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Rule34Paheal review



Because porn is so popular online, Rule 34 may be the most widely-known internet meme that most people don't want to admit they know. This iron law of the internet states that there is always a porn version of it on the web. There are no exceptions."

It can be defined as any kind of sexual fantasy, fetish or other salacious scenario.

Although this rule can technically be applied to porn in all media, it usually applies to fan fiction writing, animated porn, and especially hentai. This material often parodies existing intellectual property, but there are many examples of original and highly inventive content.

A Website with a Weird Past

We were immediately struck by the fact that this website is old and part of an extensive network with so much content. However, we couldn't find any information about its background. Rule 34 appears to be one of the three remaining websites in

The Paheal main landingpage links to Rule 34, Rule 64, and Cosplay. The second link takes you to the first and the last link doesn't work. was established in 2003. We suspect that other websites have been subject to so many changes, and material has been moved to Rule 34 that they are now redundant. They could have been blocked by so many internet service providers that the webmaster wiiaboo decided to discontinue maintaining them.

He has re-written many of the rules that allow animated porn to be published, without violating the policies of any internet company. Wiiaboo's controversial work led to him losing access to all his PayPal accounts.

However, Rule 34 has survived the ages and been modified extensively. It also has an incredible amount of amorous material.

The Layout is a bit wacky

The entrance page does not have an age verification page, at least on the desktop version. Instead, it hosts a number of buttons. Two links connect you to the homepage, the tag area, and a page with downloadable FAQ documents. We will discuss these broken links later.

A series of anime-styled girls are also holding up the number of posts. This is apparently to encourage visitors to visit the site. There are 2,985,383 posts as of the writing of this review.

Click on the links titled Posts or Rule 34 to be taken directly to the main page. This page is best described as visual overload. The background is strangely light green. The linked text is medium-blue, and everything else black.

Many banner ads are displayed throughout the page. Some are animated or GIFs. While they are titillating in some ways, they quickly become distracting.

The page's design is very similar to a Wiki, but it has porn images in the middle of the screen. There are links to other social media platforms that focus on sex, as well as a lot more ads down the page.

Simply put, is not sloppy. But there are many things going on.

It's a bit strange to search for content

You will see the search bar at the top of every page. Each menu is clearly labeled and many of them contain important links. The search engine however is quite unique.

You will receive an error message if you try to enter a simple term that you believe would bring up several results such as 'boobs'. If you use one of the related search commands like 'boobsgames,' you will get a few well-endowed cartoon ladies.

You should be able to see many suggestions if you just type in a few letters. It will still take some time to determine what you are looking for and how to find it using the search engine.

Good luck Navigating Through the Tags

The tags on this site, just like the hentai fetishes, are overwhelming. We feel there is too many tags to sort through. The default size of each tag is dependent on its popularity. This makes it difficult not only to find the items you are looking for but also makes the page look hard to read.

Positive note: If you sort the results alphabetically or by popularity, all tags will be displayed in the same font size.

The Animated Erotica Is Unique

There are many unique cartoon kinks, in keeping with the name. These are original works that were created by users and not copied from an obscure part of the internet.

There is also a mix of cartoon porn that parodies popular franchises around the globe and creates characters who are completely original. There are many styles to choose from. While the anime is the main focus, there are also Western, hybrid, or computer-generated versions.

This seasoned platform boasts a large membership that allows for fresh material to be added every hour. You might even find half a dozen high-definition pictures added in under twenty minutes.

There are very few social features

You can interact with other members and comment on videos, but the level of engagement will vary depending on your location. There is also a chatroom with moderators and suggested topics. Sometimes people just want to chat but not necessarily talk too much.

To be fair, you can click on the Comments link to view the most recent images. You will find the most recent comments on fap photos, which are usually quite funny.

The Friends of the Site pages include links to members who create their own artwork and provide links to their preferred platforms, such as DeviantArt, HentaiFoundry and Tumblr. You can even find out if an artist accepts commissions and how to get in touch with them.

