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Curvy review



Hourglass Babes, Voluptuous Vixens. Buxom Girls. Curvy Chicas.

The buxom and curvy women will always be more popular than the skinny ones when it comes to men. Although there are many tabloids such as Vogue or Cosmopolitan that try to make the slim, thigh gap-esque look more appealing to women, men still prefer the full-figured, curvy look. Although curvy women aren't considered vogue, avantgarde,, they don't appear often on the covers of tabloids and feminine magazines. However, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is doing an amazing job keeping the curvy look relevant.

Many Instagram models are as curvy and beautiful as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. They all have thousands of followers and flood them with likes. Reddit has the /r/Curvy Subreddit. This is Reddit’s home for curvy women. Its subscriber count is proof that curvy women are very popular - 623 thousand people have signed up to /r/Curvy, which is quite high compared to the other subreddits. If you want to join this subreddit’s army of subscribers, you should read this review.

It's All Amateur Babes Here

Although there are many pornstars and Instagram models with curvy faces, most of the content on this subreddit is composed of amateurs. /r/Curvy focuses on delivering original content from Redditors trying to become e-girls . It's actually following the same formula as a lot of subreddits - promoting NSFW OC. Reddit has been a site that promotes content created by amateur content creators since its inception, particularly on its NSFW subreddits.

It is a bit perplexing that not one Instagram model or pornstar has been featured on /r/Curvy’s posts. It is hard to believe that /r/Curvy chose to ignore professional babes in favor of amateur content.

But not all their OC is verified

Unwind to this subreddit's contents is not possible without knowing that /r/Curvy only has two flair filter options that you can use. Although this subreddit does not have unique tags, it does have at least two flair filters that can be used to filter in posts based on whether the OC contained is verified or unverified. Despite this, not all OC made it onto this subreddit's subreddit pages are verified OC. The content creator must prove that they actually create original content under their own name and upload it to Reddit as a local Redditor. In the case /r/Curvy not all girls uploading OC have been verified as authentic content creators but that doesn't make their content any less fap worthy than that of verified content creators.

What About The Content?

Most of the content format used by NSFW subreddits that focus on amateur-made content is image-based. It is much easier for amateur content creators to create image-based content than video or GIF-format content. This means that you can expect the majority of posts on this subreddit to be in still-image format content. Around 90% of all content on /r/Curvy is image-based.

This is why you shouldn't expect to find many videos or GIFs on this subreddit. It could also be problematic for long-time porn fans who have been fapping to hardcore XXX content for years. This doesn't mean this subreddit is devoid of GIF or video-based content. Around one in ten posts will feature a video or GIF-based representation of a curvy, amateur girl. The content is mostly single nudes with very little intercourse or sexual play. It's rare to see a post that shows any form of intercourse.

These Girls are Pretty Shy

Continued on the topic of the subreddit's content style, /r/Curvy has many posts that show fully-clothed curvy women. This makes the majority of its content softcore. The content of this subreddit doesn't need to relate to porn intensity. However, about a third the posts contain fully-clothed women. These fully-clothed girls and women may look curvy enough for this subreddit. However, they are fully dressed, which could pose a problem for people who have been watching video-based XXX for years.

Some of them can be plus-sized

Finally, you might find a lot of posts on /r/Curvy that feature plus-sized women. Curviness is close to obesity so it's not unusual for girls who appear here to be plus-sized and chubby. This is why you shouldn't assume that all women appearing on this subreddit will have a slender, hourglass-shaped body. Many of them will be round.

Reddit's Search Bar is Not Your Best Bet for Content Organization

This subreddit does not have a unique set tags and only two flair filters (Verified Oc & Unverified Oc). Reddit's search tool is your best option for organizing content on /r/Curvy. This search bar matches keywords in your search query to the descriptions and titles of subreddit posts. It works in the same way as Google's search engine, but it has a flaw that renders it useless over half of the time.

Reddit’s search bar relies on precise and concrete wording to function efficiently. However, because a lot Reddit posts are uploaded with vague or tenuous words, it renders a lot Reddit’s content virtually invisible to any specific search query. Search queries such as "who would like to play" are not something anyone would use in their minds to search for specific content on NSFW subreddits. This is how most of their post titles look.

You can easily access /r/Curvy via the Reddit app

The official Reddit app is worth downloading if you are someone who enjoys porn on your phone and if you have a love for XXX subreddits. Although the mobile site can get you to Reddit from your phone, the app is faster and more efficient than the mobile site. It is extremely fast and allows you to browse subreddits posts in a slideshow-like fashion.

  • The best place to find curvy content
  • for girls.
  • This site is for amateurs who want to
  • be curvy egirls.
  • Reddit App allows you to access your
  • Reddit account from your smartphone
  • easily.
  • Two flair filters are available on
  • /r/Curvy that distinguish verified OC
  • from unverified.
  • Mobile Support
  • Some content may not be fully nude.
  • You will find a lot of posts that feature
  • plus-sized girls here.
  • This subreddit does not have unique tags.
  • /r/Curvy is missing video and GIF-based
  • Content.