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VRBangers review


VRBangers, a premium porn site specializing on virtual reality content, is an award-winning website. They were established in 2015 and are considered to be one of the most innovative and popular 3D sex websites. Their popularity among the masturbating population speaks volumes, not only because of their critical acclaim. The website has around 4,000 visitors per day as of the time this article was written. They were nominated for the 2019 AVN Award and the 2018 XBiz Award.

VR Sex Moves ahead of the Curve

Since Star Trek introduced the concept of a Holodeck, virtual reality sex has been a popular fantasy among tech-oriented perverts. Research and fantasizing took decades before a viable sex helmet was developed. It would take many more years before similar devices were available in the real world. Although VRBangers was founded in 2015, it has been around for many years. The website has been able to gain a solid footing in a crowded niche, build a catalogue, refine their technique, and master the steep learning curve required to create realistic VR porno.

Even from the landing page, production values are very high. The website has a modern layout that entices visitors. Its top section is dominated with a full-motion, but 2-dimensional video montage of some of the videos. The porn stars are easily recognized as they clink shot glasses at a bar before engaging in oral sex and having a trio with a lucky man whose name is not shown. This VR site presumes that he is the viewer's stand-in. The true scene is shot from his perspective.

Below are previews of popular videos. Ebony porn starlet Demi Sutra gives the viewers a blowjob, and rides backwards cowgirls in Funny As Fuck. Birthday Girls allows site members and friends to have a virtual trio with redheads Lacy Kendrick and Maya Kendrick. The position icons indicate how movies should be masturbated. For example, The Unfaithful Girlfriend will entertain viewers from a standing or seated position. For full immersion, the sexy O'zapft is BDSM VR movie about fetish/anal Oktoberfest, requires both sitting and lying.

Previews can be viewed via the built-in video viewer, but the Download buttons are all fake. Users will be redirected to the sign up page if they attempt to save any of these formats. Virtual reality porno looks best at the highest resolution possible on your device. This makes it essential to download the media for the best experience. VRBangers currently offers media up to 6K resolution, but viewers are not able to see these high-definition scenes.

Get Discounted Tickets to Porno of the Future

VRBangers' one-month membership costs $25. This is $5 less than a traditional, two-dimensional porno site. This could be due to VR porn's growing popularity as an adult niche. Many major operators are trying to attract new users with 3D blowjobs or virtual orgies. A full year subscription is currently available for $100, and the site has lower rates for long-term subscriptions. reviewed the website and noticed a 50% discount on the regular price. The monthly rate was reduced to $15 but longer subscriptions did not change.

All current-generation VR devices are compatible with the VR sex movies from VRBangers. It doesn't matter if your device is specifically designed for masturbating. All supported devices include GearVR, PlayStation VR and Cardboard. You can use off-brand gadgets with your phone, but they may require more work and produce less satisfying results., one of a few VR sites that has its own app, is just one of a handful. The app is currently available for 8 VR-capable devices. It allows you to download and view their 3D smut quickly. You can also get a free tour. You can download the links to other app stores. Support is limited. It seems that there is a conflict in the listing of the app elsewhere. The app connects with VRBangers using your login and password. However, developers respond to complaints saying that it's not intended for viewing VR porn.

Immersive 3D Smuts in a Variety of Styles

VRBangers posts new VR movies about two times per week. They have released more than 300 immersive Asian anal films, Latina love stories, and lesbian lap shows to date. Virtual reality porno is still relatively new, and many websites are struggling to make it big.

The main Videos screen displays the most recent content in All Categories, and All Positions by default. You can also view the Most Recent view. Categories and positions can be easily selected using checkboxes. Movies are also available for masturbating participants who like to sit, stand, lie, or swivel.

VRBangers makes full-length porn movies that last between 30 and an hour. This means there are often multiple positions in each picture. These movies have been made for several years so you won't see the nausea-inducing, awkward position cuts that you might find in less advanced 3D smuts.

Due to their large catalog, the categories are quite deep for a virtual-reality site. All the usual porno sites like Big Tits and Brunette will be found, as well as Teen, MILF, Squirt, Teen, MILF, and Teen. A few more obscure categories, such as Hairy, Parody, and Cosplay are available, but they don't have the same kink. A few movies are available from the categories list when you search for VR Fetish or BDSM movies.

Experience VRSex with VRBangers retrieved a 6K HD copy of Busty Namaste, one of their latest movies, for this review. The film runs for nearly 45 minutes and stars Sofi Ryan, who teaches yoga to VRBangers. Sofi is seen on the ground, doing some stretching, then pulling her breasts out and working those hamstrings.

The realism VR brings to the experience can make viewers who are used to boring setup scenes feel a lot more excited. Sofi doesn’t take off her pants until 6 minutes into the video, but it’s almost 6 minutes of virtual brunettes giggling and smiling right in front you. The illusion is enhanced by the 3D binaural audio, which puts her lips next to your ears when she whispers. ASMR tingles can be a common reaction.

For a third of the film, the naked sitting continues. The final scene features Sofi riding her beautiful, shaved vagina into the viewers face, as she moans and looks down. It is almost as if Sofia is looking into your soul, before she starts to grind her bleached anus in you face.

The next scene will see Sofia giving the virtual stand-in an aggressive, loud blowjob. Viewers will be standing for it. She is a talented woman who slurps and hustles the shaft. This shows the talent VRBangers has. It's not uncommon to see big names such as Mia Malkova and Riley Reid in their films. And porno fans will be delighted by the talent of the young and upcoming talent who stop by on their way up the ladder.

Every element of VRBangers is able to show that production values are consistent high. They have spent a few years in VR porn and have been able to work out all the technical issues and concentrate on creating high quality 3D sex films. This porn is some of the most real and immersive on the planet. It also features a high level of sexual talent that you won't find on any other premium site. The site's overall value is evident in the fact that VRBangers has incorporated so many quality elements together. continues to win awards. But it is obvious to casual observers why this VR sex site is so popular. Their content is top-notch and their prices are lower than other traditional porn sites. The site offers multiple updates per week, making it a good choice for anyone looking to fill their VR with pornography.

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