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TheFappeningBlog review



What were you doing on Sunday, August 14th 2014? This date may not be important to you. However, if you're a serious porn fan, there's a good chance that you can recall exactly what you did and where you were at the time. This was The Fappening date.

It was a quiet morning. It was quiet until it wasn't. Twitterverse was abuzz about the news that over 500 photos and videos had been leaked, purportedly of celebrities who are most admired and sought after. It was all that anyone could talk about. It was undoubtedly the biggest celebrity hack, making it one of the most talked about scandals in modern times. The ethics surrounding the hack caused much controversy.

The issue was essentially divided into two camps. The first was those who thought these leaks, cleverly and quickly referred to as "the fappening", were an invasion on privacy. Evidently, the argument goes that it is against morality and common decency for anyone to access private nude images of celebrities or other people, and do so for any reason. Further, the reason for the fappening seemed to be to create chaos. Or, perhaps, to share the tempting appeal of celebrity bodies with all of the world.

People were sued. People were arrested. People were held responsible. Lena Dunham, an actress, asked people to not view the photos via Twitter. She said that she would "violate[s] these ladies over and over." It's not okay." Emma Watson spoke out against the publication of the photos and the "complimentary comments [on social media]" that showed such a lack empathy.

Jennifer Lawrence also famously called the hacks "sex crimes", and "sexual violation" when she said, "Anybody who looks at those photos, you're perpetuating a sexual offense, and you should hide with shame."

It's only human nature

This contrasts with other subjects, such as Emily Ratajkowski who stated in an interview to GQ that "a lot of people who were affected by [the hack] said that anyone who looks at the pictures should feel guilty," but that it's not fair [...] I don't believe anyone who Googles it necessarily is a criminal. The people who stole the photos were, I believe, the victims." However, others seemingly unaffected by leaks spoke out against them. Along with others from Hollywood, Seth Rogan, Lucas Neff, and other actors, condemned the leaks.

No matter what your position on the subject, the fappening is certain to go down in history and be remembered as a significant demonstration of privacy problems on modern devices. Some blame the two-factor authentication system for the breach. Others, like Forbes writers, suggest that you disable the "photo stream” feature of iCloud to prevent similar hacks in future.

You are probably curious, regardless of whether or not you can understand the pain and suffering these leaks caused to the women they affected. You should probably take a look at all or some of these videos and photos if you don't already. wants to assure you that this is not something to be ashamed. As Ratajkowski said, it is human nature. Many sites are dedicated to the content of the fappening and any other sexually suggestive photos that celebrities have leaked or obtained.

Take The Fappening to Tomorrow

One of these types of sites easily found on the web (regardless of the cries of outrage aimed at Google for not policing them) is The Fappening Blog, or You will need to dig a little to find all the Fapping content on this site. Although massive hacking and leaks such as the fappening, and the less well-known fappening 2.0, are rare, the Fappening Blog is more of a database of celebrities nudes and sexy photos than a testament to the fappening. Many of the original Fappening content has been buried.

This could be an attempt to keep the site from being wiped out by anyone looking to delete images or videos. This is likely due to the blog format of the site. It is difficult to navigate the blog by its very nature. The further back a post is pushed, the older it becomes. A blog will often compensate by providing an easy-to-find postdated index. This allows you to click on a calendar to view the dates of any posts you wish to see.

Archiving Issues

However, the Fappening Blog doesn't date their posts. They are presented as a blog in the same order. It is much harder to find Fappening content on a site as monolithic as The Fappening Blog. might offer one suggestion to this site: archive and date your posts... at least for the time that you are moving forward. This will make browsing much more enjoyable.

However, you can search the site by celebrity. This might be all that matters to you. The site menu bar allows you to access an alphabetized list listing every celebrity who has appeared on The Fappening Blog. This will be your best option for finding Fappening 2.0 and Fappening 1.0 content. You never know when you might stumble across some nudes of your favorite singer or actress that weren't involved with Fappening 2.0. You can also find this list down the right-handside of the page as you scroll through post after paragraph of nude celebs.

This leads to another problem with the site. The Fappening blog does not only feature images of nude celebrities. To compensate for the lack of theme-specific content, this site does something similar to many others: they expand the definition of what content they present. If you don't discriminate, a sexy picture of your favorite celeb can be just as great as a nude one. This might disappoint you if your goal is to find the nitty gritty and the nudes at The Fappening Blog. This makes it harder to find the content you are looking for, as you have to search by celeb.

Forums are better than the Blog itself.

The Fappening Blog, however, is quite sparse. It's not bad. It doesn't look great. It doesn't have an advanced search, which is frustrating for such a large database. It's also not the most user-friendly site on the internet. If you're able to get around these design issues, The Fappening Blog can provide you with what you need: naked images (or scantily dressed) videos of your favorite celebs.

The blog is not the best place to look for leaked images or vids. You might be able to have better luck if you go to the forum. Things are much more organized here. If you are looking for celebrity leaked photos, simply click on the section. If you don't have any nudes, you can check out old leaks and sexy photos. You can also ask other members if they have any information on your lady in the "requests” section of the forums.

You can also view photos of non-celebrities, where people post pictures of models, cam girls, amateurs, as well as pics of their wives, girlfriends or exes. Maybe you just want to chat. You don't have to be shy, you can always head over to the general chat section and just have a good time with like-minded people.

The Fappening Blog is not the worst celebrity porn site out there. It is regularly updated which is better than just focusing on the leaks from the Fappening. Although it has some issues with site organization and design, it is still a great resource for finding out all you can about your celebrity crush.

  • Huge collection of nude and sexy images from celebrities
  • Amazing community
  • Forum section with huge and active members
  • Consistent updates
  • Mobile friendly
  • Mobile Support
  • Lack of organization/archiving
  • Many non-nude contents
  • Site design could be improved
  • No sex tapes