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fetishnetwork review



People might argue that most forms of porn are not designed to push the boundaries of performers' genitalia, such as by testing their ability to fornicate for long periods of time. There are sex lovers and porn enthusiasts who enjoy seeing things more rough than that.

The vast majority of websites that only feature extreme smut do not have the traditional whips or chains. They offer a wide variety of kinks, each with their own shocking content. You might want to avoid this one if you are sensitive to things that could be called "scaring horses".

This post is for you if you're into the hard stuff and want to push yourself, but it's not something you want to miss. Let's get down to business and dive into every aspect of the Fetish Network.

Disclaimer: This website does have values

Many still believe that extreme pornographers see performers as meat and don't care about their well-being. Worse, some people are religiously and politically motivated to believe that there are no rules.

We have reviewed many fetish sites including this one and can confirm that it is not true.

Fetish Network, like other extreme erotica websites such as values its workers and has a page about them that expresses this.

The people performing on these sites are engaged in the BDSM lifestyle. In keeping with the ethics of the wider community, we adhere to the guidelines for making scenes safe, sane and consensual.

If you think otherwise, there is no harm or injury to anyone.

These websites' staff are sensitive to customers' feedback, and allow it to influence their website direction. We checked that the company, which is based in Stateside, complies with all US regulations. This includes 18 USC 2257 record compliance requirements.

The Network has one of the longest backstories ever

Studio platforms that we review are less than a decade old, and sometimes even fifteen years. Many of these domains were once owned by multiple owners before they became a notable brand.

Rarely are there older websites with a history that dates back to the end of the 20th Century. However, most are old live chat pages. is definitely one of our favorite smut websites that we've ever seen.

The company was founded in 1990 and the website was launched in 1996. This domain was used, as it is now, to promote and post hardcore fetish content. FN was sponsored by the United States as the largest promoter of The Other World Kingdom in its initial form. Although it may sound strange, this was a magazine for dominatrixes that was owned and operated by women.

It was the 1990s and there wasn't much else to see other than links to mistress contacts, newsletters, events, and newsletters. The design was also lacking in graphics and more colors than green and black.

This domain was redesigned with professionally-produced graphics and a better layout in just one year. The owners promoted the magazine and other pornographers by adding a chat room, phone options and a live-dungeon.

Fetish Network began to take shape at this moment.

Y2K was followed by a forum, estore and personal ads. However, it took a few years for the collection to be complete with video and photo subsites. This platform boasted eight websites by 2006

The designers and their associated pornographers kept the pace up throughout the decade and improved the appearance of the landing pages multiple times. They also created a number of subsites and reworked it a few more times. However, they started to try to make extra money with banner ads.

Since then, many more improvements and additions were made. Be careful when you click around the Friends discount page.

The Main Site Design looks great on all modern machines

The main Fetish Network pages featured tons of static promotional images and a variety of reddish hues, mixed with white text. This was about a decade ago. We found it quite effective. It almost seemed to be entice viewers to sign up for the design, not the savings plans or content.

Fetish Network, like most modern sites, has undergone some graphic simplification. This design trend is very popular these days. However, it has not been used on Fetish Network.

It is somewhat boring with the grey background and greyish text. Although the logo is stylized, there aren't many flash elements that can really promote the site. This does however draw your attention to the linked promotional photos. These pictures do not have thumbnail previews, which is a standard feature on most tubes sites.

The design isn't terrible, and all links work on mobile or desktop. Mobile version is optimized well and provides all the same links to take you to the many subsites.

Last but not least, it should be noted that nearly all spammy links have been removed.

This Network has Dozens of Speciality Platforms

There are many websites out there, some of them dating back more than ten years. This means that there is a lot of unreliable content. The Sites link in menu will take you to a list of links that takes you to all the categories.

BDSM – This category is the most linked, but it does not necessarily mean you will see the same type of dominance fetish or bondage. Each domain is unique and has its own premise. This includes high-quality props, expensive sets, and performers.

Popular platforms include Internet Creepers and Hostel XXX, which are relative newcomers. There are also classics such as Bondage Auditions.

Teen – In addition to generalized teen porn that is mixed with light BDSM and a few other sexy BDSM, focuses on Latina women who are looking to be humped hard.

Brain Washed Teens is another sexy fetish. It is based on hypnotized girls doing whatever they are instructed. This is Campy, though we've never seen it before.

Spanking- It's not surprising that this fetish appears on this network. We know there are only a few domains you can enjoy, but if you love a*s whipping, we are certain you will love what we have to offer.

Femdom You will find female dominance of men everywhere on the internet, especially on mainstream tube sites. They are however quite dull compared to other platforms available through this network. The fetish's take is creative and there are a half dozen subsites.

Footdom -- Yes, there's a separate version of the female dominatrix Fetish that focuses exclusively on ripe feet. You will enjoy what you see, even if your taste is not extreme porn.

Smothering- These videos don't show petite, slender women, contrary to what you might think. The female talent is more sexy than the male, with a body that is closer to the nubile.

