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JavGuru review



Since the late 1990s, when streaming video was made possible, porn tubes have been the lifeblood internet pornography. In the days before dial-up internet, loading a JPEG of high quality tit pairs took forever. You learned to be grateful for what was available. Porn tubes are today the best way to go. The common porn-loving person has grown to accept the idea that there are tons of videos available and they can be sorted for quick streaming and swapping.

Let's suppose you are a casual porn-lover and also deeply interested in the Far East. Let's assume that you have a deep love for Japanese women, and would like to pretend you are having sex every night. It's not easy to find Japanese women, and even more difficult to get one to share a bed with you. JAV porn videos come in handy here. As most people know, JAV stands for Japanese Adult Videos. It refers to the Japanese porn industry. This acronym is unique because it's so distinctive.

Japan has made it clear that they have decided to ban genitals from porn videos. The reasons are still unclear to the west. JAV Tube sites make up a large portion of the online porn market. JAV.Guru is a great JAV porn site that has been around since 2016 .

Quantity of premium quality

This porn tube is almost entirely dedicated to providing you with quality smut in huge quantities. Their whole concept revolves around getting hold of original JAV movies, the high-production triple A content released for the Japanese market. They then bring it all to you completely free.

There are many questions about the legality of these videos. But that is not your concern. This is your chance to get a good dose of Japanese smut. You'll also find many of the adult movies here that were released in Japan as DVDs. These movies are impossible to find anywhere remotely and it is not known if they are being streamed elsewhere. It makes sense to watch them on Jav.Guru since they have so kindly gathered and uploaded them.

The videos are of high quality, but it is not clear how much money was spent on them. Jav.Guru has a movie with a porn actress that is extremely talented, sometimes multiple times, and it's a continuous hour of sexual adventures. It is truly amazing that they were able find so many beautiful Japanese women.

All the movies have a very high production value. These movies were clearly shot with high-quality cameras and were directed by experienced executives in porn production. These movies are not amateur-styled, so you won't find any smuggling that feels authentic.

This is where to go if you love expensive pornographic material. Each of the porn movies on this site was at one time on a shelf in some pornographic shop in Japan. These movies were probably also very expensive at the time they were released.

Modern Smut: Tons of It

This site is not retro, even though it focuses on DVD releases. You'll find most of the smut here, particularly under the recommended, new section. Famous nubiles such as Hitomi Tanaka or the legendary Aika will be on display.

This website is more like a bootleg video shop than a porntube. It's probably because Japan has a different view of pornography. It feels retro when you see actual porn movies instead of short clips like you might be used too. This is the way porn is made in Japan. Every single porn movie they make has a backstory, acting, and detailed settings.

It's not easy to act well, and it's unlikely that too much effort was spent. It seems that it is a Japanese norm to at least set the scene before the action begins. If you see a video of a boss or secretary getting dressed up, the scene will be set in an office. There will not be any compromises.

Japanese Smut is For Everyone

Technically, it is an all-Japanese site. This should not stop you from having fun. The site caters to a Western audience or at least a global audience. They are hard at work translating and categorizing these movies in English. They can't find the time to write subtitles for all of the videos but they do cover the titles and names of the pornstars. It would be difficult to learn the Japanese alphabet to navigate this site. You won't need to do that.

Subtitles are a big deal. These movies have quite a bit of dialogue. However, you won't be able to understand the jokes if you don't speak Japanese. These videos will only be for the sex, so you'll need to look at them.

Censorship is a suck

Anyone who has ever seen one JAV video will know that all the porn flicks featured blurred out genitals. Although the Japanese are known for their innovative and unusual pornography, they seem to be behind the times in terms of censorship laws. They don't seem inclined to change this law in the near term, so Jav.Guru videos will remain censored.

They don't censor breasts. Breasts seem to be an important factor in selecting the right pornstar for JAV movies. These girls are known for their large breasts. Jav.Guru is the perfect place for you if you love large breasts and Asian women.

Cutting Corners

Because all these movies fall under the bootlegging grey-zone, Jav.Guru can't upload them to their site and make money. There is an exception to the rule that you may have seen elsewhere. They embed videos rather than hosting them.

Be careful, though, before you panic. They are not all on the same website. Jav.Guru's movies are actually hosted on three different video servers, which allow you to stream seamlessly and without lag. They are also available on three file sharing sites that allow you to download them to your computer.

You can download unlimited Japanese pornography for absolutely free. Jav.Guru wants to find the smut lover within you.

Some regrettable decisions

Jav.Guru don't charge you for the videos, but they do have to make some extra money to keep it up. Although they don't host videos, it is so popular that the cost of running the site is inexorable. They also host many ads. The casual banner ads are not intrusive and can be found in various places. It's something you've seen on other websites. It is not a problem.

Because their videos are embedded directly from third-party sites, they can also make you fall for their ads. Sometimes, when you try to load a video, you may get pop-ups or redirects which will attempt to trick you into downloading malware onto your computer. It is important that you don't fall for this trap.

High Quality Website Design

Jav.Guru's layout is not very interesting. They strictly adhered to the current convention of a porntube. Large thumbnails show the most of the action and are titled in English. You can also find links to other actresses in the videos if you're interested in the same girl.

The website is a joy to look through, and they are constantly adding new content. Jav.Guru is a great place to find JAV-related information.

  • There are tons of content
  • High quality smut
  • It is completely free
  • Mobile Support
  • Advertisements from third parties