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adultbay review


Adultbay was founded in 2008. was launched in 2008. Since then, it has been providing porn lovers with daily downloads of their favorite pornstars. Keep2Share's embedded features allow visitors to stream some of the AdultBay content. It's just a teaser video and does not contain the full download. It's a great way to find out if the content is worth downloading or if it's better to continue browsing the Bay's vast library of adult downloads.

A decent number of categories

When they first load AdultBay, the first thing that users notice is the laundry list of categories. AdultBay lists all categories on its download site right at the homepage. This section contains clips, movies, siterips and other parent directories.

Click on one of the categories to see the available downloads from AdultBay. The downloads are arranged chronologically according to the order in which they were originally posted. This makes it easy to locate the content you are looking for without having to search through the thousands of available downloads.

You can sort the homepage by clicking the button at the top

Are you already familiar with what to look out for? AdultBay recognizes that most of its users already know what they are looking for. They've made it easy to sort the homepage. Scroll to the top and you'll see a few tabs: HD, SD, siterips and full movies.

Click on the tabs to reveal the categories of parent directories. You will see that all this information can be found to the right side of the homepage. These are the same categories but sorted differently. AdultBay offers users options, so it doesn't matter if a user wants to go to the top of the page to find this information or if they are looking for a specific category to the right of that homepage.

More than 5500 adult pages available for download

That's right! AdultBay has over 5500 pages of downloaded content, going back to January 2017. It is an understatement to say that AdultBay has posted tons of content in the past few years. AdultBay could have allowed users to go back further in its archives, but the features AdultBay offers are sufficient.

These are also full-length clips and movies. These are full-length videos and clips that can only be found on the source website's streaming site. If you consider that, 5500 pages worth of full-length, downloadable pornography seems like a great deal!

Daily downloads

AdultBay has been busy for many years and it shows. AdultBay is constantly adding new full-length videos to keep its library of adult videos fresh and attractive to regular users. Although the exact number of adult videos added to AdultBay can vary from day-to day, you can expect to find at most a dozen full-length downloads every single day.

Yes, every single day.

This is a lot of content. There are many types of content. A few pissing videos might be posted one afternoon, but the next morning an amateur clip and an interracial movie are available for download. AdultBay's appeal is also in this. It's impossible to predict what might be coming, but it's well worth looking at and downloading.

RSS feed provides the most recent downloads

Some people don't have the time or ability to visit their favorite porn site every single day. Sometimes life gets in the way. This excellent resource offers an RSS feed to ensure that a person does not miss a download. AdultBay provides the most recent information regarding downloads to subscribers by using an RSS reader.

It's easy to learn about RSS feeds, RSS readers and RSS in general. Install an RSS reader, such as RSS1_, and then go to AdultBay's homepage to open the RSS tab. You can now open the file using Feedly. Subscribe! You will receive new downloads to your RSS reader as soon as they become available. You can open the RSS reader to download the content the same way you would normally. It couldn't be simpler!

Clickable tags to each download in the description for video listing

Do you enjoy watching porn stars? Want more? You can check the clickable tags for the downloads in the video listing. The pornstar will be the first tag in most video listings. The user can click it to browse all the other downloads featuring that pornstar at AdultBay. These results will be presented in chronological order. If a person wishes to click to learn more about the adult listing, they can simply select 'Continue reading' to read the description of the file and identify the source from which it can be downloaded.

Videos can be downloaded immediately

The act of downloading torrents and using torrent software has been around for nearly two decades. AdultBay is the best place for porn fans who want to quickly download and view a video on their devices without having to learn about seeding, leeching and other similar terms.

When getting off the internet is more important than ever, who wants to know how torrents work? Nobody! AdultBay knows this and has made it easy to download every porn video. Visitors can simply click on the link to the content and follow the instructions to download the video. Then wait for it to finish downloading.

However, this is not without its challenges. Many people are familiar with torrent downloading and may wish that there was an option to download torrents. AdultBay uses only a handful of host sites to provide its content.

Only a handful of host sites are used by the site

AdultBay is hard to fault. AdultBay wants its visitors to be able download full-length content quickly, but they prefer to use trusted host sites. This is what they do, but due to the popularity of these host sites, there are limitations on how much content can be downloaded and how fast.

Rapid Gator is an example. AdultBay uses Rapid Gator to host tons of its videos. Rapid Gator allows users to download files safely, but they can only access one file per two hours with the free Rapid Gator. This is not to mention the fact that Rapid Gator's download speed is limited, which means it will take longer to download files than if the user has a premium account.

Keep2Share is the same. While Keep2Share users can stream content through the hosting service, it is not possible to stream or download content. Premium PRO services are required in order to stream and download content. Can you see the problem?

Visitors must sign up for the upgraded memberships on host sites before downloading is allowed. AdultBay is a trusted host and this can be attributed. It would have been nice to have a torrent option to reduce the download times.

We could use more tags

AdultBay uses categories well, so why not tags too? It is often impossible to view additional tags in the download listings, especially for those who want to see the tag for the pornstar. It would have been easier. Add category tags at the bottom of videos so that users can find similar content on AdultBay.

Archive only goes back to 2017

These are direct downloads so it isn't an issue since download links often stop working after a while. Many do. At the very least, it would have been nice to have full archives or archives that go back several years. AdultBay should have this information, and many of the links to download are still active.

  • A decent number of categories.
  • You can sort the homepage by clicking
  • the button at the top.
  • More than 5500 adult pages available
  • for download.
  • Daily downloads.
  • RSS feed provides the most recent
  • downloads.
  • Videos can be downloaded immediately.
  • Mobile Support
  • No torrent options.
  • AdultBay uses only a handful of
  • host sites.
  • You need a wider selection of tags.
  • Archive only goes back to 2017.