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HentaiKey review



I feel like I've just found the motherload of all hentai sex. This site is like a treasure trove of hentai porn. You will be amazed at what you find. This website is so full of content that I don't know where to begin. is the name of this wonderful site. This premium hentai website offers high quality porn. While I am sad that you have to pay for it, you can't complain when you look at the sheer amount of porn that you get. Let me show you by crunching some numbers.

It's crazy how much hentai there is

Since I'm Porn geek, I love crunching numbers. Okay, maybe that's a lie. Although I like to believe that I'm smart because I'm a geek I actually suck at all things. Although they do not say how many videos or pictures they have, I can still give you the numbers. However, I think you will be amazed at what they have to share with you on There are thousands upon thousands of hentai video clips, hundreds of thousands of images, mangas and doujin comics, as well as an incredible number of hentai gaming games. It's a shame, but I will be damned if it's not worth it! If you ask me, this amount of content is worth the price!

It's amazing to think that this is rich for a man who barely scrapes by each month thanks to his parents' allowance. Although I may not be the richest guy and might even be a parasite who takes advantage of his parents' allowance, I do know that quality is something I can see. has pure quality. You also get the quality. It doesn't need to be one or the other. allows you to have both and will allow you to enjoy all the premium hentai content.

Premium hentai available for the most ardent fans

Let's explore all the sites you can unlock when you sign up for a premium account. There used to only be a handful of sites. But now there are many more. Each site has something to offer. Although you may think some of these sites are accessible from other locations, has the rights to the majority of the content. You will need to have a premium account to enjoy the premium experience. You can also steal your mom’s credit card to pay for it if you don't have the funds. It was what I did and it wasn't something I regretted. has been a dream come true for fans of hentai porn. makes it easy for people to enjoy this type of content, even though they are aware of the risks involved. not only has original content but also hentai videos that are linked to the most popular anime series. These include Naruto and Dragon ball Z as well as Pokemon. These anime shows are all well-known around the globe and can be found on this website. However, they play a more prominent role on

It can feel slow and sluggish.

Once you have looked at all the sites and compared their offerings, it is time to start to enjoy the content. Here are some problems you might encounter. Let's begin with the technical issues. Sometimes, the servers are utterly useless. Although you may think I know what I mean when I mention servers and all that, and I am a geek, I really don't know what that actually means. I am a hacker, a charlatan and, in essence, just bullshitting. However, I can tell you that the site sometimes slows down.

However, I find it difficult to use the site at times. It would have been great if they had optimized it, or whatever other words web designers use to describe how to make a website faster. This site should be on steroids. It's fast and easy to navigate through the pages, as well as allowing me to switch between different sites using all the redirection hyperlinks. But this doesn't seem like the case all the time. It is not uncommon to have to wait for a redirection to another site. This is unacceptable.

Some sites are very poorly organized

The organization is the second problem I want to address. While the organization could be improved, I cannot ignore the fact that the site's design has been greatly improved. They have done a great job of updating certain aspects and now looks a lot better. It is definitely a site that you would want to invest your money on. It started out as a website that looked like a cheap Japanese hentai website. Now, it looks much more professional and sleeker. deserves a lot of credit for their commitment to making this happen.

The colors are beautiful and you can focus on the videos rather than on all of the noise around them. The only issue I have with the site is its organization. It's difficult to navigate the site and find the right information at the right time. This is especially true when you are constantly redirected to sites that don't look like It can be difficult to learn all the layout options and features on every site. Some sites load quicker than others, which can be problematic for some.

Select your preferred premium payment option has so many amazing hentai resources that you can't ignore. Hentai videos, photos, hentai manga and hentai games are all included. You can even get bonus content from a special panel. All this for just $15 per month. It's actually a half-yearly subscription that costs around $15 per month. This adds up to approximately $90 for each 180 days. If you wish to renew your membership each month, the monthly fee is $30. It's up to you to make that decision at the end.

It is important to decide if you will use the site for one month and then get bored or if you'll be using it over several months. If you do, it's better to opt for the longer subscription. With so many content options, it's almost impossible to get bored. The only problem is your money, and how much you have. I am a cheap fool, so I stole my mom's credit card to get the monthly subscription. She now pays 30 dollars per month and doesn't even know what it costs. allows you to do the same!

  • Amazing premium hentai content
  • Videos, games, pictures, comics, doujin content
  • Design choices that are modern and stunning
  • Mobile Support
  • Some pages and sites load slow sometimes
  • Some of the websites can help with organization issues
  • If you aren't careful, it can be quite expensive