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PornHub Amateur review

PornHub Amateur

PornHub Amateur

Although we have reviewed this site many times, we felt it was important to focus on one section that is particularly popular. This part has been developed by the PornHub community. The Amateur section is what many would consider to be the King or Champion of the adult tube scene. PornHub is a great platform to promote amateur content, regardless of what you think.

Although it may seem shallow, you can scroll down to see why.

You can also find plenty of amateur action

This site has been around since 2007, in its most recent form. It is the best pornographic website around. Our research shows that PornHub is not only one of the most visited porn sites, ranking in the top 50s on Alexa, but also one of most popular sites. It is clear why when you look at the content, especially in the amateur section. It is difficult to estimate the number of active users, as there are many new members uploading footage every day. However, we can say that there are at most tens of thousand of them right now.

Although we could only describe a small portion of what you'll see from different users, instead, we will give a brief description about the top amateurs on PornHub as well as what they upload.

Nikki Velvet - Can you say, dildo lover? This woman clearly loves pink toys. She can be found using her fingers for pleasure for up to ten minutes. According to her bio, she was once a gymnast. We can see in her videos that she is very flexible. Although she is only a year old at the time of this writing, Nikki has won many PornHub awards including The Scribe, Immortalised and Pop Star. In case you are interested, we should note that she is equally into boys and girls.

Jasper Blue - Jasper loves the cock. We mean she enjoys giving her head. She may well be the PornHub's cock sucking queen, considering the quality and dedication to her videos. Some may find it disappointing that all her videos feature her boyfriend. However, we found that some of our readers are happy to share their experiences. As they say, you can only see one cock worship video before you know what you will see. However, she does not object to traditional intercourse. Jasper even has videos on her YouTube channel of her being pounded to the ground.

Becky Wyte is her surname. It's fitting considering her deep desire to be deeply absorbed by BBCs. Becky enjoys riding dark-skinned men's dicks. She likes to sex it up.

She loves to wear all kinds of costumes in her videos. Becky and her partners also like to dress up in interesting costumes. In one scene, Becky wears a customized Zero Suit Samus outfit by Metroid Prime. In other videos, Becky dresses up as Pikachu. In others, her scene partner is wearing a werewolf mask. In others, Becky is masked and her partner is digitally blurred.

This is only a small sample of the content you can expect when you read her entire article.

Tom Iee – While the majority of our users are women, this uploader happens to be a white male. We should remember that he is wealthy and has many sexual desires. He has POV sex, which he does with women from all walks of life, including those of different ages, backgrounds and colors. He also tends to shoot scenes from a very close distance, so that nothing is left to imagination. However, he does this in different positions.

DickEmDownKy- This uploader posts videos of women pleading with his black dick. His videos can be as short as six minutes and up to thirty seconds.

We think many of our readers will enjoy being teased by such footage. And swapping between them might be something you enjoy. This user has several photo albums that prominently show his phallic member, for our switch-hitter readers.

1thelma: This uploader is fascinating to us because although she has a strong body and can perform for the camera well, she never shows her face. We checked and found that she does not show her face on PornHub, or any other platform.

Although some may find this offensive, many viewers will find it very entertaining to see a woman show off her naked body in high heels and masturbating on camera.

Amitiel Angel: Do you like being dominated? Do you enjoy watching a man get dominated and dominated by a woman, or is that a better question? This is the PornHub channel that you should subscribe to.

Amitiel Angel is well-known for making her male companions lick her tits and eat her c*nt. She also has footage of her masturbating alone with only her digits, some interesting toys, sucking in lingerie or engaging in (somewhat traditional) intercourse.

Hylia love - This bisexual gamer gurl wants to have fun, according to what we can see. We mean she wants to "do" it in all possible ways, including riding a dildo or sucking a man for twenty minutes.

mrmastytime3232- This male uploader has nearly ten thousand subscribers, and (seemingly), almost as many female viewers. His videos are shot from either a lateral or point-of view. Although his simplistic style of shooting would be an issue, they feature some very hot and horny women.

ludoballerina: According to our professional assessment, the so-called "amateur", may just as well be a performer for professional studios such as Vivid, Wicked or Brazzers. We don't mean this just in terms of her appearance. Ludoballerina is a unique performer with a great sense of stage presence and lighting. She also has a good understanding of how to sell shots. She also knows how to take a shot for money.

Becoming an Active Member has many benefits

Being an active member means being a amateur webcam broadcaster or erotica vlogger. There are many benefits to doing this, as well as the extensive research we have done and the anecdotes of users. Webcams and videos can both be monetized. If you're verified and have a large following, anyone can make up to five figures per month. PornHub also holds regular contests that can result in six-figure prizes and rewards.

You can make additional income, or even get a full-time job working from home. You can set your own hours and price your products, as well as refer others to make extra money.

Finally, as an amateur erotica performer, you may not only gain a large following but also be "discovered" and signed by a top-tier porn agency or similar modeling agency.

How to Get Verified...

Verification is essential to be successful and make it possible to get promoted on PornHub. It isn't as simple as creating an account and uploading content. You must complete the Member Verification process to be eligible. You must upload a clear photo of yourself with your user name and "on" written. You cannot alter the image, even with captioning text. If it is, it may be rejected. Your gender must match that of your profile.

