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javlibrary review



JAV smut, or Japanese porn, has been growing in popularity like movie review websites. JAV Library promotes this type of porn. The smut is covered on JAV Library, unlike other similar sites. It's both censored as well as uncensored. JAV Library stands out among its competitors due to this fact and other well-crafted, but not so well executed features.

A Site from the Olden Days That Breaks the Rules

A long history of conservative Japanese views on sex and liberal Japanese attitudes towards nudity has resulted in a schizophrenic approach to documented sex. Although it is acceptable to show a woman's naked breasts and buttocks, it is taboo to show a man's or woman's intimate parts.

There are however some Japanese smut movie studios and some retailers can sell uncensored JAV movies, especially in the West. Some films that have been reviewed on this site since 2011 are completely pixel-free.

This library looks very different

Before you sign in to JL, you will be asked for your age. You can choose between English, Mandarin and Cantonese. We found it confusing because China and Hong Kong have similar views to frontal nudity to the Japanese. We believe this is because regulations that enforce eroticcensorship in these countries are often inconsistently applied.

The homepage features a typical menu layout, and a collection of popular videos. Lower down, however, the homepage explains JAV Library and offers an indirect sales pitch. According to the website, JAV is "a dangerous platform" as you will "become addicted to the many JAVs." These are the symptoms you may already have if you're already a fan Japanese adult videos. JAVLibrary can help you with this.

We found this piece amusing and somewhat stimulating, despite being awkwardly written.

Continue scrolling down to see captioned crude cartoons that provide a tutorial about how to use the site as well as the social features. You can upload and review your favourite Nipon nudie films. Then, you can share your thoughts with others. You can also organize them into separate lists such as your favorite movies, movies that you are interested in, and the type of JAV smut that you want to see. You may find your next favorite flick with the help of the rest of our community.

How different is the site's structure?

Although not terribly outdated, this website is quite different from other smut review websites. The site's color accents are sparse. The icon also looks like it was created using MS Paint. The grey-white nondropdown menu is a little dull. Also, the Popular Movies all have an odd alphabetic numerical code over the promo image. This does not seem like it follows a pattern.

JAV Library's website layout is unfinished.

The menu is still quite extensive, as you can click on any number of movie reviews, including those with new comments, recent releases and those that are the most desired.

You can click on a movie review to see the original cover, back art, biographical information, as well as basic biographical information such director, production studio, ratings and categories. You will find a number of buttons that allow members to choose whether they like it, have seen it, or own it.

There isn't much discussion in the comments section. They do contain links to download or purchase screenshots, or the entire film. We cannot guarantee the legality or safety of torrent links because there are so many movies.

The trailers are a trap

Minimum of

A lot of movie pages will have a pink play button. This would allow you to view a preview of the movie and a bunch of photos. If you click on it, the trailer will open, but it usually doesn't play the first time. You will need to refresh the page and be able to see the trailer again. There is also the possibility that the video may crash. This will require more refreshing.

You will be redirected to at the same moment, where you can also view free previews of more JAV porn.

Advanced Search Options are a bit different

You can search for movies based on their title, starlet, director or studio by using the simple search option at the advanced search page. You can combine search terms such as release date, user rating, genre, cast filter, or combination search to find a movie based on these search terms.

These categories are some of the most bizarre and weirdest we have ever seen

The categories were perhaps the most interesting aspect of JAV Library. We loved the sheer number of them, and how many we hadn't heard of. This page is also more attractive than the rest because it is organized in a series related sections with appealing genres.

For example, there is the Theme section which includes exotic erotic genres such as Hot Spring, Futanari, or hermaphroditism and something called Nampa. This is an unusual fetish. You can also find a section called Costume that includes genres such as Blazer, Kimono and Female Ninja. These are definitely worth checking out.

There are two sections on sex that have different categories. They include scenes with breast milk, plain vanilla, and scenes with dark chocolate. Surprisingly, you can also link to movies released on modern media by choosing a genre.

While the Directory is nice, but not as attractive as the Ranking Page, it's pointless.

The Ranking page shows a list of members' favourite performers, as well as who is trending upwards or downwards. You can click on the picture of the talent to be taken to all the movies she has appeared in, or all the ones that have been uploaded by JL users.

Surprisingly, there are also some Caucasian starsletts, along with Japanese women.

