment information.

Forumophilia, however, is more comprehensive and protects your privacy. After you have submitted the required information, and proven you aren't a robot using an unusual spam prevention mechanism, you will be presented with a series yes/no questions.

These questions ask you if you wish to hide your email address or online status, as well as whether you would like to receive notifications about private messages. You can also set your time zone and answer a few code-related questions.

These are great features for making this a fun forum and keeping your account private or open to all.

We like these features about this forum

We love the website's almost complete absence of pop-ups and adverts. Although it may seem minor, spam can ruin a website's experience.

The Babes feature is an addition that displays free images of top European models. It is basic in design but it is very useful. You can see a preview of the first few images when you hover your mouse over a topic hyperlink.

Another wonderful aspect of this forum's design is the fact that while it remains the same, there are constant policy and programming updates to keep spammers out and malware from spreading. In 2014, administrators started to ban users linking to pictures, which hosts a lot of popups, and removed links.

Although we can't be certain, it seems that members are friendly and moderators are adept at instilling good conduct.

Forumophilia also has an extensive archive of erotic material in many media. New material is added daily by its users.

Some aspects of this platform that we would like to improve

The design is one of the most important aspects we would change about this website. We would add accent colors and more space between the topics. Everything is just a little too close now.

It works on mobile, but we would increase text font size in the menu. We would also change the font style to something more interesting than Times New Roman.

We also noticed that clicking around for too long can lead to 502 pages. Most of the time, the problem will be solved if you click back and forward or refresh the page. If we were in control of Forumophilia we would modify the server(s), which this website uses.

We also plan to remove the general chat section, since it is not being used by its intended user, and replace it with a more modern feature such as one or several chat rooms.

The Final Report on This Vintage Forum

Some websites age like fine wine with solid design and some maintenance. Others age like milk with a little bit of care. Forumophilia has a more acceptable design, lots of erotic material, an active community, and some nice, often overlooked features.

Forumophilia is awarded a rating of four out of five. We think most people will enjoy it.

  • You can find more than a decade worth of images,
  • videos, and links to video games,
  • as well as other forms of erotica.
  • Each section includes a special search engine
  • that allows you to locate a specific type of content.
  • Signing up allows you to choose
  • who you would like to have your account.
  • Each thread features a preview feature
  • that shows the first few images of each page.
  • Mobile Support
  • The design is functional but could be updated with more modern features
  • We believe that more colors would make the user experience better.
  • A tag page should have a search or menu feature.