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PornoLab review



It is impossible to kill a subversive spirit

Sometimes, the internet creates something that shakes foundations of institutions. It doesn't matter if it's a regular website or a porn site. The internet has created a new way for people to interact with each other and it is hard to overstate its importance and influence on human development.

Bitcoin is an example of decentralized monetary transactions. It has revolutionized the way people value money and threatened to overthrow fiat currency systems around the world. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitter revolutionized social interaction by monetizing users' data and creating a new paradigm for social motivation. Wikipedia has reimagined knowledge. It is based on the noble assumption of free information and the belief that people will peer review facts for free, but only in the interest of spreading truth.

Torrenting has also had a similar impact on how we consume media and what constitutes ownership. The idea of torrenting implies a kind of liberation of art. It means that the free and unlimited distribution of media content is more important then its monolithic ownership or profit potential.

As the world becomes more bought and sold, the wealthy and powerful benefit most, while the vast majority of people are kept in the middle and lower classes. Torrent sites, such as Bitcoin, have the potential to destabilize class lines. These subversive technologies are fought hard by governments, particularly in authoritarian regimes such as the Russian empire. Add to that the illusory "moral threat" of pornography, and power mongers will act even more aggressively in their attempt to wipe out sites like Porno Lab.

The Most Resilient PornTorrent Site in History

Porno Lab - Russia's largest BitTorrent tracker site - was established on 5 July 2008. Porn videos and photos were transferred from to a separate server. You might wonder why Porno Lab would be interested in simply funneling all the porn from Runet's porn site to theirs. Porno Lab wanted to address a major problem that had when it came down to their xxx torrents. There weren't enough users seeding files, specifically pornographic files, so much of the content wasn't available for download. will help you understand the workings of torrent trackers. In a basic sense torrents are dependent on two types of active participants: leechers and seeders. Seeders are people who have a file in their possession. To be responsible members in their torrenting community, they are expected to "seed” those files. This means that they should keep them uploading to their preferred torrent site.

On the other hand, leechers are users who download a file one at a time using their preferred torrent client (BitTorrent, UTorrent, etc.). A complete download is not possible if there are less seeders than leechers. It is important to have more seeders than you can leechers at once. This is because torrents are downloaded in small pieces (or "bits") from many people at once. Each person (or seeder), provides a piece of the entire file one by one. The slower the process is, the less seeders there are for a particular file. You get the idea.

The first challenge presented by the establishment was Porno Lab on August 20, 2010. Many popular email services, such as Hotmail, and Pochta, began to filter known torrent site emails into their spam folders. It meant that users who wanted to register for sites were not able to receive confirmation emails. Existing users also lost their password recovery emails. However, Porno Lab quickly responded by advising users to use Gmail to sign up.

The government launched their attack against Porno Lab from that point. The servers of Porno Lab were seized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in 2011. A criminal case was opened against Porno Lab. It was not under copywrite laws but under article301 which outlawed the "Distribution pornographic content." Porno Lab, an outlaw torrent tracker, went on the run. The next stop was Lithuania but it was eventually disengaged. Next, Germany. In 2016, Russia blocked Porno Lab's mirrors and officially banned it in 2016. Since then, it has been discovered on Runet under the name pornolab.lib. is still accessible in areas of the world that have free internet.

This website is clearly one of the most resilient of its kind. What does it look like today? Let's take a closer look. It is possible to only hope that the site's greatest asset, its dedicated base of seeders, has not been lost in all of the legal and technical chaos.

Strange Formats Cause Mixed Feelings

The first thing you will notice about Porno Lab, especially if you are familiar torrent sites, is that it uses a forum format. Porno Lab has a discussion section instead of the usual layout you'd find on sites like 1337x or The Pirate Bay. This allows you to search for files and select from a list (similarly to a torrent search engine). While this has its advantages, it also has its drawbacks. It is very organized. Each file is sorted by genre (and subgenre), making finding your spot in the Porno Lab easy.

However, if you're looking for a particular title or actress, it is likely that you will have to do some digging. You may not find what you were looking. Porno Lab can be used when you don't know what you're looking. Porno Lab is a valuable resource for anyone who is a web browser or a porn hunter. A torrent tracker makes it easy to find new videos and girls in your favorite categories.

It is important to consider the size of your business

Porno Lab's data is where it shines. To see the breakdown of the site, go to the section marked "Tracker Statistics". Porno Lab has nearly 3.3 million registered users, 613,449 unique distributions, and 1.84 billion downloaded files as of January 2, 2018. These numbers are incredible. It's not often that you find a website with nearly one million pornos. Porno Lab is that site.

The site's seeder-to-leecher ratio is not listed anywhere. This seems counterintuitive and counterproductive. This information will be provided by most torrent sites along with the file name. Porno Lab doesn't provide this information. This makes it difficult to determine if the torrent will ever download or if it will arrive at the expected speed.

Porn Sites is unable to evaluate the effectiveness of the entire site as a whole because it relies so heavily on this ratio. Porn Sites can however comment on one thing: a thread is pinned to the front page with the following message: "Seeking urgently!" We don't know if this is dated.

A solid porn torrent website will also include screenshots. This is especially important for porn sites that rely heavily on browsing to access their content. Are Porno Lab torrent files available with screen shots? It's a mixed bag. Some people do it, others don't. Porno Lab is a place where much remains a mystery.

Is Porno Lab still the giant of torrenting, as they used to be before being pushed into a war by governments and powerful institutions? Unfortunately, the battle scars are still visible. However, there's no disputing the fact that Porno Lab has a greater number of titles than any other torrent site. The community is not too discouraged - there are many comments on torrents and people helping one another through the process. This site will not die.

  • Huge archive of torrents xxx
  • Engaged and active community
  • Be committed to staying afloat
  • Mobile friendly
  • Mobile Support
  • Unknown number of seeders
  • Inconsistent screenshots
  • Search engines not available
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