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ChatRandom review



Chatrandom was founded in 2011 and connects horny men with women, or horny men with men, horny ladies and women to have an unforgettable conversation. Chatrandom users can choose how they want to chat (text, video, or both - more later). There are also a variety of filters that will make it easier to find the right person. Are you on the move? Chatrandom offers an iOS and Android app for free that allows users to chat randomly, no matter where they are!

Chatrandom has over 4 million users

Chatrandom is a safe option for anyone who is hesitant about trying it. Chatrandom has over 4 million users. This means that you can talk to anyone, regardless of gender, with relative ease. It's as easy as that.

Chatrandom was very easy to connect to other chatters. While the free version is great for searching for anyone, you will most likely come across men sexing off when you use the search function. Chatrandom can help users see only the gender they choose.

Filter by gender or location

Chatrandom lets users filter by gender and geographic location, which is a departure from other adult chat sites. There is one catch. However, users cannot talk to males or only females in the future. Users must sign up for Chatrandom Plus (more details later) to be able to use these filters. This makes perfect sense, and it is only natural that Chatrandom would charge more for this feature.

It's a simple question: Why would a chat site give away this feature? This is the only adult chat site on the Web that offers this option. It's a good business decision to make users pay more for this feature. It's true, it's not the most cost-effective way to remove rocks, but it saves you time and money. It may not be worthwhile for everyone.

Chatrandom Plus might be worth it (for some).

Some adult chat site fans will pay $20 per month to have access to only female chat rooms. Chatrandom understands that there are people willing to pay a premium for female access. The $20 per month price tag is a bit steep for everyone else. This is the price of premium tube sites, or a few credits on a girl site. This price tag can seem a bit steep for some, but Chatrandom may not target these users.

Chatrandom appears to have realized that many people had difficulty paying $20 per month for their subscription. So they offer a weekly membership option. The cost is $7 per week and, like the monthly subscription, you can cancel at any moment. Chatrandom Plus costs $7 per week, which is $10 more than a monthly subscription. However, it's a great option for people who aren't ready to commit to a monthly plan. If one is interested in trying the service out to determine if it's right for them, it's best to select the weekly option.

Cam to cam together with three strangers

Chatrandom does not leave its free members in the cold. Chatrandom also offers the possibility to chat with strangers via cam or chat rooms. For now, let's focus on the first. Chatting with three strangers simultaneously is as simple as choosing the 'Experiences" drop-down menu. This menu also allows you to choose gay chat or random chat.

Four boxes will be displayed on the screen once you have selected them. Along with the user's video feed, three additional people will be displayed on the screen. Users can then chat as if they were one-on-one, but it is with three other people.

It's a fun feature and members will likely see three men jerking off simultaneously, rather than just one. It's worth a try at least once. Plus, it's a great idea. This should be the standard for all adult chat websites.

Chat rooms make for a great touch

Chat rooms are another feature available to members for no cost. You can access them by selecting 'Experiences" from the drop-down menu, and then choosing Chat rooms. People will have seven options to choose from when they visit this page.

Chat rooms such as college chat, random singles and dating, and just friends were all empty. Only the random chat and random gay or bi chat rooms had people. Click on any of these populated rooms and you'll be back at square one, seeing only penises.

It is worth noting, however, that premium members have access to a chat with girlsroom. The room is often crowded with hundreds of people at once. A membership, at minimum a weekly one, is worth the cost to get in and see the room. Plus, you have filtering options. Although it may not be right for everyone, the room is worth a visit for those who are curious.

In-chat mask

While not everyone wants to be seen on cam, they still want to cam with other people. Chatrandom allows people to be anonymous while still showing their faces on cam. Although it may sound absurd, it is possible. Look for the "Mask" icon in your video chat window when you are camming. You can choose from many masks that you can wear in-chat.

This is the ideal option for users who want to flaunt their bodies and have fun with other cammers, but without having to show their faces. It allows users to feel more relaxed and spontaneous on cam than ever before, which makes them more comfortable. This option is great for people with anxiety, especially if you are a cam user.

Text chat available

Do you not feel like camming? Chatrandom lets users jump right into text chat without having to use cam. Turn off your cam and click the "Start" button. Chatrandom connects users to someone who has their webcam turned off, instead of connecting to a videochat. Chatrandom will connect users to someone who has their webcam off. This will allow them to communicate by text, giving them the chance to get to know each other while remaining anonymous.

Verifications in-chat let users know that they are talking to real people

Chatrandom's in-chat verification badge is one of the best ways to let users know that they are talking with real people. To obtain your own badge, click the 'Chat Settings" button at the bottom of your video window. Next, select 'Get Verified' under Show verified badges to others'. Only Chatrandom Plus members are eligible for verification.

This is not a requirement and can be ignored by those who don't want to chat with verified members. It is a great way to find out who their chat buddies are. If you are looking for a badge, look out for it when you move from one chatter to the next.

Chatrandom Plus must be upgraded to receive the best features

Chatrandom Plus users need to upgrade in order to enjoy the best features. As we have already mentioned, Chatrandom Plus offers the following perks.

  • Filter by gender
  • Private chat
  • Remove ads
  • In-chat Verified badges

Chatrandom Plus costs $19.99 per month/$7.99 per week. Most people will know after reading this review if Chatrandom Plus worth the money.


Chatrandom is a chat service that allows you to meet people who share your sexual preferences. Some people may be discouraged by the high monthly cost.

  • Chatrandom has over 4 million users.
  • Chat with other members by joining the site for free.
  • Available on Android and iPhone.
  • It is easy to jump from one cam camera to another.
  • In-chat mask.
  • Chat via text.
  • Filter by gender and location.
  • Verifications in-chat let users know
  • that they are speaking with real members.
  • It is easy to jump from one chat
  • into another.
  • