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The GF Network is the largest internet network of user-submitted amateur girl porn and the largest ex-girlfriend database. The Network is a collection of themed websites that focuses on all types of amateur porn, including sex tapes, BDSM and bondage.

The site has been in operation for more than ten years and has a solid reputation for excellence. It also has a large collection of amateur photos and videos. The network contains almost every type of amateur porn, and all this for a very affordable price. Anyone who enjoys amateur porn should visit it. Those who only watch professionally produced porn should avoid The GF Network.

There are endless possibilities

Your membership to The GF Network includes over thirty sites. There are many sites that relate to different races (Me, My Asian, Me, My Latina and My Ebony GF), sex acts like Jizz on My GF and My GF Loves Anaal, Squirting GFs), fetishes such as Hot Teen Feet, My BDSM GF and Public GF Videos. There are many sites in The GF Network that will satisfy almost every kind of porn user.

However, there are some sites that are more developed than others. For example, Watch My GF has more than 7,500 photos and 4,000 videos. Stepbang, however, only has 500. This shouldn't be a problem as your membership gives you access to all sites of The GF Network, not just one or two.

Apart from the fact that the videos are all amateur, there is a common thread among the sites. The content is excellent. It's obvious that The GF Network has a good taste and is very selective about what should be included on the site. The site has a wide range of porn.

Simple but elegant site design

The GF Network is well-organized and simple to navigate. You can sort the default homepage by viewing count, rating, length, view count, last week, month or all time.

You can sort videos by upload date or have them presented randomly using the sidebar. However, doesn't recommend these methods. These methods may work for some sites but there is too much content on The GF Network in terms of absolute quantity and variety of topics to allow these sorting methods be consistent in providing you with high-quality porn you are likely to enjoy. suggests clicking on one of The GF Network member sites and sorting by top-rated, top-rated, random, most recently, most viewed, or newest. This will allow you to quickly narrow down the content and make it easier to find the perfect porn video.

The GF Network's search and tags are not optimal. Although each one is better than the other, neither function as well as they should. The video titles are too vague and uninspiring to provide any search options, and tags are too generic and inconsistent to collect all the videos.

These drawbacks are not a major problem as you can narrow down videos by site. Although it would be great to have more navigation options, it's not difficult to find the video you want.

You can rate, like, comment, and favorite a video once you have visited its page. You can also download as many videos as you like from The GF Network, regardless of how long your membership is. You can also find recommendations for similar videos on the video page. These, according to, make excellent use of tags to present high-quality and relevant content.

Another problem with The GF Network is its excessive amount of ads. You might not realize you are on premium pay sites if you don't have any ad blocking software. You will see banner ads, pop up ads and sidebar ads linking to premium porn sites.

These are not the kind of persistent and pernicious ads that can be blocked by ad-blocking software. You don't need to worry about any software removing ads from The GF Network.

Some links in the sidebar can be misleading as they do not actually take you to a part of The GF Network. Despite appearing to be included in the sidebar, if they click on GF Dating or Live Sex, you will be taken to other sites that aren't part of your membership.

It's not cheap, but it's a good value

The GF Network offers a flexible, affordable pricing structure that will appeal to almost all prospective members. You can sign up for a trial membership for just one dollar if you aren't sure or you want to have a full day of entertainment. Be aware that if you don't cancel your trial membership or change to another plan, it will automatically renew at the highest rate offered by The GF Network.

If one day is not enough, The GF Network offers two long-term plans. A standard month-to month membership costs $27.95, but if you are able to commit for a longer term of three months, that cost can be reduced to around twenty dollars per monthly.

Although it is not as affordable as premium porn sites, this price can't be beat when viewed from a value-based standpoint. It's not as if you pay twenty dollars per site for The GF Network. However, they offer more content and more variety than many other porn sites. This makes their membership fee very reasonable.

The GF Network accepts credit cards only, which is a departure from many other sites. You won't have absolute discretion if you pay with cryptocurrency or gift cards. However, they use encrypted billing to protect your identity so that you don't have to be concerned.

The GF Network membership also gives you bonus access to a page with rotating deals on a variety of third-party porn sites. While some of these discounts are available all the time, others are only available for a limited time. For many porn users, the GF Network will provide enough discounts. However, if you are looking for a premium site, these lower prices might be of interest to you.

Worth It For Any Amateur Porn Fan

The GF Network has a wide range of sites that will please all types of porn lovers. The GF Network has thousands of videos that will satisfy amateur content. Although it is not the most expensive site, it is still very affordable. The sits navigational setup is not perfect but it does the job.

With this in mind, the GF Network isn’t perfect. It would be a great idea to have a better tag and category system. The ads on the site are also unacceptable, given that you must pay to access the site. Particularly, the misleading options in the sidebar detract greatly from the GF Network's appreciation of

It's difficult to complain when you consider all of this. It is rare to find so many options in a single premium porn subscription, especially with the high quality videos. Although you might be able get the same high-quality porn from five to ten different subscriptions, it is almost impossible to find it all at one location (aside from The GF Network).

  • A huge variety of member sites.
  • High-quality Videos in Thousands.
  • Mobile Support
  • Advertisements on a Pay Site.
  • Misleading sidebar links.
  • Search and tags half-baked.