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shemalestardb review


Shemalestardb has a simple premise. It provides information about thousands upon thousands of TS models from all nationalities and colors. Visitors can view thousands of images and porn videos. You can see the current count of their models. They currently have 10,808 models and 120.439 gallery links. This is quite impressive. The site is completely free to use and offers plenty of content for shemale lovers. You will find girls from all walks of life and of many different ethnicities on the site. We hope this review will give you a better understanding.

Site stats and traffic report has been at it since October 2009. It's a popular site for shemale lovers or curious porn fans. The site receives approximately 18,393 unique visitors per day and 104,388 page views daily. It has a global rank of #96986. The site's estimated value is $150,480.00. It can also earn approximately $209.00 per day through advertising revenue. Its servers are located in the United States.

It could be more beautiful

Before we dive into the content, it is important to inform the users about the complicated situation regarding navigation and design. It is not terrible, but the red-and-gold color scheme is. The overall presentation of content needs to be improved. Although the site does have a header menu it is quite unusual. It opens with a VOD tab, which [disappointingly] does not work. It could be a temporary problem, but users should check it out. It is said to contain shemale movies.

The home button takes you back to the homepage. Another button has two question marks (??). Another button has two question marks (??) and says "Help us to identify this babe please." Next to the New button is an A-Z Menu. The search function is located at the top right. This should prove helpful, especially since the models are listed alongside the gallery.

Although users should be able find their way around the site, some may have trouble reading the small fonts. The site's center has a lot of galleries that take up a lot of space. These chicks are incredibly hot and show off their toned bodies. The first page has hundreds of models, which is a good thing for shemale lovers. The site promises 10,808 models and it looks like they are keeping their word. A long list of tags is located at the bottom of the page.

There are many more options to choose from, such as a list celebrating their birthdays, a list with yesterday's top searches and all-time top searches, or a list with the top-rated shemales. They are great options, especially for galleries sites. In case visitors aren't satisfied with SheMaleStarDB's content, they have a list of top shemale websites.

Shemale galleries with mouthwatering flavors on tap

It is pouring galleries as promised. Shemale lovers will be amazed at the sheer volume of content. To give you an idea of the number of babes, the A option in the A-Z menu will yield 1330. This is quite a large list and this is only the A's. There are loads of previews on the homepage that show the first image from each gallery, as well as who it is. The thumbnail does not include information about the picture count, the date the gallery was created, views, ratings, or other details. To see many details, users will need to open the thumbnail. Although it isn't a dealbreaker, users will be able to benefit from enough information on the thumbnail. Gallery usually have between 8-12 photos, but galleries can contain more.

A gallery can be clicked to open a new tab that displays the gallery's images. You will also find information about the gallery including the name and details of the model, the date it was created, the number of views, as well as the day they were taken. A brief description is also included with galleries.

It is confusing to click on the gallery at first. It loads on what appears to be a completely different website. It turns out that the site is SheMaleStarDB. However, the design of the site has a completely different layout with a diverse background and more options in the header. There are buttons to access Home, Pictures and Movies, Models, Categories and Tags. Only the Home and Models tags work, and all others bring users back to preview images. Even then, the working buttons take you back to the main page. This is frustrating. The site team is currently redesigning it, but they need to correct the obvious errors quickly.

Overall, decent galleries

Users need to be aware that in order to view the whole galleries, they must visit another site with zip options. Users can comment and rate the galleries, but they will not be redirected. Although flipping through the galleries is easy, there are no slideshows or arrow keys navigation. To view full-size images, visitors must click in and out on each picture. This is not ideal.

Although the descriptions of galleries are catchy and well-written, they are quite interesting. One with an ebony goddess says: "Welcome Mayza Silva, the monster cock shemale to the site. This strong shemale hardbody is a muscular shemale and has a large uncut cock. She loves to play with it. You can see her showing off her ripped features, then she will whip out her large dick and jerk it madly!

Below are videos and images that relate to each gallery. These babes can often be seen flaunting their bodies, jerking, fucking other women, and getting fucked. These babes could easily pass for normal women if not for their incredible bodies and feminine features. This is an exciting and wild lineup that hot chicks with dicks will love. Every tgirl is a bombshell and there are no sorting options. They come in many shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

Mobile compatible

Good news! SheMaleStarDB can be accessed on mobile platforms so users can view these bodacious shemales wherever they are. The mobile version isn't the best and is not optimized for mobile. It is almost identical to the desktop version. Users are forced to zoom in to read the tiny fonts. Similar to the desktop version, it is equally horrible.

The best of SheMaleStarDB

Free shemale galleries. The site's main attraction is its ability to connect users with thousands high-quality shemale gallery websites. This task has been accomplished with distinction.

No cost. Users can use the site without having to register or pay any fees.

No ads. The shemale browsing experience has no intrusive ads and is very smooth.

Well-organized galleries. With such a large collection of galleries, it was a smart move by the site to arrange the galleries by model so that they are easier to find.

Potential concerns

The site's confusing design. It doesn't have the best layouts and is a poor presentation of the content. These are two glaring examples: the small fonts and the lack of a helpful header menu.

There is no slideshow. Although there are many galleries to look at, the site does not offer a slideshow or an arrow key option.


It could be that the site's design is improved. The site's presentation is terrible, and some tabs don't work. Similar problems could be found in the mobile version. It has smaller fonts than the desktop version and makes it difficult to read. For more leisurely browsing of galleries, the site might consider offering a slideshow function or at the very least an arrow key function.


The site offers decent shemale content. You will find thousands upon thousands of beautiful galleries featuring thousands of models. This is a great site for those who enjoy this type of content. The site has a lot of potential for improvement, including the redesign and the addition of sorting options. If you overlook its shortcomings, you can still enjoy the hottest TS models in all sorts of erotica.

  • Free shemale galleries in thousands.
  • No cost.
  • There are no ads.
  • Gallery organization well thought out.
  • Mobile Support
  • Slideshows not available.