We have found that verification takes only a few days, despite the fact that it can take up to a week. PornHub staff can explain why your verification was rejected.

How to Promote Yourself

PornHub is a huge site with thousands of porn posters. PornHub has many tools and tips that can help you gain viewers and thus income without spending money on ads.

PornHub, for example, has many social media channels that rotate through old uploaders and webcammers to watchers. PornHub also offers a geoblocking feature that protects you from being seen by others in your local area and allows you to target specific parts of the globe. Are you worried about your content being stolen all over the internet? PornHub uses fingerprinting and DMCA technology. PornHub monitors all 50 top tube sites around the globe and works with them to remove any stolen footage.

Many PH blogs and videos offer helpful tips and tricks for uploaders of all levels. PornHub's support staff is available 24 hours a day to help you with any technical problems. We recommend that you follow the guidelines to succeed online with a celebrity following, particularly as your base grows. Those guidelines being 1.) Always be friendly, 2. Trolls should be ignored or blocked 3. Never give out personal information. Do not think too much about what critics and fans say.

How does it interact with other users?

The degree to which the internet culture welcomes outsiders is a hallmark of its culture is a key characteristic. Some sites can be quite hostile even when they allow users to interact with one another. How many times have you been involved in a heated argument with a friend or friend of a friend on social media sites over minor political or personal differences?

We have searched PornHub, both in the Amateur section as well as the entire site and found it to be relatively free from this type of behavior. At least, that's what we found.

Users tend to search for the content they enjoy, which reduces disagreements about the production or aesthetic values of videos. Uploaders who choose to upload their content are more likely to get positive feedback. We were also surprised to see that trolling comments and negative feedback were very rare compared to other sites pornographic.

What we like about the Amateur Section

This section of PornHub has the most appeal because of its community. The community contributes to PornHub by providing fresh fap content and feedback to exhibitionists.

Everyone can post videos of themselves, but only the top performing and best-looking users are allowed to do so. This does not necessarily mean you need to be a pornstar, or a supermodel in order to succeed on this section of PH. We have found that most posters do well once they have found their niche and have a unique body part.

The Things We Hate about the Amateur Section

One thing that we found very interesting about this site was the lack of trolls and flamers as well as people who are not critical of abusive language. It almost seems that PornHub has a very friendly community or its moderators are exceptionally adept at blocking abusive members.

Regardless of the fact that this site is safe from abusers, it does not mean that there aren't people who abuse the system. We mean that spammers are constantly trolling comments to promote their links. We don't just refer to the PH site users trying to turn the reader (literally as well as figuratively), on to their links.

These are bots and randos that have managed to get past PornHub’s anti-spam filters, filling several videos’ comment zones with links. We can see that they only redirect you to legitimate sex sites, which are trying to sell legitimate products. There are also those that will infect your computer with malware.

We mentioned it earlier and will continue to do so, some content has low production values. We understand the difficulties that come with operating a tube site but it does not make them any less annoying.

What PornHub Amateur could be Improved

We have a major problem with PornHub. This is both in this section and elsewhere. We understand that every website requires money. However, it is hard to believe that PH needs so much cash they need to place pop-ups on every page.

We can maintain our website without ads, so it is not surprising that some sites - even better ones – are not able balance adverts and site content. It is possible to remove redirects and popups from a site, but this can greatly impact the user experience. We would spend a lot of time removing redirects and popping ups if we had to make this site better. We find it very unfortunate that PH allows these features to be displayed on their site in order to make more money.

The video and photo footage from real people makes this platform stand out from other sites. We also appreciate the Pornhub's efforts to promote hardworking sex workers. We would however add some modest additions such as a top performer-of-the-week promotional, our favorite month and new stars, which all would be located on a separate page.

Who should watch and upload to this PornHub section?

A site as varied and sometimes problematic as PornHub, there are many things you need to take into consideration when reviewing a section. This is especially true when reviewing a site like this.

However, xpornsites has developed some solid criteria to help determine the worth of a site or part thereof.

The first benefit of PornHub's amateur section is the large number of participants from all genders and orientations. There is also the fact that this section of PornHub, and the entire site, is very friendly. There are still some trolling and abusive people out there, but these people tend to be very few. We must also address certain aspects of the site that are not quite right or could be improved. It is possible to tone down the spammy comments and video openings, as well as the advertisements in the comment sections.

All of this said, let's not forget about the creativity, variety, and apparent endlessness depravity that PH amateurs upload to their fans' entertainment, as well as for their own pleasure. PornHub's amateur section gets four out of five thumbs. There are some negatives but there are many positives. We recommend you check it out.

  • There are thousands of men and
  • women who freely show their
  • naked parts.
  • The community is active and friendly
  • to new members.
  • Trolls can occasionally be seen in
  • streams or in comments but they are
  • very rare.
  • Mobile Support
  • Production and content can have a
  • huge impact on the quality of content.
  • Even on amateur pages, the number
  • of pop-ups and redirects is uncontrollable.
  • Spammers are invading the comments
  • section in alarming numbers.