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Vintage Erotica Forums review

Vintage Erotica Forums

Vintage Erotica Forums

Vintage Erotica Forums, a long-standing, large, and continuously updated internet forum, specializes in hosting pornographic images and videos from before 1997. However, it also has sections for more recent porn and non-porn related topics. Although the site was founded in 2005, it is still very much current. Over the past decade and a half, Vintage Erotica Forums has had more than half a million users, one hundred seventy-five thousands threads and almost four million posts. The site still receives an average of one thousand posts per day and there can be as many as five hundred users on it at any given time.

A Plethora Of Porn

Vintage Erotica Forums' main section is divided into sections and subforums that each specialize in a particular type of porn. The classic models section is the site's main focus. It hosts media related to models who started their careers before 1995. This section can be divided into two pages. One is for classic pornstars, such as Hustler, and older films with full penetration. The other page is for Playboy-esque softcore magazines, and girls from less explicit films.

Each section is further subdivided. These sections, along with the main forum have a request page as well as a forum for discussing topics related to porn stars. Even though it is not as active as the forums for female pornstars (which are more popular), there is a forum for male classic pornstars. This is a pleasant change of pace for those who are interested and is a welcome surprise.

Vintage Erotica Forums' next section is dedicated to classic celebrity nudes. This section is divided into nudes for women born between 1985 and 1995, as well as a section that contains vintage images from women born before 1945. These erotic images, though not as active as the modern section, are not as easily found elsewhere. They are also not as plentiful or of as good quality as those on Vintage Erotica Forums.

The subforums hosting classic magazine scans are next. The first forum hosts images from old magazines. It also has a request page that allows you to try to recover images of your long-lost love, or build up your collection. The second forum hosts complete scans of cover to cover of some of the most famous porno magazines of all time.

Equally interesting is the section dedicated to classic movies. Each forum is worthwhile, with one for hardcore and one for softcore. This vintage porn, like the magazine scans and still photos, is almost impossible to find anywhere else. It's also remarkably well-aged. This truism has never been more well-proven than on Vintage Erotica Forums.

The last of the vintage porn sections but not least is a discussion forum that focuses on vintage erotica. This section allows you to post any type of porn, even if it doesn't fall within any of the categories. There are many sections on Vintage Erotica Forum that focus on old porn. You can find anything prior to 1995.

Modern Meets Ancient

Vintage Erotica Forum is more than just classic porn. Although porn is not permitted elsewhere on the site there are a few forums where it is. These pages, while not the main focus of the site are still a pleasant change of pace and can still provide excellent porn.

The emphasis is on vintage porn so there are less subforums and more content. You'll find six sections to this type of porn. One for images of pornstars; one for movies; one for celebrity nudes; one for magazine scans and one for modern porn. The last section is a catch-all for all modern porn that doesn’t fit into any of the other areas.

There are many more

Vintage Erotica Forums defies all expectations by adding a variety of subforums that are not specifically for hosting porn. These sections are not as loved as the core of the site's content, but they're still worth a look.

This category includes two subforums: one for general discussion and one for jokes. Although this may seem small, it is a significant step towards making these forums useful. This consolidation of topics in a single area means that these forums are more active than splitting the members interested in non-porn topics into 100 different subforums. Although the discussion won't go at a breakneck speed as elsewhere on the site it isn't so slow that you will be waiting for days to get a reply.

What About The Forum Itself?

Vintage Erotica Forum uses vBulletin to be its backbone. This means a few things that will appeal to the average viewer. First and foremost, it means that the site comes with all of the functions that any good forum should have, including user profiles, post histories, and a perfectly-functioning search feature. The site's mobile site is also perfectly translated, so that everything you do on the desktop site can be done from your smartphone.

Although there are a few ads on the site, they are not too distracting. There are a few banner ads at the top of pages. You also have pop-up ads for cam sites that appear as you navigate between subforums. These ads can be easily blocked using ad-blocking software. However, if they bother you and you still want to support the site (which is completely free), they are easy to close. You can also create an ad-free environment by creating an account. All of the ads will disappear once you sign up.

Vintage Erotica Forums has one other problem. This is a problem that affects almost every internet forum in this age. The vast majority of content on the site does not reside on Vintage Erotica Forums but is instead hosted on third-party image hosting websites. These hosts are often no longer in existence, especially during the early days of the forum. Sometimes, you might find a dead link that takes you to a page with a different URL than the destination you intended. Although it doesn't often happen, it can be annoying and cause site damage. However, if you dig deeper into the archives you'll notice it.

The subforums are generally supportive. Although the site has many rules and regulations, most users just need to follow common sense. You should be kind and respectful to fit in quickly with other members of the site.

Perfect Porn from the Past

Vintage Erotica Forum accomplishes almost everything it set out to do. This site has the largest collection of pornographic photos and movies from the mid-1990s and before. will not recommend this site for anyone who has no interest in the subject matter. Vintage Erotica Forum's greatest weakness is its focus on older porn. There is some modern porn. But it's not enough to distract from the main course and attract users who don't care about the classics. The site is perfect for vintage porn lovers. You'll find plenty to love. If it doesn’t, you won’t.

  • A huge archive of magazine scans, photos,
  • and videos from the past.
  • Respectably-sized modern porn section.
  • Mobile Support
  • Advertisements can be removed with a free account