Advertisements per page are considered offensive due to their excessive amount

This is something we have already mentioned. Ads are everywhere. We are not referring to the six to eight banners that might appear on any page. Although it doesn't happen every time, it is a common problem that popups on this site are causing problems. We estimate that 25% to 35% of spammy landing pages may open if you click on thumbnails or links.

Simple Registration; Terribly Complex Terms of Service

It's easy to get a free account. You simply need to enter your name, password, email, and other details. The website strongly suggests that you go through the FAQ and rules.

You will need to read a lot to ensure that your content stays up even after it is uploaded. You should also check out the page for tagging posts to ensure that your art appears on the platform's nebulous search engine.

It is important to know that art theft, tracing and re-posting stolen material have been problems. Before signing up, please visit the DNP (Do Not Post) page. This lists internet users with a reputation for engaging the above-mentioned elicit activities.

You will also want to check the Announcements page. They have strict rules regarding artwork that depicts male or female characters who appear very young.

The Mobile Experience is Disappointing

It is not surprising that the mobile version has not been viewed by anyone who considers it to be web-optimized. You will need to zoom in and click around.

It is horrible that when you click on a link, it opens in a new tab and redirects to a spam page. You can also click on popup ads on the desktop version. However, you cannot do this on your handheld device. Even worse, it's almost impossible to scale the page so you can see the entire image and not distracting ads or links.

If you plan to view this site, we recommend that you use a desktop or laptop computer.

What's been done well on this Erotica site

Rule 34 Paheal's most notable feature is the constant addition of new, nude cartoons on an hourly schedule. It is easy to enjoy the variety of art styles, as well as the exclusive characters and porn parodies that engage in some of most outrageous smuggling ever seen, even when compared with hentai circles.

There is not a forum. However, there may be a chatroom. The Comments link lists the most recent and often hilarious comments.

What urgently needs to be changed

This platform's most bizarre and messy aspect is its large number of broken links and unfinished pages.

The IRC link in the Community menu is not the one labeled Chat Room. It is, however, a dead end. You can also add a photo to your account. However, the misleading link Upload in the Main menu leads to an error page.

Contrary to what the landing page suggests, the Wiki page (or whatever link it is) does not lead anywhere. There are also no job opportunities.

There is a page that lists all staff members of the site. This section of the platform allows users to file issues.

We feel that the contact page should be replaced with a page for complaints. All complaints should be sent directly to moderators, who will then be able to help or assign an administrator to resolve the issue. Or, we'd consolidate it with the Staff and Programmer pages.

Finally, mobile versions need to be given some attention. Literally, every page from top to bottom looks horrible, which severely hampers the user experience.

Each page would be simplified so that only the thumbnail and full-size pictures are displayed, and not other site features and flashy banner ads. We would reduce the number and/or restructure the pages where they are.

Do You Like This Porn Parody Platform!

Even though you read this review carefully, you will notice that our list with complaints and suggestions for improvement was much longer than the section where we talked about what we liked. The website's mobile and desktop versions need to be completely redesigned. There is a lot of content that features fornication and fetishes, which we didn't imagine.

Furthermore, sites that need to maintain a public, running list of scammers, trolls and thieves are carrying too much baggage.

This does not mean this porn platform is not worth a look. We think it is a bit niche and has many issues. This website will only be appreciated by anime and animated kink fans.

It might be a three or four. We can only assign two-and-a-half hands to five.

  • You will find a huge archive, with
  • many new uploads every hour.
  • This animated erotica platform is
  • unmatched in terms of variety.
  • It's easy to open an account.
  • Mobile Support
  • Website design is a bit dismal. It
  • needs to be redesigned.
  • The search and filter tools we've
  • seen are among the most bizarre.
  • Others will find the lolicon or similar
  • content questionable.
  • Mobile version optimization is
  • needed, and the website is still incomplete