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wikifeet review


Wikifeet, despite its name, is all about foot fetish. It showcases the sexy feet famously beautiful girls. This site features a wide range of feet from small to large, with long or short toes and flat or high arches. It also showcases bare feet and shoes. The site also allows users to view long, straight legs. WikiFeet is undoubtedly the largest online archive of celebrity feet photos. Celebrity feet photos are fairly accessible, especially in summer months, warmer climates, and the realm of strappy-sandal-wearing celebrities. This website aims to appeal to that fetish by providing users with a huge archive of famous feet to admire.

A brief history

WikiFeet is a "collaborative website" that allows users to rate, discuss, and share images and videos about celebrity feet. Photos that show toes, soles, or arches are the most valuable. Eli Ozer, a 36 year-old Tel Aviv programmer, created the site in 2008. He admits that he is a passionate fan of foot fetish, and said in an interview that he has been a big fan since childhood.

Since then, the site has grown exponentially and boasts over 3.3 page views per day and 415.867 unique page views per day. It is ranked #4,301 in the global traffic rankings and has an estimated value of $3,593,160.00. The site also earns around $ 3,327.00 per day. It is claimed by the owner that the site is his sole source of income. The numbers support this claim.

The site currently has more than 50,000 users and a strong [but politically complex] community of foot lovers. These users range from casual admirers of aesthetics to hardcore masturbators who live a life of constant sole searching.

Celebrities' best feet

This site is for lovers of the foot fetish. WikiFeet has become a popular destination. You will find content from famous babes such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and Emma Watson.

You will see a lot of photos right away. Each thumbnail is filled with photos of naked feet and legs. Some girls walk barefoot while others wear sandals or open-toed shoes. Closed footwear that covers the soles, toes and arches is not shown in these images.

The photos were uploaded by the user. Views show that people love the collection. Both registered and casual WikiFeet users enjoy browsing the site and uploading photos. This is how the site has grown enough to allow the owner to make a decent living.

To be followed

WikiFeet may be a site for foot appreciation, but one thing is certain from the start: photos aren't supposed to be sexual. The homepage has a disclaimer and a few rules. One of the most important rules is, "We don't allow uploading any adult content of any type." You will be banned for uploading this content.

There are many other guidelines that can be used to post comments and photos. The basic principle is to not be creepy, be legal, and don't get horny. In fact, users are most attracted to photos of bikini-clad girls showing off their bums and thighs. However, this has not stopped foot fetish fans from flooding into this site.

It's easy to get around

WikiFeet is more similar to Wikipedia in terms of content search. However, there's one important difference. When you type the name of a celebrity on the search bar, WikiFeet will display a gallery of her pictures instead of an article. These photos are, of course, prominently featuring feet.

There are a few materials users can browse from the homepage. The site does not contain any explicit or violent material, as the rules promise. A section is available for celebrities who have been featured on Feet of the Day and Feet of the Week, with Jenessa Sheffield and Havana Brown. A Feet of the Year poll features 51 celebrities who have been featured on Feet of the Week at some point during the year.

It is important to remember that this site is not just for Hollywood A-listers. You will find a lot of broads from around the world, some not immediately recognisable. It all comes down to the fact that the content was uploaded by users.

A long list of famous people

You can browse the collection by stars. To see the entire list, click on Celebrities. There are over 3500 pages of celebrities from all walks of life. Each one has an enormous amount of content. Zaira Nara has over 775 photos, Lauren Dern over 665, and Bridget Satterlee 402. These images were taken from the girls' Instagram, SnapChat and other social media pages. They are generally in good quality and available for most of the time.

WikiFeet offers a variety of filters that will help you sort through the plethora of photos of celebrities and open-toed wedge photos. You can search for celebrities by name, popularity, birth date, country, birth date, site rating, and newest first. You can browse celebrities by their nationality to see how spread out they are, with almost every country represented.

These filters can only be used in one direction. For example, users can't combine the filters to find a Spanish girl wearing a particular shoe size. Although it is not a major issue, it should be something that the team considers.

Foot videos with a good deal of humor

WikiFeet also has a large collection of videos that cover the feet fetish. However, the videos section is not as organized as the photos section and has no clear sort order. There are 1209 pages to explore, with a lot of YouTube videos featuring girls extolling the benefits of products that can be worn on their feet. There are also scenes from TV and movies. However, it seems that these videos just happen to be random things people have seen with feet in them. You might find a tutorial on how to properly massage your feet and other content. A little organization can go a long ways in any case.

WikiFeet: There are many things to love about WikiFeet

This huge gallery contains thousands of photos of celeb feet. Fans of the footfetish will love the sheer number of files and the many images of sexy feet featuring both known and unknown women.

Huge list of celebrities; it has almost every famous woman you can think of.

The site offers excellent filters. It has incredible sorting tools to allow users to sort through the huge list of celebrities.

Continuous updates . The collection is constantly updated . New galleries are added almost daily. This site is home to thousands of users who keep adding new content every minute.

Potential concerns

You can only use one filter at a time , but the site does a great job of providing a variety of filters. Users can only use one filter at a given time, and there is no way to combine them to refine searches.

There is no porn. The site strictly prohibits nudity and the uploading of adult content. The site is strictly about feet, and does not allow for any other fetishes.

Quality. A site that relies heavily on user-uploaded content is not limited by its quantity. Some files are average or mediocre in quality.

What the site can do to improve

It could use some organization, especially with the videos that have been scattered around in a haphazard manner. The Windows-Esque interface, which is very unhelpful and outdated, gives the site an outdated look. The team should work towards improving the site's visual appeal.


WikiFeet has been delivering its promises, despite the issues with the organization. It is full of thousands of user-uploaded files that show celebrity feet in all sizes and shapes. Users will find a large collection of famous women with exposed feet as new content comes in fast. A few videos have been shared, which will impress anyone who is into the feetfetish.

  • This huge gallery features celeb feet.
  • A huge list of celebs.
  • Excellent filters.
  • Constant updates.
  • Mobile Support
  • Filters cannot be used more
  • than once.
  • No porn.
  • Qualitative.