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BoundHub review



Tieing up your partner is highly erotic. We don't know if it's because it looks so good. It could be a power play and all about dominance. We don't care what it is. Bondage porn is fascinating and it's a privilege to explore it. It is fascinating, even if you don't eat it. This is the best thing. It doesn't matter if you are into it. You can always join us on an adventure, and that's what you are probably about to do.

The history of the site as well as its design was created exactly on 29 June 2013, in the year 2013. This website is quite old. It dates back to the days when there weren't many corporations trying to push for more ads or extort money from people. We expect it to be great. If we find out that it is a bunch of crap, we will report that as well. We must examine each and every aspect of this place. This includes how it looks and the navigation system. It also matters if the videos are good. We'll also count the number of ads that can ruin your browsing experience, as per usual. Let's not drag this out too much, and let's get to the point.'s design is utterly boring. Their entire site is black and their logo doesn’t have any fun fonts for letters. Their name is in two colors and that's all. It doesn't have any originality. We also see all of the content in the middle, which is a common approach. Another regular feature is the presence of the navigation system at the top.

We also see four of the usual ads, but we didn't touch navigation so we don't know for sure. The design is a huge failure. There are no excuses when you consider that the website is more than six years old. Although it is a free website they should have made more efforts to make this site look better. It looks like any other website. It's not interesting, that's certain.'s navigation system is at least better than its design. There are a few options at the beginning. These options are mostly about videos like the top-rated, most watched, and the newest. You also have the models, playlists and channels. Although you can see a webcam or a dating site, they are not part of this specific place. We don't know if they are the same owners, so we can't see them physically. There are also many channels that post on this site and partner sites, which you can look at.

It is a great navigation system. It's not just full of sponsors and promotions, but it still offers a lot of useful information. There are many options to browse the videos. You can also quickly locate porn stars you like in the models section. We are proud of the effort they put into this site, and we applaud that.

Website content

This article is about bondage and tying up. These women love it when men dominate them, tie them up, torture them, and so on. These videos will make you swoon if you love power plays. They have a lot of content. You'll find the standard tying up with ropes or some latex suits, and even ball gags. If you love extreme porn like this, you will absolutely love it.'s navigation system also features several helpful buttons. You can search for porn that has been rated positive or browse the latest stuff. You can do what you want, that's the beauty. You also get the models, categories, and tags.

Let's now discuss these. There are many tags, and they're diverse. One reason tags are fundamentally different to categories is that they have a distinct purpose. They are more precise. You can find the smallest of elements you are interested in here, and it's quite cool. There isn't a single category for metal belts. They do have a tag! This is how it works. You can also find models on Every shape, size and race is available. You'll find Asians if you are interested in them. The same applies to black and white women. This site is all about equality, as every woman who wants it can be tied up by her partner.

Mobile and desktop experience's desktop experience is very pleasant. The website is free of pop-ups and offers no restrictions. Notice how the word "safely" was not used? This is because our antivirus stopped the connection multiple times due to that URL blacklist thing. Although we don't know what is happening here, it's something we have to mention anyway. We are happy with the results of the navigation system. Their weakest point is the design. That's a fact. We'll change our mind if they fix it. We rate it exceptionally well for the moment, but think they should improve.'s mobile version is almost identical. The website is virtually identical, but the creators took the time to make it mobile-friendly. You can quickly access all options without having to zoom in. Comparing these devices is futile. Your computer is the best option if you prefer to relax in a quiet place and enjoy porn. If you need to take a quick look, your smartphone is also an option. Both versions are great, it's up to you.

What I like about the place

Every site has its ups and downs, and doesn't seem to be an exception. We'll begin with the negative aspects of this site, since we have fewer. The design is so boring that it outperforms all other websites and takes the throne. Unfortunately, the throne is covered in shit because their design is so bad that it's nearly impossible to see. We suspect that this place may be infected by viruses because our antivirus has repeatedly disconnected the connection. You should not use this site if your antivirus isn't stable and reliable. We don't like that this site also sponsors many websites. It makes the experience less enjoyable. Although they don't have popups, they seem to be full network partners and viruses.

We already discussed the positive sides. has a great navigation system and fresh content. It also loads fast. These are the essentials, and every website should have them. They don't have anything unique, original, or extraordinary. It's cool, but it's not anything special.

Suggestions to the site and conclusion

You need to fix any problems that could cause your antivirus to fail. Hire a designer to fix the design. First impressions are important. If you want to make a lasting impression, then you need to look amazing. We are now left with the conclusion. We can only say that it's positive. It loads quickly and works flawlessly. The navigation system is also efficient and simple to use. You will find something to enjoy in the video galleries. This place is definitely worth checking out.

  • It is simple to use.
  • Cool navigation system.
  • It looks great!
  • Mobile Support
  • Design is a pain.
  • The logo is boring.
  • There are too many viruses
  • and threats.