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twistys review



Twistys, a premium lesbian porn website, claims it focuses on glam porn, which refers to the site's erotic, sexual, and clean videos. Although the site's porn isn't subject to the same restrictions and boundaries as softcore porn they don't advertise a light experience. Instead, it offers hardcore lesbian porn videos with an added touch of class.

Since 2003, they have been uploading videos to this niche at an incredible speed. Each week, there will be at least two to three full-length videos uploaded. The average runtime is around 30 minutes. There are both new and old stars as well as classic porn stars such as Abella Danger, Adriana Chechik, and Mia Malkova.

Absolutely Terrific

You'll see an advertisement rotating for different videos and websites sharing the same network as Twistys when you visit the member's page. Although ads can be a problem on any porn site they are often a positive feature that highlights excellent content and offers great savings over the base rates of other sites.

The site's real beginning is located immediately below this. This page has a variety of scenes. One shows the latest uploads. Another shows previews for two to three videos that are in the pipeline. The next shows Twistys staff featured videos. You can't go wrong when you choose any of these videos. The quality of Twistys videos is so high that you could click on one randomly and you'd be happy.

They offer far more flexibility than that, however, if you're looking for something particular. Although it may seem counterintuitive, you will find most of Twistys navigation options under the "Updates” tab. You'll have access to powerful sorting and filtering options after selecting photos or videos.

You can sort the entire collection chronologically, alphabetically, by rating or total views. Filters can also be used to filter by dates, cast listing or category. These tools can be combined to find almost any video type with incredible ease.

You might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of categories displayed on this page. However, as it can be difficult to scroll through, you can find a smaller selection under the "Categories” tab at the top each page. If you find the alphabetical list of Twistys' models a bit overwhelming, you can filter and sort it by clicking on the "Models tab." This section has its own set of filtering and sorting options. It is as close as you can get to a model directory on any porn site.

The last but not least is a collection of videos that you get as part of your membership to a different porn website. These videos can be found in the "Bonus” tab at the top of the site. Although the featured porn site rotates quite often, it is usually different enough from Twistys's regular offerings to offer some variety.

Although the site is nearly perfect, it wouldn't be enough if there was poor quality in the videos. This is not the case. The video playback page is also excellent. You can play the scenes in many video quality options, and you can adjust the playback speed to suit your needs.

A trailer previews each video, and a gallery of photos is included with every video. A well-functioning recommendation engine powered by accurate and detailed metadata allows you to easily move from one video to the next.

Except for the advertisements for special videos or deals on other porn sites Twistys does not have any intrusive banner or popup ads. The site works flawlessly from any device, desktop or mobile, and both versions have clean, functional and attractive presentation.

Perfect Pricing

Twistys is a great site with a lot of flexibility and value. Although Twistys is considered to be almost flawless by, it is always a good idea to offer a trial to allow users to see the site for themselves before they commit to a long-term subscription. Twistys offers a two-day, two-dollar trial membership. However, it will automatically renew at under forty dollars per monthly so it is best to not stick with it indefinitely.

Twistys offers a non-trial membership that is much better. The month-to-month plan costs less than thirty dollars and can be cancelled at any time. However, the monthly three-month quarterly plan is only twenty-five dollars.

If you are a fan of lesbian porn, and you have been satisfied with your trial, then suggests that you pay for a full year in advance. This will cost you the equivalent of ten dollars per month. Twistys' average upload speed means that each new video costs less than one dollar, which is not including Twistys vast back catalog. This is one of the most affordable porn sites, lesbian or not.

Unlimited downloads of videos of varying quality, as well photosets or screenshots are all included in each membership. You can also purchase discounted subscriptions for other porn sites by clicking the "Deals" tab.

The trial membership cannot be purchased with a credit card. However, you can pay for any longer-term plans using a check or cryptocurrency. The site's name won't be displayed on your bill, no matter what payment method you use. Instead, a discreetly named payment processor will.

Absolutely Flawless

Twistys is a very good porn site. The majority of the videos on any porn site are excellent and you can find them easily with the site's navigational tools. Twistys is a well-known site that has been around for more than a decade. The site's almost weekly uploads ensure that there is plenty of content. You won't have to rewatch the same content every week even if you've been a member for many years. You can even download your videos to save them.

Overanalyzing the site and trying to find minor faults is futile. The site is perfect.

Twistys' only problem at this stage would be an unaffordable and outrageously high price. However, Twistys also excels in this aspect. Although there are many porn sites with similar pricing structures, few of them are as good. To lock in the incredible value of, you should consider signing up for a year. However, even those who are not normally interested in this genre should still try Twistys.

  • Library that is enormous and grows
  • every week.
  • Porno by lesbians that are incredibly
  • hot and erotic.
  • Excellent value.
  • Mobile Support
  • Nothing