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HentaiMama review



It seems that everyone is making porn. With smartphones and webcams so affordable, editing software can be downloaded for free and people being more sexually open than ever. Although it isn't true, there are more amateur uploads to YouTube and other sex-friendly social networks. There are also people who are extremely sexually inclined but lack the confidence, desire or body type to show off their real sex lives online. These people instead write creative stories or true-life stories about wild sexual adventures.

There are also those who display their sexual fantasies in a more graphic or visual manner. There are many animated, erotic episodes that can be uploaded to Hentai Mama, and they include single illustrations, GIFs, or comics.

A new competitor in a crowd-sourced genre

After reviewing dozens upon tubes and aggregators we found that there is one other sex soliciting website which appears to be popping up at least once per week: hentai webspaces. Although we try to keep up with all the notable nudity platforms, there are so many that it is difficult to keep track of which ones are new. was added at the end December 2019 and is relatively new to the internet. There have been no major changes to the web as of now, except for the removal and attempted reintegration social features.

In fact, the site was moved to different domains within days of its publication. Disqus comments were also lost, though attempts were made to recover them. This website appears about the same as before, and we are mixed on this.

Layout is neither boring nor beautiful

We don't have enough examples of looks to review, as there have not been significant changes to this platform. Hentai Mama, as it stands now, looks good and has enough content for us to make small-sized breaks.

The Presentation is Fine This website uses a darkened background with white text and purple and green elements. This is a great design choice, considering that animated erotica often uses bright backgrounds and characters colors.

Every video page contains dozens of tags, a rating system and a brief description. Each movie page also includes general biographical information. You will find links to similar titles if you scroll to the bottom of any of these pages. Scroll down to see a scrollable list with links to related titles. Although it seems redundant, there are a few similar links on the top-side menu. However, this is not a design flaw.

You Can Use the Filter Features - The main page allows you to sort videos in numeric-alphabetical orders and mix-and-match results by genre, publication date, studio. Each video is tagged with the exact information that makes the search engine work great.

Terabytes Of Arousing Animated Movies – Check out the Top and List links to see thousands of uploaded videos that show off sex scenes that are either normal but not too extreme or normal.

There are a lot of provocative movies that can be viewed on Hentai, unlike other platforms. They also don't have any censor bars or pixelation. This may seem strange to those who are used live-action porn. However, in the world Japanese erotica, totally uncovered porn can be extremely scandalous.

To see hundreds of completely explicit cinematic experiences, click on the Uncensored link.

Previews for Future Posts Free - You can view the cover art of episodes soon to be published as well as the date and company that created them.

We don't know if these posts are pirated and we don't necessarily support it. Don't sue us, we are simply reporting on what we see.

You can surf this site on different devices

Although it looks great on mobile devices, this website is clearly not mobile-optimized. Although clicking on larger links won't be an issue, search engines may not always work properly. Pages loading can be slower than if you access the site from a desktop version.

This is a very negative aspect of the site, considering it is so new and most people access the internet via mobile devices. Log into Hentai Mama from your desktop to get the best experience.

There are a few, but still frustrating bugs

We have found that many sites offering free access to pornographic content are loaded with banner ads, and even contain malware-laden popups.

Hentai Mama is somewhat conservative with regards to banners and does not have a problem with other forms of spam. It is still a minor problem, so we recommend you upgrade your firewall before visiting Hentai mama.

These Are the Upgrades We Would Like To Make

This website is relatively new, so it doesn't have any terrible content or presentation. We think every erotic platform should possess certain things, and Hentai Mama is missing some of these.

We believe that otakus are incredibly social, at least online, so the top three ways to communicate with them on a platform such as this should be 1. Interactive comments, 2. Interactive comments, 2.) Themed chatrooms, 3. A forum on-site. We are confident that Hentai Mama's fanbase will help the site grow faster.

It's understandable that webmasters wouldn't want to display everything you see as a visitor immediately to encourage people to sign up. We think each animated upload should be promoted with a brief trailer.

Although most posts include some description, we feel that many of them could be written better and more appealing. We would also change the location of where you will be registering. Instead of being a simple sign up page with a CAPTCHA tool we would offer all the benefits associated with creating an account.

Our Final Report on This Raunchy Platform

This platform is great for those who like animated erotica. There are many of them. But there isn't a special sauce that sells Hentai Mama. It isn't bad, but we have to limit our rating to three and a quarter hands. Five is the highest.

We think you can still find it with so much hentai. This is a great place to start your first taste of cartoon porn even if you don't like it.

  • Cartoon porn is plentiful and both traditional as well as uncensored.
  • There will be many sexy animated episodes and comic books.
  • It's easy to find specific types of smut with a few tools
  • Mobile Support
  • Clicking around the site can lead to some spam issues
  • There aren't many extra features compared to other hentai websites.
  • It is somewhat disappointing that there are not more social features.