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Fuq review



Fuq launched online in 2010 in an effort to make it easy for people to search porn videos from all over the world. Fuq has millions of videos that have been indexed on its site, which is a clear sign they succeeded. Fuq has something for everyone, with a variety of categories and regular new content. You should definitely check it out. You'll discover a new genre you couldn't find without a porn aggregator such as Fuq!

Nearly 45-million videos

It is difficult to imagine how nearly 45-million people look like, let alone the 45-million individual XXX videos and movies. It's amazing to see that Fuq currently has 45-million videos available for viewing at any given moment. As readers will see, this number is on the rise. Fuq isn't slowing down any time soon.

Take a moment to sit down and think about that number. This is roughly five videos per person in New York City. This is a staggering number and shows that you can't watch all the videos on any porn aggregator. You don't have to worry, there will always be something to see.

Daily content added

Fuq may only be adding a few videos each day, but that is not the case. There is no way to know how many videos are being added each day, so it's best to click the New tab. You can view the latest content as it is added. You can see the date added portion of each video listing. This will show you when each video was last posted.

There were several pages that had been published within an hour during this review. These dates may not be accurate as one page stated that the content was listed 20 minutes ago, while another page indicated it had been posted only two minutes ago. The content was posted within an hour. That's all that matters. This is how content is updated so often. You don't often see content that is this great. You can check back later in the day for fresh content.

There are tons of categories

Fuq isn't a porn aggregator if it says that there are tons of categories. You won't find just a few categories. You'll find hundreds of categories. This is not hyperbole. Fuq has categories that contain porn from cartoons to game-show-themed - wrestling and virtual reality - and everything between.

You will also find the most popular categories at the top of this homepage. Each category has a thumbnail and a number that shows how many videos are in it. This is a great way to not only see the most popular categories but also to gauge the number of videos available for each category. Fuq allows you to easily find the best categories to check out and which ones to pass on to others.

There is no number that shows how many videos are in each category.

Fuq does not display the total number of videos in each category. It only displays thumbnails. This is a problem. Although some porn aggregators display this information, others have shown that it is possible to show the number of videos present in each category, regardless of whether they are displayed as a hyperlink or a thumbnail. It's not easy to increase the value of every category on a porn site aggregator, especially with so many of them like Fuq. Fuq should consider this.

It would be very convenient to see how many videos belong in a particular category. This would make it even easier for niches and genres that not many people have heard of. Let's take the example of the game show genre. While this niche may sound appealing to some, how can anyone know how many videos are in that category without clicking on them? Although a person can click the link and be able to see it in seconds, why would they?

The thumbnail for each category is the most popular video.

This is a trend we hope will continue on porn websites. The thumbnail of each category shows the most popular video at the moment. Users can click the category to see the most popular video of the moment.

How many times have porn browsers clicked on a thumbnail of a channel or category only to discover that it is not found? It frustrates users who are trying to find the right porn. Fuq makes it easy to avoid this. Take a look at the most popular categories and find something that interests you. The thumbnail will show the video. This feature is convenient and should be added to every porn site.

Check out the top-rated, most popular and new videos

You don't want to browse by category. Look at the top of the homepage to see the most popular, new, and best-rated tabs. Browsers can select the tabs they want to use and sort content according to their preferences. This is a great idea, as not everyone can jump from one category into the next in search of the perfect video.

There are many options for sorting

You can sort top-rated tabs by clicking on the most popular or new tabs. You can sort popularity, date added, duration, and rating. You can add filters to your sorting options such as date added (past 24hrs/2 days/week/three months/ last year/ all-time), length (between 0 and 30+ minutes), quality, all or HD, and the source site if you prefer to only see results from specific porn sites.

Video listings show source site

A porn aggregator must ensure that every video listing includes the source site. It is important to know the source site because most porn aggregators require visitors to view content on third-party sites. Fuq makes it easy by listing the source site on the video listing.

Visitors can identify the site they are going to before clicking on any video. This is a smart move, especially for people who are suspicious about visiting unknown porn sites. This allows users to quickly research the source site and make sure it is 100% safe.

However, the majority of source sites listed on Fuq appear to be reliable and are safe to use. If you prefer to Google a source website before visiting it (which is a good idea), then don't think you're trying to be too protective. If you don't do this, your devices will likely work 99.99% of time.

Users will click on thumbnails

Fuq doesn't just use thumbnails to show the most popular videos in each category. Fuq uses attractive thumbnails throughout the site that make it easy to click on and see what's inside. These thumbnails are attractive and captivating. While the quality and detail may vary from one thumbnail to the next, they always grab one's attention. This is the purpose of thumbnails. Fuq succeeds on this front.

Site too bright

You may find it hard to believe, but when you try browsing Fuq at night, it becomes apparent that there is a lot of white on the screen. The screen is too white, so the porn aggregator needs to add a night/dark option. This could be done by simply adding a button to the top of your screen. The site isn't ugly, however. Fuq shouldn't be so blindingly white all the time, especially in this age of blue light filters and dark modes that reduce eye strain.

  • Nearly 45 million videos,
  • Daily content added,
  • There are hundreds of categories,
  • The thumbnail shows the most
  • popular video in each category.
  • Check out the top-rated, most
  • popular and new videos,
  • Great sorting options,
  • Video listings show the source site,
  • Users will click on thumbnails,
  • Mobile Support
  • The number of videos per category
  • is not shown in numbers.
  • Nights can be darkened if there is
  • no night mode.