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hanime review



Although this type of erotica has roots that go back centuries, hentai is only now starting to be popular in the West. The online market for this type of porn is saturated now that it has started to take off. Hanime was launched in mid-2018 and has since gained a large following.

Hanime has built a huge archive over the years. Individual videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, many get dozens of comments and a number of unique features have made it one of our top hentai sites.

They have a very impressive video section

As the title suggests, this website is all about uploading hentai, i.e. Japanese animated porn. This type of porn content is not typical and includes things like creampie, female masturbation and gangbangs. However, it also features far more exotic erotica such as flicks that feature tentacle penetration, bizarre fantasy and even a coherent plot.

Although we are not certain, we believe there are many terabytes worth of hentai available here. You can also watch them for free and it seems to be legal. You can also enjoy the fact that new uploads are added frequently and are available in either 720p or 1080p resolution.

Although it isn't a deliberate ripoff, the design of these video pages is very similar to YouTube. The video loads on the left side and a list of recommended videos is on the right. Scroll down to see the options to like, dislike, download or save the video, or even report it. There is also an interactive comment section and a selection of screen shots that show the most salacious scenes of the movie.

Video descriptions are concise but informative. They also seem to have been written by English speakers, which is a departure from other hentai sites. One problem with video content is that almost all of the movies have been censored. However, strangely enough, while the vulvas tend to be censored, the phalluses are not.

The search options are a bit wacky

Although this site has an onsite search engine like YouTube, Hanime doesn't use any algorithm that is even remotely comparable. Although you can search for videos by their names, titles such as "Ore ga Kanojo o su Wake 6" will not be able to help the novice hentai enthusiast. You won't get any results if your search term is generic, such as "girl has sex" and even tags.

Every video is fully tagged so clicking on any tag will bring up the search results. Toggling the Tag button allows you to choose from one or more tags. To access the tags, you just need to click on "Search Bar".

You can also exclude certain search results that are based on a tag. You can also search for studios, which displays the works of major studios. You can filter and organize these results by date, views and likes as well as alphabetical order.

Finally, by scrolling through the menu or looking at the Browse page, you can link to trending videos or search for content according to season or be directed to random videos with just one click.

There are a lot of fan photos

We have observed a common theme on many hentai sites and erotic anime websites: the quality of images, particularly pictures, is extremely variable. Hanime's collection of porn pictures seems to break this trend.

You can upload thousands of photos and they are as varied as the videos. If you click on one of the photos, you will be redirected to a blank page with the selected image. You are not able to comment, like, or download the image properly.

Because there are only seven hashtags available, the search options make less sense. One of the seven hashtags is #yaoi. It returns results for regular hentai and not gay porn. The rest of the search options are pretty standard. However, there is #irl-3d which includes photos and GIFs from real women and couples as well as sensual and non-erotica anime art.

The ads actually enhance the site's aesthetic

We don't usually care about too many ads on a website. Some ads on Hanime add to the appeal of the site. You can scroll down to the main page and you will see different sections broken up by brightly colored ads that we find are not as distracting as they are stimulating.

We know that not everyone believes that. However, the amount of popups in a video is kept low and it is easy to leave. On search pages, you will usually see one advertisement per page. We can see that there are no spammy or offsite redirects.

This brand is surprising well represented on social media

We were surprised at how many Hanime's other social media sites are on, given the terms of service most social media platforms have. The brand has a page in Discord, Reddit and Facebook.

The Hanime Facebook page offers more limited previews of videos that have been released, but it is quite surprising how much they are able to do. Their Twitter page has more detailed previews and the Reddit page serves as an informal forum.

All of these pages have lots of followers but Hanime Discord is the most popular social media platform. It has more than 51,000 members and on average over 10,000 people online. Discord is easy to sign up for, so even if you don't have an account, it won't be difficult. You only need to create a nickname and enter your email address. Then, you can create a password. After confirming your email address, you can "claim" your account.

There are some very nice benefits to going premium

Although you can access most of the website's content without paying anything, a paid membership offers some great benefits. You will notice that streaming and downloading speeds are slightly faster with a paid membership.

The screen sizes are larger and the pixel quality slightly better to compensate. The quality is almost as good as Blu-ray, and premium members have faster access to new videos as well as exclusive content.

Your profile can also be customized with an avatar of choice, which can include high-quality GIFs. You can also create playlists and upload content.

They also post site changes and updates.

We found one thing that Hanime's blog icon does not link to. It lists all the changes and improvements that were made to the site. They also provide the same information for their mobile app.

Although we initially thought this was unnecessary, it is clear that Hanime webmasters are attentive to customer complaints. Hanime allows you to send a message to address any issue you may have with Hanime. However, you don't need your email or name, but that is an option.

Comparison of Mobile and Desktop Versions

Hanime's creators put a lot of effort into developing a mobile app that is as beautiful and appealing as the website's design. This app is free to download from and through the Android store. It looks amazing and works with almost all Android devices.

This app uses a discreet name and icon, which is a departure from other erotica apps. The app doesn't track browsing data nor use cookies so it won't reveal your personal preferences to anyone who hacks into your phone. You can also view all content in high-definition, so there are no visual downgrades. You just need to download the program to your mobile device and sign up.

Unfortunately, there is no Apple product equivalent. The site looks great on iPhones and other iOS devices and has been well optimized. It is however a bit disappointing in comparison to the Android version.

What is Amazing About Hanime

Hanime has thousands of videos, and hundreds of pictures that cover a broad range of topics. It is worth a look even if your not interested in erotic animated entertainment. It is all guaranteed that it will be presented in high definition.

A premium membership can be obtained by signing up for a free account. It is easy and affordable. A paid account has many great features, including Hanime's social media pages. This is a great option for both casuals and hentai lovers.

Because of Japanese regulations and mores, penetration in hentai can be censored. While male genitalia can be blurred, the female parts aren't. This is a good thing considering the sexual nature of many of our readers.

What could be improved on Hanime

Although picture uploads are common, they are less frequent than video uploads. This could be because Hanime's webmasters are uploading legal content, which is not the case with most other tube sites.

Although most video descriptions are written well, some titles may need to be translated into English in order to be more easily understood by Western viewers. Some tags can be confusing to new users who are not familiar with hentai. They can also be misleading or incorrectly labeled.

We believe that the same quality should be applied to the photo pages.

Do You Want to Check It Out and Join Up?

Many smut sites feature one or two unique gimmicks. It is rare to find a site with many exemplary features and high levels of polish. This platform stands out because of its torrents of content, active communities on various social media pages, and overall quality of web design.

Although there are some minor issues with the structure and the Apple mobile version may not be as polished, Hanime is still worth four and a quarter hands. We highly recommend it.

  • You can access full-length erotica for free,
  • which will appeal to almost any taste.
  • Although there are advertisements on the
  • site they are kept to an absolute minimum
  • and aren't too distracting.
  • There are many people you can talk to on
  • the website and Hanime's social media pages.
  • If you have it for Android, the mobile app
  • is very well-designed.
  • Mobile Support
  • There are many options, but the photos
  • section could use some improvement.
  • Although the search options are good,
  • it will take some time to get used too.
  • It leaves much to be desired in the Apple
  • mobile version.