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WankzVR review



Porn Advances Civilization

Virtual Reality is one rare form of technology that people have eagerly awaited for the past half century. Since the 1950s when it was first thought of and theorized, virtual reality has been a man's dream. He chased and chased the rabbit hole to see how far he could go.

Virtual Reality has been a central part of science fiction and speculative fiction. Virtual Reality is one of those technological advances that has transformed from a wild, impossible dream into a reality. The greatest progresses have been made in the past decade in making it a reality both virtually and in real life. Virtual Reality was popularized in the 1980s and 1990s. However, it still seemed far-fetched and futuristic.

Although there were some early applications, they were not scaleable and were far from perfect. You might be able to see VR in action at an exclusive conference or science museum. Virtual Reality was not available for mass consumption until around ten years after the turn of the 21st century.

In the early days of Virtual Reality tech, it was difficult to predict which industry would bring VR to market. It would have been smart to place money on the gaming industry. Experts and laymen agreed that VR would be most effective when it is paired with favorite video games. This will allow us to immerse ourselves in the same worlds and levels that have held generations captive in the 2D realm. This bet would have been lost by these people, however.

However, those who believed in the power and potential growth of the adult entertainment sector would have won. Because porn has been the major player in VR content reaching the masses. Although gaming companies have also tried to offer Virtual Reality components to their games it is difficult to do so effectively. It's one thing to place a viewer in a pornographic film, but it is quite another to make the viewer believe that he is living in a fantasy world. So far, pornography has enjoyed the greatest success in VR, at least at the current stage of its development.

It makes perfect sense, if you stop to think about it. Sex is our main concern, if not our primary concern. There are many unavoidable and visceral needs that we have. When those needs are not met we resort to imagination and self-pleasure to convince our bodies that we have done them any carnal justice. This is the pretense that porn is based on. VR only increases the beliefability and allows us to trick our senses into gratification.

VR porn is on the rise because it is one the most convincing, compelling, and appealing applications of tech to date. With the increasing availability of VR, most VR headsets are easily purchased at your local tech store and shipped directly to your home in a matter of days. Naturally, there has been an increase in VR porn websites.

Is Wankz VR the Best VR Porn Site in 2022?

Like any other porn site, there will be some that are better than others. has the responsibility to help you determine which one is. Today we'll be looking at Wankz VR, one of the most prominent sites in VR porn.

Wankz VR wasn't the first site to offer VR, but this company was smart enough to jump on board before others. Wankz VR was launched in 2016 and has been a top-rated VR porn site for almost 4 years.

It was created as a companion site for the wider Wankz network. This now includes Wankz, MILF VR, Lethal Pass, Teen Girls,, and Tranny VR. All-access memberships to Wankz allow you to access all or some of these sites for one monthly fee. Wankz VR quickly rose up the ranks of VR porn websites, receiving much praise and notoriety as soon as it was launched. Wankz VR's high-quality VR pictures and the fact that it offers Virtual Reality experiences with some of the most prominent names in the adult entertainment business were likely to explain this.

This is not something every VR porn site can boast about. It seems that VR porn sites are often not able to offer the same star power as well-known, accomplished actresses. Wankz allows users to live out their fantasies by virtually meeting their favorite porn stars. Wankz VR membership allows you to have transcendent virtual encounters.

Each Time You Get a New Experience

Porn Sites is immediately struck by the wide range of scenarios they offer. While it's one thing for a VR site to have high-quality content and beautiful girls, it is quite another for them to offer a wide range of experiences. Anyone who has had any experience with VR porn will know that the experience is the most important thing. You don't want the same experience every time.

Wankz makes it a point to mix it up. Each VR experience should be different, but each one should be just as satisfying or even better than the previous. You can expect to be swept away into a Halloween orgy with Gina Valentina and Lena Anderson; your secretary visits your office to lighten the load; or the cool dad in the neighborhood who has a chance encounter the sexy girl next door.

Site Design Mistakes and Drawbacks

The site design is somewhat unusual when compared to other premium porn sites. It is also quite different when compared with other VR porn sites. Wankz VR provides a list with covers. Each cover is a gallery of images that can be viewed in a carousel. This is what appears to be a confusing mess of code. On closer inspection, however, you will see that it actually contains a list all Wankz VR capable VR headsets and their respective video quality options. Then, there is a list with viewing options (download mirror, stream, or web player).

Although it may seem confusing at first, once you get used to it, it becomes quite enjoyable. The web player option is a great choice. You don't have to open new tabs or keep track of everything you see as you browse. The player just appears on the homepage and blacks out all other pages in an automatic theatre mode. Wankz VR is the most technical VR porn site, with a variety of viewing, streaming and downloading options. Wankz VR can be enjoyed on your Gear VR or Playstation VR, Smartphones, Oculus or Vive VR headset.

The main complaint about Porn Sites is a lack in adaptation. There are many new ways to get into VR experiences. VR tech has improved. Wankz doesn't offer 360-degree VR videos, but some VR sites do. Wankz is not able to synch up with Bluetooth sex toys. Other sites offer experiences that can be used on other websites. If there were one suggestion, it would be that Wankz explore newer technology.

Wankz VR is a great VR site with tons of amazing videos, many different experiences, some of the most talented girls in the business, and regular updates. You can expect to see a new video every three days. Wankz VR is a great VR site for you to pledge your allegiance.

  • Top porn stars.
  • Many VR experiences.
  • Every 3-4 days, new uploads.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • You can view videos without a headset.
  • Mobile Support
  • Inadequacy of VR apps and
  • companion tech.
  • Site design slightly messy.