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JJGirls review


JJGirls features mouthwatering photos and videos of Japanese babes going all raunchy. This site offers free pictures of sex, as well as models galleries, amateur content and downloads. You can also find jaw-dropping Oriental nudity on the site. You can see Japanese girls on dildos and sucking cocks. They also show off their tight bodies and boobs. The lineup features some of the most prominent names in Japanese porn. The site's existence since 2004 is a testament to its erotic potential. This review will reveal everything you need to know about the collection.

Landing page with a strange layout

They missed a great opportunity to make a good impression. The homepage is full of clutter, so users may have difficulty distinguishing the content from the ads. It's messy, chaotic, and jumbled. It is difficult to find your favorite content because of all the tabs and menus at the top. It doesn't get any better with the flashy advertisements. The black background looks great on the site, which has so much nudity.

They have a header menu at the top. However, it also has many tabs that lead to external sources such as JavTube or R18. Users who want to access content should avoid clicking on those tabs. Everything is located at the bottom of the page, with previews of models, sites and galleries as well as live cams and other related stuff. In the top row, you will see a group of naked girls doing sexy things and getting dildos. They are most likely some of the most well-known JAV models, even though the site doesn’t reveal their identities. Names include Japanese heavy-hitters such as Rin Miura, Saori Okumura and Ayano hidako. All the girls are smoking hot.

Below it is another row for the "JJGirls Top Japanese Av Models Directory" as well as rows of gifs for different sites. These gifs look more like advertisements to help you get deals on premium websites. The beauty is stunning, and the array of Asian babes is irresistible. The site could have done a better job with its presentation.

Ads are an unwelcome distraction

You will find plenty of information, including thumbnails and sections with images featuring nude Japanese girls, showing off their goods and getting rammed. Be aware that there are advertisements at every turn. You will also find ads for cam websites mixed in with previews of model galleries. GIFs are cleverly placed ads that direct to other websites. Many free porn sites feature advertisements. JJGirls has done a great job here. It is both confusing and frustrating. It might appear to be an advertisement page for other JAV sites.

The site actually offers a few navigation options in the midst of all the chaos. A few tabs keep JJGirls users on the site. These tabs include Japanese Archive and Japanese AV Girls, Japanese Amateur and Japanese Hardcore, Japanese PornTube, Japanese Women, Asian Pornstars, Japanese Wife, Japanese Amateur, Japanese Hardcore and Japanese Hardcore. You can also use the basic search function at the top. This is not very easy to find. The pagination goes all the way down to 99 pages at the bottom. It's a good looking page because it lists a lot of girls.

JJGirls video section

As mentioned earlier, it can be difficult for new users to find content on this site. You can find a video section on the Japanese PornTube tab. Although the videos are short and censored, they are still better than none. If you have difficulty finding the tab mentioned above in the confusion, this link will direct you to the entire library of porn on the site.

Clicking on one of the girls will open a teaser video showing the girl in action. The banner below the video prompts users to "Download Full HD Videos!" but it is not recommended because it redirects offsite (aka the original source of the content). The videos appear to include the name of the Japanese pornstar as well as some related tags in Japanese. You will also see a lot of download options right above the video. These links will direct you to different sites with different instructions or other stuff. It is recommended that users use their discretion.

Poor presentation

JJGirls is confusing because it doesn't contain a lot of content. Although the site appears to be stuffed with content, it is difficult to find the right content. A landing page that clicks on any model will open up a page with plenty of photos of them doing sexy or naughty things. Although the photos can be enlarged to large sizes, there aren't any slideshow options or navigation keys. Users will need to click one image at a given time. This can be both frustrating and time-consuming. You will find more distracting ads below the galleries in the form previews that look similar to JAV movie covers but actually point to external sources. This is not the best way of presenting content.

A few hidden gems

In all the chaos, there are some hidden features. First, the Top Japan AV Idols houses the girls who have received the most visits. These girls include Yui Hatano and Sora Aoi. These stars have appeared in many porn flicks. A quick look on Pornhub reveals that Aino is fond of messy facials.

The site also has a section for mature porn. The Japanese Wife tab contains this section. Users looking for older Japanese women who are raunchy will love it.

Mobile sites could be even better

Although the mobile website looks different than the desktop site, it is not necessarily worse. There are no menu options. The page is simply full of gallery previews. Surprisingly the mobile version has fewer popups and ads, so it is easier to view the photos. The only way to navigate the mobile website is through the search bar. This is not very convenient. Users who don't know the names of the Japanese girls will have difficulty finding the right content. The mobile version has no features at all, even though it is a bit more cluttered than the desktop site.

JJGirls: There are many things to love

Nude Japanese girls. This site caters to those who like their naked oriental babes. This site features a large collection of sexy babes who don't wear clothes and show off their moral freedom.

Top models. The girls aren't just random. Users can expect to see familiar faces as the site features the best of the Japanese porn industry.

Videos. Apart from the galleries, there's a large collection of JAV videos that can be streamed in decent quality.

Potential concerns

Bad design. The site's mediocre design is both painfully messy and too cluttered. It's not easy to find content.

There are a lot of annoying ads all over the site. Some ads are difficult to distinguish from the actual content.

Sketchy looking offsite downloading. The videos have download links but the process is not straightforward as the links lead to more confusing websites.

What the site can do to improve

The site's team should make it at most usable. Users will find it difficult to locate their favourite content as it stands. Most of the content simply links to external sources. This could be something that the site could consider. Design is also important. It is chaotic and almost impossible to use without getting lost. It is important that the team addresses the problem of the thumbnails not being clear enough.


Hot Japanese content is promised by the site. It is difficult to recommend this site to porn lovers if the material is so hard to find. There are many places that offer Japanese adult content for free. They present their products in a more orderly and less chaotic setting. The site needs to be improved before it can become a decent destination for JAV lovers.

  • Nude Japanese girls
  • Top models
  • Videos
  • Mobile Support
  • Awful design
  • There are a lot of ads