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hpjav review


Hpjav offers a large selection of HD 1080p JAV movies and videos., also known as "JAV", is a porn site that offers free access to Japanese adult videos. JAV porn works in that every video has a "JAV Code," which is an alphanumeric string that allows users to find specific videos. Producers and stars usually have their own codes, which make it easier to find them. This is especially useful for people who don't know Japanese and want to enjoy these videos.

Hpjav is unique in that they have English titles for all their videos and English menus to navigate without any outside translation. This makes the content more accessible than the Japanese-only sites. These sites can be translated, but it is easier to not have to do the work. These translations can also be inaccurate.

This JAV site is quite new in the JAV world. It is at least new under its current domain. JAV sites are known to modify that quite a lot to circumvent certain regional restrictions. This is especially true when the sites host premium-quality HD content such as this one. Hpjav was launched at the end of 2018, making it just over a year since the date of this review. The site has seen over 25 million visits per month, which is quite impressive.

An otherwise modern and sleek site design is dominated by a lot of ad clutter

It is very busy. Hpjav, like many JAV sites that have full-length videos, has a lot of ads clutter. When you visit the site for the first times, the ads are likely to be the most prominent thing that you see. The site attempts to convince you to enable push notifications by displaying redirects, video banners and pop-up players at each end of the screen. Although ads are understandable on a site that provides HD content for free, xpornsites believes they are a bit too heavy handed.

Hpjav uses a similar layout to other JAV sites. The site's center is occupied by content previews. A long header sits at the top. It features a brightly colored background and a dark header bar. Although the site is not ideal for browsing at night or dark places, it looks sleek and modern. A dark mode option would be welcome, however. You can choose from "Hot, Censored or Uncensored", Amateur, Chinese Subs, Models and Category, Live Cams, JAV Sites and Uncensored HD.

JAV Porn: Censored, Uncensored and Amateur

All three of the options above will take you to other websites. The header's other options keep you on the site. The site previews are divided into several sections. They are listed from top to bottom as: Featured videos, Censored JAVs, Uncensored JAVs, and Amateur JAV. Each section has a number of previews of the latest videos within that category. However, users can click the "See More" option for a page with hundreds more videos.

Hpjav has a wide range of quality fetish products. There are easily over 100 categories. The categories are also organized differently to those on other JAV sites. Each section has its own category selection.

Many well-organized Fetish categories and Quality Model Page

Uncensored JAV, for example, has a different selection fetish categories to "Amateur JAV." However, each category does have preview images. Each tag also indicates the number of videos within that section. There are many options to choose from, with some having as few as 100 to more than 10 000. The majority of the categories are not for regular categories such as "Petite", "Gangbang", or "Gangbang", but instead they are for things like producers, studios, and websites.

Images previews are available on the "Models" page. Each image will show a full- or half-body shot, along with the model's name, total views, and number of videos. You won't find much if you click on the model page, other than a list with their videos and a preview of their current Hot Video.

The rest of these header buttons are easy to use. Each button will open a page with videos, sorted by the option you select. Hpjav's previews are quite good. The full JAV code, title and names of the pornstars involved in the shoot, as well as the total number of views, are available to users.

Full-length JAV Movies available for download and streaming in 1080p HD

These are all full-length JAV porn videos. Some videos can be as long as 2 hours. Xpornsites believes that a video length indicator would be more appropriate on the preview picture than the view count. This is especially important because the length of videos can vary greatly on sites like this. A video timer will appear once you have landed on the video page. It may take a few clicks to navigate through the preroll and redirect advertisements.

Xpornsites didn't experience buffering issues or poor quality streams. Most videos can be downloaded or streamed in 1080p HD. Off-site hosts offer free downloads. Please be careful. Although the video player was large enough for fullscreen viewing, tiling the video to fullscreen did not affect the quality. Overall, it's a decent enough video player to get the job done.

Mobile site is easy to use has a very good mobile website. Although ads are still present on the mobile site, the rest of the site is well-designed. A drop-down menu allows for quick access to the large number of header options. Previews are available in two parts. The videos play smoothly on mobile and there are no noticeable differences between the desktop and mobile versions. You can still download the videos, but you might want to save them for your desktop computer with more storage because they are so long.

Favorite Features of Xpornsite

Xpornsites loved how robust Hpjav’s catalog was. JAV sites tend to only offer amateur, censored or uncensored porn. Hpjav offers it all and doesn't hide anything. The selection of categories available here is better than that on other sites. The site was also able to access all the catalog free of charge. The site was well-organized, despite the clutter of ads. The menus were well-organized, the categories were clearly sorted and the model page was excellent.

Xpornsite's Tips

Hpjav could use fewer ads. Xpornsites knows that this is their primary source of revenue. However, the number of ads on the site really makes it unsafe and takes away from the user experience. Although the categories page is full of many categories, it could use more traditional options. It's fine to be able to sort by stars, studios, and other production companies, but it would be nice to have more options.

Xpornsite's Last Thoughts can be a great site if you're looking for high-quality JAV content at a low price. Although the ads can be frustrating, the quality of the content you receive in return is worth it. Full-length, streaming or downloading free videos in 1080p HD can be expected. Users should not have any trouble finding the video they are looking for, as there are hundreds of videos from almost every fetish group on the site. Uncensored JAV content is a rare find. This is evident in their selection. Overall, xpornsites recommends that you visit to see high-quality JAV content.

  • Large Catalog of Uncensored and
  • Censored JAV Porn.
  • Get 1080p HD Videos Free of
  • Charge.
  • JAV Movies Full-Length.
  • Good Mobile Experience.
  • Mobile Support
  • There is a lot of ad clutter.
  • Downloads Off-Site.
  • Random Selection of Categories.