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ComDotGame Adult review

ComDotGame Adult

ComDotGame Adult

It is rare to find a website with an adult section. It is far less common for entire websites to only offer adult content. ComDotGame has built a huge porn library under their "Adult” section since 2009.

Graduations of lewdity

It would be foolish to think that a site that aggregates games made mostly in Flash would be deemed cookie-cutter trash. ComDotGame's adult section would be a mistake. They set the scene with an amazing surprise right away. "Degrees of Lewdity" is the first adult game that you will see on ComDotGame's list of adult games. You might not be familiar with the world of online porn games. If you are a Flash Player fan, then this is probably your first time hearing about it.

Whatever your opinion, Degrees of Lewdity is a must-read for every porn gamer in the world. This game is a perfect example of what a good porn game title should look like. With its commitment to quality and freedom of exploration, it puts triple-A RPG titles to shame.

You are able to choose details about your main character from the beginning of the game. You could have been forced to play as only a male character, which would have made sense considering the story of the game. But they don't. Instead, you choose your gender and the characteristics of your sexual characteristics. Then you are thrust into the world a very poor orphan youth trying to make it in a world of rape abuse.

Under the strict control of an abusive headmistress, you live in a foster house. At the end of each in-game week you must pay her back repeatedly or else there will be severe consequences. If you don't win her favor, you will be rented as a table and sold into prostitution.

Robin, a fellow orphan friend, lives next to you in the orphanage. There are many other characters that you can interact with and each character has their own backstory. It makes sense that each character can be a sexual target in some way, or they can be a sexual victim for you.

The "combat" portion of the game's "combat", is the sex/abuse system. Here you can either be jumped by antagonists trying to force you on, or have consensual intercourse. The latter is rare, especially if the goal of the game is to advance the story. This is due to the fact that sex requires time and resources.

Although you could role-play as a promiscuous, sexually driven character, it would take a lot of energy and your time. You could also be left with a paranoia-related mental scare if you have sex with people who are not satisfying. This treatment can lead to further sexual abuse, and... Although the game's world seems chaotic, there are many good people trying to survive. You are one of these people.

You have unlimited exploration and the game's vast world has tons of things to do. If you are able to get through the door, you can travel anywhere. Skulduggery and lockpicking are important in this game, especially for those who enjoy straying from the beaten path.

It is best to get a job and go to school, but this is the most secure way to stay clean and avoid trouble. You can ignore the advice and create your own path. You must be careful not to lose control of your life.

To be honest, this game seems too good to be true. It is only possible because of the passion behind it and the involvement of the community, who work hard to improve future updates by submitting code suggestions and making it available. You can access the code by downloading the game from Git.

It isn't a Flash game. It's a jS-coded browser game that is extremely fast and compatible with almost every device on Earth.

ComDotGame's other games

This may seem like an odd tangent. But, you should consider this: ComDotGame's adult section can be found on a free website that allows you to experience an almost endless number of porn games. You can only imagine what kind of sex you will find if Degrees of Lewdity appears at the top of the list.

You will also find many more well-known faces, such as the Daughter for Dessert franchise. It continues to release new chapters every few months. ComDotGame should have most, if not all of these people.

There are also a lot of Flash games that look a lot like the old days, but they have a guarantee of quality. Their Flash games are very new and most of the games that use real game engines seem fairly recent. Given the saturated market for porn games, it's amazing that they have managed to accumulate such a large amount of quality content.

They may have some cookie-cutter Flash games, but they are hidden. You're introduced to the best of the best when you land on the home page and if you want to stick to nothing but quality, that's a very viable stance to have when browsing ComDotGame.Com/Adult.

Technical Comments

ComDotGame's Adult section has a few issues with its genre breakdowns. It's possible to sort by gay, straight, and most recent adult games. But beyond that, it's more mixed. Their site doesn't focus on porn games. Porn games are an individual genre, so there's no need to break down.

It doesn't seem like this is a problem as all the games listed here are great and well worth the effort. If you have particular goals, there is a search bar that will help you locate what you are looking for.

The site's design is quite adorable. The top bar spans the entire screen, and links to popular, featured, and adult games. There's also a link to the forum. The middle section of this site is used for the most convenient purpose of displaying very small entries of porn games and their titles. Although there aren't any descriptions of the games at the moment, they are not necessary and the current layout does a good job.

ComDotGame is really benefiting from their status as a well-known gaming portal beyond the pornographic world. They've used their profits to fund powerful servers that can handle almost any game the porn producers throw at them. If your internet is fast enough, you'll be able to see hundreds of games created in game engines load in seconds. They are setting an example for other porn sites and they should be emulated.

You'll also find a section below the main list dedicated to Flash games. This section is the best place to look for high-quality smut interaction. These are simply marked "HTML", but they're used as an umbrella term. However, you already know that this is where high-quality smut is. So head down there the next time your on ComDotGame.

  • There are tons of high-quality games
  • There are many HTML games
  • Bonus: Non-pornographic gaming is allowed
  • Very quick game loading times
  • Mobile Support
  • You cannot view an entire category, such as HTML.
  • No genre breakdown