The Directory page is a poor design that makes it difficult to find interesting or even enjoyable. It is simply a collection of links to all the performers that have been discussed on JL.

These are some of the most thorough reviews I have ever seen

Each movie page has biographical information that is complete. However, the reviews contain even more information. Most pages have a few hundred words of description and critiques about the film. Others are longer than 1,500 words.

The members of this site are passionate about JAV films and give excellent reviews.

This page has one drawback: you cannot toggle reviews that were published within the last month or all time.

However, the translations are a great source of humor

This website's most hilarious feature is the way the movie names are translated. Or, at least, barely understandable. Moka's video ERIKA Sex Cum Black Ga Sugge is an example. Yes, Moka is ethnically Japanese.

Our favorite Idea Pocket film was probably the one that received the best reviews, and was appropriately titled "Revival!" For the First Time in 3 Years! Ban! First Life Cumshot Sex-SECOND Impression-Return 9 Early Launch Of Genuine Smen Anger To Ma ! Hatsune Minori."

We wish you good luck in your search to determine the contents of each movie based on its name alone and not by searching for tags.

Surprisingly, the "Official Forum" Is Basic

Although technically there is a forum we believe it qualifies. There are several dozen updates from administrators in the News & Announcements section, but they are almost all non-important. General Topics include everything from discussions about obscure sexual fetishes to questions about where to find vaguely-described pictures. These threads can be very exciting, but they are too densely placed together and have a horrible white-grey color scheme that makes it almost impossible to see.

The Error Reporting page uses an obscure title system, i.e. [KAGP-053] Correction Video Title. This apparently refers to the movie ID number and says that the name must be "fixed." Although the Wishing Pool is the most popular part of the forum it is also the least responsive. It is evident that some requests have only one or zero answers while others have 36.

Surprisingly, members engage in surprising amounts. We believe that many of our readers will come to the same negative conclusion as we did.

How this website looks on mobile devices

This website is not optimized. You will find yourself zooming in and outside of the site. It isn't too bad considering the website's simplicity.

Mobile devices will however have popups. A series of links to 15 social media sites are also displayed on the language selection screen. This is apparently in an attempt to encourage users to promote the site.

It will take a bit longer to join than other porn platforms

Although it's free to join JL you will need to spend more time than if you were to create an account on any other tube site. You will need to verify your age, email address, and provide your municipality location in order to generate a username and password.

You will need to agree to their terms and conditions before you can proceed. We recommend that you do so twice. This is because the site admins don't tolerate any violations of its rules and seem to have a one-strike policy.

What's Hot and Not on This Asian Archive

We love the fact that this site doesn't have any popups or banner ads. Because it is Japanese porn, the site has a lot more movies and categories than any other JAV site.

Although we might find fault with it, we find the translation errors so funny that we enjoy them.

We don't like that clicking on trailers and pictures almost always takes us to a different website. We don't like the fact that larger images and trailers always crash when we try to view them.

Finally, although there is a link for you to tweet at the JAV Library Twitter page and like it, there is almost no archived content and it seems that they have stopped adding new posts.

Things We Would Change

It's not surprising that we would first remove all redirects from the site. We find this hidden advertising distracting and spammy, even if it redirects you to another site with more video previews.

The website design isn't terrible but it is too boring. To make the website more stimulating visually, we would add more pink. We could also reduce the sensory overload by moving all ads to the left side of the screen below the menu.

The forum would be completely redesigned by us, dividing threads into appropriate sections. We would add interactive features such as polls and art sections, and we would also organize the forum into proper sections. This or we would remove this section of the website entirely, as there is so much to be done to improve this part of the website.

Do You Need to Give This Site a Watch?

Although the website's content is excellent, it has too many structural problems to be a strong endorsement. Hardcore JAV enthusiasts, especially those who love the uncensored version, will appreciate this website, while mainstream viewers will probably not.

  • We have never seen more creative
  • categories on any JAV site.
  • Movie reviews written by movie fans
  • are in-depth and written by them.
  • Translations of titles are so bad they
  • are so good.
  • Mobile Support
  • It isn't terrible but the website's
  • aesthetics need to be improved.
  • Video previews can crash and sometimes
  • take you away from the site when you
  • click on them.
  • It is a complete travesty in terms of both
  • the design and content.