This doesn't mean that these women don't know how to control the men they are filming with. Take a look at the footage and be prepared to be amazed by scenes of aggressive facesitting and 'forced' motorboating as well as attempts by the ladies against their subs.

Smoking - While these models may engage in more vanilla sex than they do in , the main draw is the amount of smoke that they inhale from their faces. This is a more obscure fetish so you will need to search around for it. These videos are quite high quality, so you can start right here.

Taboo You might wonder what is more taboo than watching tit torture, subjugation of male dominatrixes or spanking smut. It is the big one: movies about step-siblings or stepparents having it on.

Although these incest films are fake, the performers do a great job of selling the fantasy.

Legs and Nylons- This section has a total of 328 videos. If you're into pantyhose, you won't be bored by the three subsites.

Jerkoff Instructions If you enjoy being told what to do while masturbating this is the kind of entertainment that will keep your interest and entertained for days. We should probably say months, as there are several hundred videos.

Other This site, Fetish Dolls has all types of content. It features everything from masturbating alone or with a girlfriend, in fishnet, wild threeways and women in all sorts of costumes.

You should know that video fidelity can vary from standard definition to 4K Ultra HD, depending on which domain you are using. This is because the network has been around so long. The highest degree of fidelity is evident in almost all recent additions.

They also contain some queer content

Although it's not the main focus of these reviews, because it is such an important part of the network, we should mention the fact that there are many gay sites on this network. Some of these sites, such as or, are just a queer version what you can see on the FN-straight sites.

Busted Boys is another option. Busted Boys is a combination of ne'er do-wells, on the run convicts and escorts that are tracked down to a hotel for a sting operation.

The "officers' roughhouse the suspect and give him an ultimatum to offer sexual favors in exchange for his release. It is actually a pornographic porn parody that has a twist similar Operation Escort for the straight end.

There are also a few creative takes on extreme porn that are slightly different. Property POV is an example of ambitious real estate agents who are ready to do everything to close a deal. All of the footage is shot from a single point of view, so the focus always falls at the bottom.

Be a Homegrown Porn Director

The best thing about this website is the ability to create your very own porno right from your home. You can choose the performer and fetish, as well as her outfit, lipstick color, and what type of action she will be performing. Are you comfortable talking during a scene Write a script for your model. You can even get your name to appear in the script!

After you have completed your instructions and requests, you can submit your order. Once you have received it, you can download the video forever.

Non-nude basic videos of up to 15 minutes will cost you $100-$200, depending on the details of the movie. Videos with toys or fetishes that are 15-20 minutes long will cost you $150-200, while movies for couples will cost $250-400.

However, if you offer more money for any proposal, it dramatically increases the likelihood that more models will be competitive in order to obtain the contract .

Does it sound too good to be true To see if we are correct, just click on the Custom Fetish Video link while you browse the main pages.

You Get Some Great Deals As An Account Holder

Website members have access to exclusive deals and can be referred to other fetish sites. You can expect to receive 20-50% on memberships to other networks such as and individual studios like Evil Angel.

Nevertheless, there are some things that could be improved

We find only two issues, one major and one minor.

First, it is great to see so many websites broken up into different categories. It can make it difficult to find them which reduces the user experience. The only way to reduce the number of websites per page is by using the Recommended Sites tab or the search engine.

Although the latter is good enough, it gives too many results. This review should be read by web designers.

It is also a bit disappointing to see Fetish Network's twitter account shut down. Although we don't know why, it seems that the page was used primarily to promote future content. If we could, we would fight for this page to be reinstated.

Your bank balance will not be affected by joining up

There are many attractive benefits to creating an account. Access to many sites is possible, with each site offering a different view of extreme erotica. These subsites host over 3500 videos and more than 100,000 photos, with daily new additions.

Through their social media features, you can connect with other BDSM fans from all over the world. Unlike other porn sites, you can share your opinions and give feedback to site masters. This will influence the design of future uploads. As we have already mentioned, you can create your own porno with this network's exclusive tools.

Want to be even more motivated to open an account?

You can get a trial account for a few days without spending any money. You can then pay $19.95 for 30-days unlimited access, at most , while the current offer is still valid. You can save even more by spending about five more dollars to get access for three months.

Our Final Comments, Endorsement Status and Rating

The Fetish Network has many positives, and there are few negatives. It is definitely a site every kinkster should join. This is a great place to start your journey into extreme erotica.

We cannot give the network its full marks because there are some design issues. We will still give the series of smut page pages our endorsement, even though we have taken all this into consideration. We are interested in your opinions. Click over and let us know what you think.

  • This platform hosts many websites
  • that add new content each day.
  • This network offers a remarkable
  • number of variations on BDSM.
  • There's a huge community that
  • is as crazy about kink as you are.
  • These sites offer unique bonuses
  • that are not available anywhere else,
  • in addition to the regular benefits.
  • Mobile Support
  • To make the site more appealing,
  • you could tweak its design.
  • Some of the content may be
  • too extreme for some, but
  • that's okay.
  • The social media page has
  • been removed
  • There are not many search
  • options available on the main website.