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erogames review


Erogames, a hentai-porn website, offers a variety of premium and free "Eroge" titles. Eroge can be used to describe Japanese visual novels and hentai games. Eroge games are those that have anime themes and art styles. Although was established in 2006, the domain has not been updated since mid-2017, when the first games were uploaded.

The site could have been under different ownership or hosted different content before that. currently showcases some the most in-depth premium and free eroge game that you can find.

This site is well-known for its high quality titles. Many sites hosting eroge game only offer basic flash games, which don't provide much in the way of novel gameplay or interesting storylines. strives to include both these aspects in their hentai game. The site features many titles with full voice acting, animated hentai scenes and high-quality art. It also offers a fun way to play with well-thought out gameplay mechanics.

Site traffic has fallen in Eroges' favor lately. Their site visits dropped from 15 million in April 2019 to just 5 million in October 2019. Xpornsites hopes that this trend will reverse, as has quality content. This decline could have been due to changes in advertising and site practices, but couldn't find any reliable sources.

Simple and elegant site design and content layout

Eroge's homepage has a simple layout. It feels like a modern gaming site with its dark purple background and large game previews. You won't be interrupted by banner ads, redirects or other ads. A selection of previews are displayed to users as their first introduction. There are also sections below that run down the middle of the site: Visual Novels and Indie Games, Download Games/Android Desktop Emulation Games as well as Events and a Slot Machine.

Users can access site support at the top of this site. They can also visit events or register/login for an account. To view or play any game on the site, you must create an account. This includes access to all the free titles as well as downloadable Android games. It is easy to create an account. It takes only a username and email to create an account. However, you should use a valid email to purchase premium titles. Verifying your email will earn you in-site currency. This is the currency that you use to purchase any game on the site.

Buy Premium Titles with In-Site Currency

The currency system functions in the same way as a cam model website. To buy coins, you need to link your card. These tokens/coins can be used to gain access to some games on the site. These coins are approximately 1 coin for 1 cent USD. Most of the games available on are priced at $5-10 USD. Most titles require an upfront payment, except for the Android emulator games and the free games section. The games you purchase will not be short titles with no content. These games and visual novels are long-lasting, full-length titles.

There are many events that offer free or premium games. These events allow players to get free coins, special items and other in-game benefits. Hentai Heroes is currently hosting a Halloween event. Booty Calls and Hentai Heroes are both free titles. There are three additional free games you can play at These games load in your browser and offer an incredibly entertaining and erotic experience. The majority of premium and free games allow you to enjoy sex scenes and animations without any restrictions.

Purchase and download full-length visual novels or play a selection of free titles

Six paid visual novels are available, as well as two premium indie titles. There are also five Android Emulation games that offer a mix between free and paid titles. Additionally, there is a wide selection of slot machines where you can make money in site currency. If you choose to invest in any of the games, the purchasing portal for currency appears to be secure and safe enough.

The eroge previews show some of the artwork you'll see in the game. A few lines will also be included about the game's premise. You can click to see the complete game page to find out more. This page contains a larger image of the artwork thumbnail, along with a description of the gameplay and narrative premise. It also includes the name of the studio and the date it was released. This page will also tell you if the game can be downloaded for free or if it is required to pay to access.

In-Browser Games Load Fasty without Ads or Loss of Lag

To load the game in your browser, simply click the "Play Now” button. For paid titles, follow the instructions to download/emulator. To play these titles, you'll need an Android emulator installed on your computer. Xpornsites did not encounter any poorly designed games. They all ran flawlessly in the browser, and with any emulation software. Each game featured a different art style, premise, or gameplay, which made them enjoyable to play. Many games start with erotic scenes, which feature full voice acting, high quality dialogue, and uncensored art.

Many titles available to play via Android Mobile Apps provides a high-quality mobile browsing experience. Scroll down to see all the game previews. Download the.apk file to Android to get all of the free games. The apps were downloaded quickly and ran smoothly on both my tablet and mobile phone. Although it is impossible to buy and play all the titles, most of the titles are available for purchase or download for mobile devices.

Favorite Features of Xpornsite

Xpornsites felt that's decision to focus on a small selection of high quality games rather than a large number of average games was a refreshing move. Many hentai gaming sites offer cut-and-paste titles with little innovation or compelling storytelling. Each game on is unique and features engaging gameplay and high-quality hentai animations. also liked the site's layout and menus. It felt modern and premium without compromising functionality.

Xpornsite's Tips

Xpornsites believes that certain gambling options should be eliminated. Simple buying arrangements would give the site more trust and help avoid legal problems in the future. Although they avoid direct transactions, this is bound to cause problems. Xpornsites found to have a good selection of games, a user-friendly interface, and a well-designed website.

Xpornsite's Last Thoughts has a wide range of games and is a high-quality eroge website. You can play almost endlessly on the site's free games, and new content is added frequently. Each paid title has been meticulously crafted with high quality animations and storylines. There are a variety of indie games and visual novels available at very affordable prices. is the best place to go if you're looking for premium or free eroges. The site offers high-quality content and you will not be disappointed.

  • A small selection of high-quality Eroge
  • Games & Visual Novels.
  • Enjoy addictive free games with lots
  • of erotic content.
  • High-Quality Premium Titles at
  • Reasonable Prices.
  • Android Apps for Most Titles.
  • Mobile Support
  • nothing!