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Feet9 review



The porn world is full of injustices that must be addressed immediately. You all know this one person. We all know that one person in our lives who is insanely obsessed with feet. We love to laugh at them. Why do we do this? Probably because most people find feet ugly, gross, strange, or just plain weird. Some people love them and that's okay. Let's not make fun of them. Let's instead dedicate this review and let's explore a footfetish site with them. Let's get started with the review today, if you are ready!

The history of the site as well as its design was created exactly on the 25th August 2014, which is in the year 2014. This is not a brand new website. There are many feet sites on the internet. They're constantly developing and running. Our goal is to determine if's legacy meets modern standards. We'll consider the design, navigation, and content, then we'll look at what we have here. If you find this interesting, you will enjoy the information we are about to give you.'s design looks just like other free porn designs, but it's a bit more complex. You have options at the top and some on the sides. There are tons of videos on this website. You can also choose from them. This site has tons of content, so you won't get bored. There are many pages. This means you will be scrolling and browsing a lot, which is a good thing. This design will be rated as average after considering all of these factors. Although it isn't very special, it's not bad. It also doesn't make us mad, which is a good thing. We're not going to give it a pass, as other sites have done far worse.

Let's now explain’s navigation system. We'll start with the options at the top of the site. They have the videos page. It's very similar to the homepage. Once you access the website, you will immediately land here. Next, you'll find all the channels posting here. Although they are a bit messy, you can navigate them easily and find the content you want. The content provider is at least, which is cool as hell. Next is their cam site. This involves feet as well, so if live action is what you are looking for, go there. Last but not least, there's the 'fuck me now' option. This will take you to a fake website that promises to give you chicks. You'll likely chat with bots, or something similar. Overall, the navigation system is too simple to use, has few interesting options and has annoying fake websites for meeting girls. We found it to be very weak and not as good as any other we have seen.

Website content's content is all about feet. The site's name perfectly reflects that. What can you expect to find on Everything to do with feet. As a feet lover, you will see everything related to your feet. They did a good job and you won't get bored. It is very new, varied, and, of course, lovely and pleasant. You can also get it all for free. You don't need to worry about paying for memberships or other crap. You can have fun in a beautiful environment with a particular fetish and not worry about any consequences. It's a positive thing and we as porn lovers can at least appreciate that.

We're now going to expand on our story about the content. does not have categories. They made a bad move, but they came up with a solution. Instead of the classes, you will have to navigate through all channels. These channels have almost the exact same function as the categories. They are versatile and fascinating, as we've already said. You can have your feet in nylon socks or regular socks. There are also teen legs and other stuff. The channels basically cover the entire range of categories and you can trust them. You'll have a pleasant experience navigating through the website.

Mobile and desktop experience

How would you rate's experience? The PC version, at least. It's okay, but not great. There are only two options that you can use, and that's all. One of these options is redundant because it functions as a homepage. The channels are all you need to use. You will also find fake websites and's other sites, as well as some partners, at the bottom. It's amazing that this site didn't display any pop-up ads during our browsing. It's not because of an ad blocking program. They didn't show up. They just didn't show up.'s mobile version is not much different. All options are available. This website is not optimized for smartphones. Although there is a pop-up at site's beginning, it isn't a major problem. The experience is almost identical, but the team did a great job optimizing it. This allows you to view the entire site without zooming in. If we had to compare them both, we would say that is almost identical. It doesn't make sense to tell you which one you should use. Both are great in their own ways. Depending on which device you prefer, both versions can be used.

What I like about the place

This is the best part. We can now discuss everything we like and don't like about this site. We have the chance to talk about and also to highlight its positive sides. Although a little bit odd, it's still very funny and useful. Let's begin with the good stuff. This place is full of great content. All of the clips are original, interesting, and refreshing. The site's greatest strength is its content. It doesn't offer anything else. They also have some impressive channels. They are tied directly to the content, so that's kind of what we already covered.

The negative aspects of are now revealed. We'll start with the fact that's design is boring, uninspiring and dull as hell. Their navigation system is also awful. They don't offer any other options beyond these two. You should be cautious if you don’t want to redirect to other websites. It looks like they were just too quick to delete the content from this website without considering any other elements that are necessary for a site to be successful.

Suggestions to the site and conclusion might be open to a few suggestions. We think they could make some changes to their design right from the beginning. It could be more modern and unique. Overall, the design needs to be improved. They could also create categories and even galleries for the navigation system. Instead of creating fake websites to meet people, they could sell mugs, scarves and other items that people are interested in buying. It seems like some porn sites already do this, and it is paying off.

Let's now conclude our review. is an awesome site. It's unique content is easy to use and doesn't bombard you with ads. Although it has its flaws, the site is still a great combination of all the above elements. We recommend you go to it immediately, especially if your goal is to have fun and enjoy your favorite fetish without any disturbances.

  • It is simple to use.
  • Amazing content.
  • Cool channels.
  • Mobile Support
  • Practically, the navigation system
  • is nonexistent.
  • The design is boring and
  • out of date.
  • Most likely, the sites used for
  • the meeting are a fraud.