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adultdvdtalk review



Adult DVD Talk has been reviewed. We primarily focused on the main features: interviews with top stars, community-generated reviews and trailers, as well as promotion and marketing of these films. The forum was another feature that we mentioned but didn't pay enough attention to.

We will be breaking down ADT's fantastic forum because it has so many features and has an interesting history.

An old but regularly improved extension of ADT

The majority of porn sites we review or at least the ones that are worth checking out were established in the early 2010s or aughts. While some of the most exciting smut websites have appeared between 2015 and 2018, we rarely find one that looks great that is years older.

The forum is older than the Adult DVD Talk website. This discussion platform and its forum section were both published in July 1999. They have been going strong since then. As we'll see, the number and quality of the discussion threads, media, as well as the interactive features, have all increased over the years.

However, ADT's forum still has the same stunning look as when it was created.

Even though it's conservative, the design is excellent

It is almost certain that websites older than 10 years will experience multiple changes in their coding, content volume, and design. Although we can't speak for its code, Adult DVD Talk has experienced almost no aesthetic changes in the past decade.

ADT has not been affected by the Dot Com Bubble's wild web design experiments. Instead of using black text, ADT used at least five colors and included flashing banners to make it look modern.

The forum uses a similar background design to the rest of the site. It has three colors: blue, tan and white. There is also black hyperlinked text. The contemporary version uses a few shades of beige, but still uses the original color combination.

The layout of the website is the same, even though the number has increased from 8 to 16 sections, it still looks the same. The website's logo remains the same as it was in 1999.

There are two important changes that are worth noting. The first is the non-spammy advert which displays a newly released DVD that the website's reviewers recommend. There are two additional filter buttons that can be accessed by a single click at the top of the screen. We will discuss these later.

There is a good selection of General Smut Talk sections

ADT's forum administrators have divided them into four broad categories to make it easier for the eyes. Each section could have thousands, if not tens, of thousands, of topics. We will however give a brief description of each.

The Porn Pool - This forum is for general topics about porn, with the exception of a few such as escorting or prostitution. Offsite links are allowed, provided they're not infected with spam or malware. You can also post porn photos.

For a better understanding of the details, the majority of the threads focus on the top niche and mainstream websites, general porn preferences and future erotica fantasies.

Star Crossed - This section is for you if you are obsessed with a particular starlet or looking for suggestions. There are impressive lists that focus on new models, in addition to established entertainers.

The Feature side - This section is for niche discussions about high-end and alt porn. There is plenty of talk about gentler topics like couples and erotica movies. You can also talk about vintage scenes and parody movies as well as sci-fi, fantasy fap, and other topics.

Gay DVDTalk - While homosexual erotica is the main topic, there are many other topics than twinks or gay studs. You will find long threads about transgender porn and bisexual scenes. There is also breaking news from this industry, reviews of recent scenes and much more.

Porn News - This section of the forum provides excellent news and updates on the main adult entertainment industry.

Send Porn Data and DVDs to Exchange

This site places a lot of emphasis on Blu-ray and DVD sales. It makes sense that there would be multiple sections on the platform to help you find shopping suggestions and trade/buy other hard disks. These sections are thorough and we enjoy them because we don't see them often on other sex forums.

Shopping Information - Have a question about buying or selling a DVD? Or video-on-demand? Do you have a question about finding a particular title from decades ago? Do you feel like helping someone else out?

You should look at this section of the ADT forum if any of these are something that you were nodding "yes" to. There are also topics that deal with locating calendars and posters.

International Shopping - While the internet has brought us together, it is a shame that different shipping arrangements and legal policies apply to exchanging goods. There is also the problem of finding people who will buy or sell the items, especially if they are non-troll prospects.

This section of Adult DVD Talk has a lot of information, but it is important to note that most users are located in certain parts of the globe. It does not necessarily mean that it will be impossible to connect outside of these areas, but most users are from Canada, Australia and the United States.

You can still find great advice about how to navigate customs duties and updates on changes to a country's shipping or import policies.

US DVD Trade - We believe that the States should have its own section for porn movie trading. The first reason is America, which is the most populous country in the first world. Therefore, a large number of users are from America.

We believe that American politicians, or at least their officials, have policies that make it more difficult to exchange erotic materials. We think so.

It doesn't matter what it is, there are many topics. One of them is how to exchange movies with someone who lives in the United States. It is interesting that most people are searching for VHS tapes from 1990s and 2000s. This niche market is quite rare.

International DVD Trading. While this section seems redundant, it is still useful for those who are interested in trading smut hardcopies. There are even some members who claim to own thousands of DVDs.

Talk about the World Of Sex Past Porn

Although the above information is primarily about pornography, there are many other aspects to sexuality that go beyond its documentation.

Sex Talk Are you unsure how to discuss watching erotica and your significant other? Are you interested in how to make your head look better? Are you looking for the best male enhancement pills? Or if they actually work? Are you curious about the cuck lifestyle.

