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lobstertube review



This site is actually a porn-aggregator that aims to help everyone find the best pornography. It believes everyone should be able find high-quality, hot porn quickly and efficiently. LobsterTube's homepage features all its categories, making it easy for everyone to find what they want. LobsterTube is a great place to find porn that's worth watching.

More than 42 million videos

LobsterTube is home to so many videos that it will be difficult to view all of them. You shouldn't either. LobsterTube offers something for everyone in hundreds of categories. (More on that later). LobsterTube has the ability to provide whatever content a person needs. It is all due to LobsterTube's extensive range of categories.

All categories on the first page

LobsterTube's home page has one of the most impressive features. It placed all its categories on the same page. It would be absurd for a freetube site to pull this kind of content, but it is possible with LobsterTube. The home page lists every category, making it easy to view all categories at once and also see which ones are most popular.

This information is found under the "Popular Categories" section of the homepage. This section allows users to view the most popular categories, which will allow them to make informed decisions about which categories they want to visit first.

The numbers next to featured categories indicate how many videos are included in that category.

The featured categories don't just show the most popular categories. The featured categories show more than just the most popular videos. cum withinshows more 1.5 millionsvideos, while a featured category only shows barely over 400,000. It is clear that popularity of a category and the number videos available for it are not related: Popularity seems to be determined by the number views per category and not the number videos.

When one takes a moment to think about it, it makes sense. It is not a good idea to depend on the number of videos in a category's popularity. However, it is a known fact that the more popular a category is, the more videos should be. This is not always true. In the case LobsterTube this is not the case. This is a good thing because it would reduce the amazing discoverability options on the porn aggregator.

There are hundreds of categories

LobsterTube's sheer number of categories makes it obvious that finding and exploring the content of the porn aggregator is crucial to its success. LobsterTube makes it easy to search the porn aggregator. There are hundreds of categories waiting to be discovered.

While it is obvious that there are hundreds of categories on LobsterTube, it should be noted that there are not a lot of boring or vanilla categories. LobsterTube's variety of categories is so extensive that many people will find categories they have not seen elsewhere, or on any porn site. Specific categories such as Japanese trans and long nails (to name just a few) show why LobsterTube is a great porn site for both new visitors and returning users.

Unique categories and kinks

It is worth mentioning, even though it was only briefly mentioned, the unique categories and kinks LobsterTube brings into the table. These are categories that most porn sites don't have. If you are unsure, look at the adjectives that make these categories. Saggy tits and Hairy anal sex are just two examples of the many categories on display.

You can also search for homeless, trans in threesomes, transformation, and many other categories. This section is just a quick way to browse and discover what you can find. There is a good chance that someone will find something they like. Once they do, they will be eager to click, watch and explore all that LobsterTube offers.

Attractive thumbnails

A porn site must provide thumbnails that are engaging to its viewers. They must capture viewers' imaginations. Otherwise, they won't want to click to see what is on the other side. LobsterTube has a lot of great thumbnails. They not only look good on the site but also make it easy to view and watch the content on the source site.

However, this doesn't mean that thumbnails aren't detailed enough. They aren't as clear and precise as one would see on sites that focus on mainly AAA porn. They look more like screencaps, while others look like simple thumbnails that weren't photoshopped. They all have the same goal: to draw the viewer in and make them want to see the thumbnail. The thumbnails on LobsterTube have been a huge success.

Each category should have a number.

LobsterTube's mistake is one that many other porn aggregators make regarding how they treat their categories. LobsterTube made the smart decision to display the number of videos per categorie in the featured categories, which is the most popular on LobsterTube, to indicate how many videos are within that category. However, it should not have stopped there. LobsterTube could have added this number to all categories.

Browsers now have a few featured categories with thumbnails and numbers that show the number of videos in each category. But that's just the beginning. The other categories are just hyperlinks with no information about them. This is a missed opportunity and should be fixed immediately, if ever it's ever possible.

Videos show great information

A person can see that a video listing is worth viewing and watching at least once they click on it. Each video listing contains valuable information that helps visitors decide whether the video should be watched. It shows the video's quality, duration, source site, date posted and its rating. Anyone can quickly determine if the content is worth viewing or not. This is LobsterTube's best feature, and makes LobsterTube even easier!

Video sorting options that work well

Once a person has chosen a category, and started exploring the videos available, it's easy to find what they need by using the many sorting options. You can sort content by popularity and date. duration and rating. You can sort content by popularity, date, and rating to find the right content for you.

Select the right sexual orientation

LobsterTube is not for everyone. LobsterTube knows that everyone has different interests. LobsterTube allows you to choose straight, gay, or trans porn from the homepage. You can choose the type of pornography you want to see. The options should be the focus of porn aggregators - LobsterTube, and other users who are always browsing the site, know this to be true.

Suggestions: is a great site. It is easy to browse the porn site and find something interesting and worth your time. LobsterTube should consider increasing the number of videos in every category and not just the highlighted ones.

  • More than 42 million videos.
  • All categories on the first page.
  • The numbers next to the featured
  • categories indicate how many videos
  • have been uploaded.
  • There are hundreds of categories.
  • Attractive thumbnails.
  • Unique categories and kinks.
  • The search function works very well.
  • Videos provide valuable information.
  • Video sorting options that work well.
  • Start your search for sexual orientation.
  • Mobile Support
  • The number of videos per category
  • is not the same for all categories.