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cum on printed pics review

Cum On Printed Pics

Cum On Printed Pics, a unique porn site with an interesting concept, is quite unusual. This site allows you to upload pictures of girls from any background (celebrities or aunts). While they are cumming on them. People can also upload photos of women they wish to see covered in cum. This site is the number one tribute porn site. Members can talk to each other about all manner of weird stuff. There are tons of nude photos as well as pictures of couples having sex. It is free to use and hosts thousands of members. There are also many activities. This review contains all relevant facts and figures to provide a comprehensive review of CumOnPrintedPics.

Wait, tribute porn?

Tribute porn is usually a man seeing a non-pornographic photo of a girl and getting so impressed that he has to cum on it. The original concept was introduced using printed images. It has evolved over time and it is common to see men sexy on photos on their phones or computers. Users can see girls that they won't ever get to fuck with, but are covered in cum to make them appear to have had facials. This is definitely a wild fantasy. Although such sites have been around for many years on the internet, they are often shut down due to low traffic. CumOnPrintedPics, however, has remained charming throughout its existence.

Site stats and traffic report was launched in July 2010. was created in July 2010. It currently receives approximately 45,362 unique visitors per day and 117,942 (or 2.60 per visitor) pageviews per day. This should bring in an average of $701.05 per day from advertising revenue. The site's estimated value is $511,763.98. CumOnPrintedPics is ranked number 70,998 in the global traffic ranking according to Alexa Traffic Rank. Site servers are located in the Netherlands. Most of its traffic comes from the United States, Netherlands and France.

A community that is active and engaged

This site might have a unique porn idea. It is alive with activity and there are a lot of users. At the time this article was written, 1009 people were online. There were 153 registered users, 15 hidden and 841 guests. Site statistics also indicate that 4806 users were online at any given time (Sat, May 18, 2019, 6:51 PM). This niche porn is also popular because of its high number of registered users and the total topics and posts. These numbers are impressive: 172,221 members, 4,114.709 posts and 307.379 topics.

According to the numbers, men are making a big deal ofpictures taken by their neighbors, friends, classmates, daughters, mothers, and other family members. It is encouraging to see that the number of members keeps growing and that posts are coming in almost every minute. The site has a great user engagement. The forum allows you to view images and other content for free. However, users who wish to interact with others will need to register. It's easy and simple, and it's completely free.

A typical forum layout

CumOnPrintedPics uses a familiar forum layout. Even someone who has never used an adult forum before will be able to navigate the site. There are a number of tables that show the threads you have chosen. These include the number of posts, replies, views, and the last post. The layout is identical to other porn forums.

Users will see the top table with the most recent topics as their first impression when they arrive at this website. This allows visitors to quickly get familiar with the content available. You will find amateur Photoshop fakes and cum tributes as well as guys posting photos of girls that make them difficult and such. Immediately below that is a list of links that include an automatically-generated list of currently active topics, a hall of fame that houses some of the site's best threads, and one other link directing to

The Forum section has all the links you need to post images of cum, including cum on clothes and cum on food. There is also a link to Found It On Social Networking that allows you to view thousands of online hot girls. Below is the Amateur Cum Tribute Porn Forums section. It has tons of links. Users can post tributes to cum, ask for photos for mature babes and teens, or post porn videos and requests for cum and cock tributes. Users must register to send a private message for the tribute exchange.

There are threads dedicated to Photoshopped porn fakes. Users post photos of naked girls and ask others to make them look naked by putting their faces on the body of a pornstar. Visitors can also view threads that are dedicated to celebrities. These could be Photoshopped fakes of nude celebs, or cum tributes to celebs. Users have a lot of fantasies to look forward too. The site's high level interactivity is evident in the many threads that have many topics and posts.

CumOnPrintedPics is unique in that they display a slideshow of all the image attachments, which changes every three minutes.

The karma points concept explained

Karma points are used on the site in a similar way to Reddit's. Karma points can be used on the site to show appreciation, thanks, and recognition for excellent posts, replies, and other contributions to the board. Bad karma points can also be given to members as a warning.

Karma points are available once per 24 hours, provided that a user has made a minimum of 10 posts. A registered user can receive one karma points for every 10 posts. Site warns users against spam and nonsense, which could result in the account being deleted and the IP address being banned. Users who do not see the karma buttons are unlikely to have met the minimum of 10 posts. Users with negative karma may be suspicious or untrustworthy. However, karma can be an indicator of a person’s reputation.

CumOnPrintedPics visitors should be aware of possible images featuring children below 18 years old. The author found multiple posts clearly stating that images would include images of girls aged between 11 and 17. It is disgusting and should be reported to the site.

CumOnPrintedPics: The Best

Interactive community The site boasts a large and active community which keeps the forums hopping with new content. The forums are full of interaction.

The site features the tribute porn niche. This niche is unique and definitely kinky. Hot images of cum-covered girls can be expected.

There are loads of new posts. Not only is it a huge amount, but there are also new posts coming in almost every hour. This niche is loved by many who can look forward to new content almost every hour.

Potential concerns

Some horrifying imagery. Tribute porn is not for everyone. Many of these posts contain some very disgusting images, particularly those featuring girls underage.

More moderation is needed; there is a clear lack of moderation in posts which may explain the existence of a pedophilic userbase.

Ads. Users can expect to see a lot of ads while they are on this site. Some of them are quite annoying.


Everything seems to work well for a forum site. The site's moderators should be more vigilant to prevent users from posting pedophilic material.


CumOnPrintedPics is a great place to find tribute porn. There are thousands of users posting images of girls showing off their jizz. You will also find a lot of fake celebrity images and photoshopped nudes, as well as a selection of regular porn. It could be a great tribute porn forum if it is managed well.

  • Interactive community
  • Kinky porn concept
  • Loads of new posts
  • Mobile Support
  • Some disgusting imagery
  • Needs better moderation
  • Ads