Post your questions and answers to these topics. You can post almost anything here. No matter how personal or embarrassing it is, you won't be subject to any backlash from the community. Even controversial posts can be addressed in civil and profound ways by the majority of members.

Pop Culture Hot music, new movies and celebrities without erotica are all topics. Although this section isn't as popular as the others, there is still an amazing amount of engagement on almost all threads.

Even cassette tapes were mentioned in posts. There are also threads about past culture, which is quite different from other message boards.

Tech Talk - This section is not intended to answer any questions you may have about ADT. You should contact an administrator for assistance or visit the Email Us section.

This section of the forum allows users to ask questions about software problems and hardware issues. Adult DVD Talk is very popular, or maybe a lot of tech-savvy individuals love porn. This means that no matter what your problem is, there will be someone who can help.

Polls- This section is the oldest on the site. There are more than 250 pages hosting over 12,000 polls over the years. These topics include sex, porn and regular discussions such as the most recent music album or best (non-porn!) movie.

Although it's not always possible, it's likely that your poll will be a hit with the community.

Storytime - We found that kinksters enjoy writing about erotica and creating their own. It appears that most of the titillating stories are original, but there are also some interesting erotic tales that are based upon real events.

Be aware that not all members are professional writers, so expect to stumble upon text fests that are poorly executed.

We believe that the text loads in one paragraph. However, this could be due to a coding mistake.

To make it easier for your eyes to read, you can copy and paste the story into a Word document.

There are many topics that allow users to ask for writing prompts and advice about how to write.

World News & Nonsense – Imagine a topic and you'll probably find it there. You will find more threads that discuss celebrity news and current affairs, as well as causal comments on culture, politics, talk about sport, and other quirky posts.

Enhance The World's Premier Porn Database

Although there are not many problems with the forum, ADT offers a section for users to provide feedback. If you feel that a part of Adult DVD Talk needs to be improved or added, please post your comments here. Within a few days, you will likely receive a reply from an administrator.

This is also the section to look at if you feel a new title should go in the database.

Forum Features Pornstars

Yes, porn directors and performers post on this site to promote their work as well as to just hang out. Gianna Dior and Emily Willis are just a few of the stars who have posted.

I don't know of any other forum that can say this.

You can view the most recent posts on the forum by a director, actress, or studio representative by going to the Pornstar Member Page in the Talk menu. You will find a hyperlink under the bio of each performer.

There are over 1,300 members currently listed, although not all are pornstars. ADT has a search engine that makes it easy to find out if someone is posting here.

Follow the Community Guidelines

There will be rules for a forum that is focused on fap materials. You should be familiar with some site-specific information, in addition to the usual guidelines such as not harassing or doxing others users and other obvious stuff.

You should not, for example, refer to sex producers and performers on the site as if they were not there. You should also avoid being critical of their work or personal life.

Post offsite links are possible, but you should avoid spammy links or affiliate links. ADT's forum is not a place to post free advertising. Post as many explicit photos as you like, provided they don't violate ADT's image policy. However, if you post copies of other people's photos, your account may be suspended or banned.

Although it is not a standard practice, you may want to visit the Etiquette page for instructions on how to incorporate your Twitter posts.

The Forum should be optimized just like the Main Site

When we reviewed Adult DVD Talk, it was surprising to see that the website's mobile version had not been optimized. You will need to zoom in to see text and click on links when a page loads. Worse, you may find that some elements do not load properly or are too small.

The Amazing, the Awful, and Advancing Design

The website's programming and visual capabilities are excellent, but there are other great features that make it stand out. Chat with others in real time on the chatroom. You don't even have to log into an account.

It is easy to sign up for an account and it costs nothing. It is important to remember that the community is a welcoming, diverse, and fun group. Administrators are responsive in rare cases when users might encounter a problem.

Adult DVD Talk is funded by advertisements, but there aren't many banners and you don't need to be worried about being bombarded with popups.

Some sections are not necessary, and the!Email Alerts webpage has been closed, even though it remains in the Talk menu. We are not happy with the layout of this forum on mobile.

These two last items would be the most important things that we would invest time in fixing.

A website scam or another reason to join ADT?

Adult DVD Talk's forum is not perfect, as the rest of this website. We find this site to be one of our favorite porn forums. But, those who surf the internet on their handheld devices will find it difficult to navigate this website.

We give ADT forum a two-fifth rating for mobile. However, the desktop version is rated five out of five.

  • Although the forum is almost as old as
  • its website, it still looks amazing.
  • To trade porn DVDs, you can connect
  • with thousands.
  • You will find all the common threads on
  • other forums as well as some more
  • unique ones.
  • It seems that the community is very
  • welcoming and open-minded.
  • Mobile Support
  • This website will not work on mobile
  • devices.
  • It appears that the Story Time Section
  • has a programming error.
  • Some sections may be a bit redundant.