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Heavy R review

Heavy R

Heavy R

Welcome to Heavy-R, the home of extreme pornography. This depraved smutden has been pioneering extreme views on pornography since 2010. Pornography has been subjective in nature. Some see it as an artistic endeavor, while others hope to perversely expand the boundaries of sexual imagination. Heavy-R is for those who are looking to push the limits of the human body. You're looking for videos that show people doing things only the most sick could imagine, then this is the place for you.

Pushing the Limit

Heavy-R is one step below the eFukt level of depravity. While eFukt is more concerned with the sexual extreme, Heavy-R focuses more on people getting their rocks off in extreme ways. It is more of an smut website than a shock site in that sense. The community is grateful for this. Heavy-R's sexual escapades are a typical result of regular horny men who go too far and have no control.

It's not uncommon to see videos of girls taking semen online. These videos make up a large portion of porntube's blowjob section. Heavy-R's top video, which features a girl eating semen from a chocolate bar, is the most popular. This is the next level of sex you will see on this website. This is basically all the sex you know and some you might have tried, but it's in high gear.

Further down the rabbit hole you'll find some semen play and piss play. This isn’t uncommon on porntube sites. You will also see girls who have already been able to take bodily fluids from their faces and down their throats, except for those videos. You can see the complete list of girl-stupidities on Heavy-R. If you are the type of person who enjoys watching girls get purged on while crying in shame and regretting their lives, Heavy-R is for you.

Not Enough

Anal insertions are next on the list, as is deep throat blowjobs. These insertions are usually viewed as art and people would normally ease into them. To avoid injury, the girl must be patient. To avoid accidentally hurting her, the guy must be patient. You'll find the opposite approach to penetration on Heavy-R. Instead, you will see anal insertions that are so large and rash it's not the penetration that's important, but the look at the gaping rectum once the action's over.

These videos make it seem that people are pushing the limits of their bodies far beyond what they were intended to. Although it is obvious that the human orifice can withstand a beating, no one ever asked how far it could go before bursting. Heavy-R will demonstrate the capabilities of the human rectum if you are curious. Check out these videos of a girl getting sexy in the middle the woods.

Deepthroat videos are no less amazing. These videos are very entertaining and you will be able to rub them off with great glee. But they are far from classy. Deepthroat videos are often a way to make the girl who is snoring completely pass out. Mind you, this is not done out of malice. This is more an acrobatic feat. She is determined to push her limits and show her man that her desire to feel the throbbing sensation of his body is more important than her need to breathe.

The Body is not in pain.

The girls of Heavy-R see pain as more than an exercise. It's a way to get rewarded. These girls seem to be passionate about pain and are able to do it with such passion. Heavy-R has tons of painful videos, each one more shocking than the next. The tools they use are not very innovative or harsh. Videos that include whips or chains are unlikely to be seen. There are some that do feature whips and chains, but they're not the main focus of Heavy-R's pain play.

There are many videos showing girls who put themselves in situations that are not considered bad. This site starts with something simple. It shows a girl falling into quicksand. Why? It's hard to know. You can still enjoy it. As a throwback, you will find a lot of content on this site that shows girls actually trying to destroy their anal organs with horse-sized dildo toys. They smile most of the time, so it is unlikely that this is their first time. It is not something they enjoy, as they don't need a lot of lubricant. They seem to enjoy it.

You can also find videos where people torturing their loved ones or themselves, which is the more bizarre side of pain. Heavy-R is full of fun videos, such as a girl strangling herself with a dog collar or tying a belt around her neck to have a good time before she goes to sleep. Heavy-R is a great place to find the world's strongest people. This is assuming they haven’t already accidentally killed themselves.

You can find videos on YouTube of people inserting cactuses in various orifices. They do use real cactuses for dildos. It's not clear why they do this or if they are paid for it. However, the videos are there in case you were having an odd enough life. They are here to make life more interesting and to help you appreciate the simple things in life like masturbating with cucumbers.

Smooth and sexy

A smut website would not be complete without regular, normal-looking smut videos. These videos are very innocent and beautiful to view, even if you don't like the more violent stuff. You might wonder why you would even visit Heavy-R if your preference is for more brutal porn. Instead, why not visit a regular porntube?

It's simple. The answer is simple. Heavy-R has very little vanilla porn. Porn tubes have a lot of saturated porn. You can bet that any regular videos of girls masturbating are the best. Otherwise, they wouldn't be uploaded to Heavy-R and upvoted to the top. If you see a regular video of girls masturbating with a regular title, it's likely that the girls will be stunning and have no inhibitions about sharing their passions.

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