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HQCollect review


HQCollect might seem odd for a porn website, but it is actually a portal that allows users to download as much porn as their heart desires. Although the site looks straightforward, it is filled with thousands of top-of-the-range content from top producers. There are loads of full-length movies that cater to different fantasies, including scat, BDSM and bukkake. It is an ideal place for both porn lovers and collectors. This review will cover different aspects of the site, and tell users what to expect.

First impression

The homepage contains teasing thumbnails that unfortunately aren't animated. These thumbnails link to the content that is available for download. It seems somewhat stripped-down on the landing page. Although some users might like this approach, it is still too boring. It could use some color, and even some sorting capabilities. It may be a problem that there aren't animated thumbnails, but it isn't a deal-breaker.

HQ Collect's basic premise is that users can get a lot of content from a variety of premium websites for free. The number of pages is a clear indication that this collection is not small. The sheer volume of these files can be overwhelming, with some even exceeding 6 GB. Users will need to dig in to the content, as there doesn't seem any particular arrangement.

The absence of ads is a major plus. This makes browsing very easy. No popups or banners are displayed on the site. Users don't have to click any tabs in order to access the video section. All of this information is available on the homepage. It's important to remember that you can only download the content by signing up. More on this later.

Site statistics

HQ Collect was established in July 2013, and users have been able to download free porn since. It has a global rank of #478 804 and is valued at $8,640.00. It currently receives 2,637 unique visitors per day and 7,911 page views per day. These numbers are impressive, but not spectacular.

It is a must to sign up

You will see links to sign in and register on the left sidebar. Signing up is almost mandatory. You cannot download any videos from this site without a user account. This collection can only be downloaded. That is why there is no video player. Downloading the collection is the only way to get it. Although registration is free, it can take some time. It is worth the wait, considering the content and value of what you get. The download privilege does not expire at any time so users can download as many videos they want, and all for free.

Take a look at the options

Although the homepage shows 'all downloads', it can contain many different things. There are several options in the left sidebar that allow users to filter the content. Siterips is the first option. This allows users to grab whole collections of material from one source. These files can sometimes be quite large. Jaylene Rio has more than 50 files that total over 25 GB. You can also gather all the smuggling data from one website, such as Sex Art which has over 190GB. This section has 70,497 pages, so the possibilities for finding porn are endless.

Siterips can also be used as a categories tab, with categories such as gangbang and orgy, peeing dildo. fisting, homemade. hentai. gay, bisexual, and many others. There seems to be something for everybody. There is even a section for pregnant women. Here, preggophilia lovers can watch pregnant women sex their butt holes and pussy. You can download every file from any paysite. These websites can host up to 1000 videos. There is no shortage of content.

How do the links work?

Although the collection is huge, what happens when a user clicks one of the links? The link opens a preview of the uploaded image with Metadata about the space used and then a link to download the file. The link prompts visitors to sign up, which is obvious. Signing up is easy. All you need to do is create an email account with a password. There are no questions regarding age, preferences, or any other information. The user will be happy to see that it is clean and tidy once they are inside.

However, there is a catch: it can take quite some time to receive a confirmation email. Users are given download links and streaming locations to access the content they want. It turns out that not all files have the ability to stream. Siterips do not have stream functionality, so all other content is accessed through third-party content lockers. They promise a limited connection and users can download at any speed the network allows. They will delight users who are looking for fast downloads.

High quality movies

Users can expect high quality files because the content was pulled from premium websites. The majority of files are at least 720p, but there is a large number of 1080p Full HD videos. Although downloading the movies is the best way to find out, users can be assured that they won't have to worry about grainy videos. This is just one of many perks to dealing with content from top producers in the country.

What is the case with piracy?

HQ Collect's greatest problem is the fact that this content is not available on the site without the owner's permission. Premium sites are unlikely to allow users to purchase their entire collection. Many users who grab the content will not be concerned about this. Users should pay at least for adult entertainment on one of these sites in order to help create more high-quality content, and, by extension, support the adult entertainment industry.

Things to love About HQ Collect

Massive archive The site contains a huge collection of porn, with thousands upon thousands of pages filled with all types of porn.

Categories. The collection covers multiple fantasies and the categories show the variety that encompasses everything, from vanilla to the most depraved.

Unlimited Downloads. There are no download limits and users can download as much content as possible.

High quality. The content comes from the most prominent porn producers in the world, and the videos are undoubtedly of excellent quality.

Things to hate about HQ Collect

Mandatory registration. The content is available for download but you can only download the videos by creating a user account. It takes quite a while for a confirmation email to arrive, making the process somewhat frustrating.

Downloads only. There is no video player and downloading is the only way to get the content.

What the site can do to improve

A significant step forward would be to add preview thumbnails. It is important for porn lovers to be able to see what they are getting into. It is also quite bland. The homepage needs some design work to make it more appealing. A few sorting options would be a great idea.


HQ Collect offers free downloads from some of the biggest producers and paysites in the industry. This huge collection caters to all tastes and fantasies. You can also download entire collections from one site. It is free of ads and a great place for high-quality porn.

  • Archive massive.
  • Categories.
  • Unlimited downloading.
  • Good quality.
  • Mobile Support
  • Mandatory registration.
  • Downloads only.