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ForHerTube review



ForHerTube is a website for women, probably by women. Since 2010, it has been around and is steadily growing as a one-stop shop for pornography geared towards women. They offer a wide range of porn to their viewers, with almost every genre receiving a lot attention. It remains to be seen if they really understand what makes women tick.

What women want

If you think about it, the idea of a site that is female-centric seems intriguing, inspiring and appealing. Online pornography is dominated by the male gaze so it's refreshing to step outside of that box and explore new territory. It is still a mystery what this site holds that may be of interest to women. It has been a long-standing question of men what women want from sex. ForHerTube.Com would be a great place to find out the definitive answer.

This site might help men to gain insight and confidence in approaching women. They might discover some new ideas and techniques to spice up their sex lives. This site is likely to be visited by women who hope to find a place that caters to their needs and not just the mainstream male-centric pornography.

A Feminine Touch

ForHerTube is very pink right away. The site has over 40 million videos, and you can click on any one to be taken to another location. This site appears to be a aggregator rather than a full-fledged Tube site. However, this is not a problem. It's easy to follow the links and view the videos from other sources. You won't be interrupted by any popups.

Site hosting is not provided. The site has a dedicated sorting system that impresses from the homepage. It's easy to move quickly from one type of content into another until you find what you are looking for. A complete alphabetical breakdown of all content is available, including straight, gay, and trans content.

The content is not faithful to the site's title or mission statement. The site offers a wide variety of smut videos from many genres, but none seem to be targeted at women. These videos don't have the same tips, tricks, camera angles, or porn plots that are common in female-centric porn.

A Genre Breakdown

You'll find a lot of videos that glorify female humiliation. They engage in misogynistic power plays, which are just as acceptable within pornography. It is not surprising that women don't like to see videos where their view is one of humiliation. This content may be a good fit for women who are very submissive. This is still a matter of opinion.

There are also a lot of gay videos. This is a problem due to the tendencies of female porn fans. This site welcomes lesbian porn. It is well-known that most of the users are women. However, it is confusing to see so many gay guys on this site. It is clear that almost all women will avoid this type of porn. Gay porn is more popular than lesbian porn. It is very strange that it would make an appearance here.

Other genres fall in the grey zone. There are many solo masturbation scenes that feature women. Some of these can be very appealing when they are filmed from a female perspective. Many websites are trying to capitalize on the intimate and intimidating experience of female masturbation. These types of content are available to both men and women. ForHerTube.Com's solo masturbation porn is very male-centric. Scenes are shot in such a manner that it gives you the impression you're spying on a private woman masturbating. This is not a very female fantasy, unless that female is also gay.

The Video Quality

These videos are far superior to what you will see on low-grade porntubes, but still far better than Triple-A productions. There are many types of videos, and the quality will vary. The quality of porn produced by professional producers will look much better than the homemade smuggling. You might be able to get HD if you keep looking.

The quality of the videos is poor considering that they are all free and obtained from third-party sources. You're likely to be accustomed to this if you've been an internet masturbator for a while. Websites that offer HD porn at no cost are not likely to be accepted by the industry, even if they are hosted by large corporations. No matter what type of content is uploaded, video hosting servers can be expensive.

Enjoy a Bit of the Taste

Here's a sampling of what you might see in these videos. The massage videos might seem to take a more gentle approach to the smut. There are many ways these types of smut could get into the action. A wide shot of a muscular man who takes his time and fulfills the girl's needs as he moves up or down her favorite erogenous areas might be something you are interested in. However, you won't be able to see the majority of massage videos. They are focused on the girl's crotch and have no buildup. You could skip the intro if you were a male masturbating to this video. This video is all about money shots.

About the Design

Although technically it is a link site and not a hosting site you can still say it looks decent and respectable. These genre breakdowns are very precise and varied. A video will never be seen outside its box. You will find anal if you search for it. It's easy to spend an entire evening looking through everything available. You might even discover new genres, especially if this is your first time in the online world.

It's also possible to learn the difference between high-quality smut and homemade smut. There's a lot of information available. ForHerTube seems to be equally open to all types of content, and this lack of preference and lax attitude seem to have been a great asset. They really have a little bit of everything.

The Male Gaze and Redeeming Factors

Perhaps the male-centric approach to porn has taken over the industry, and porn for women is almost extinct. It is possible that this is not true as many subscription-based websites catering to women still make a lot of money on pornography that appeals to men.

It is far more likely that the site's sole purpose is to provide a wide range of videos and not just one type. It's possible that they are trying to make a profit by focusing on a particular type of smut, instead of trying to cover a certain theme. You can see this clearly when you look at the countless "family-friendly" videos featuring milfs and the absurd number of smut clips showing men having sex on actual sex dolls.

ForHerTube is a completely free website. While they may not be for everyone, women can still explore other sites if this site is not to her liking. It is possible that this site could be the favorite smut place for many women. However, preferences don't have to be set in stone. If the smut is appealing to men, men might enjoy it as much or as little as they like. Websites can't be judged by their covers any more than a book. ForHerTube has a lot of great smut.

  • Tons of videos
  • There are many genres to choose from
  • It's free
  • Mobile Support
  • It's not just for women
  • Externally linked videos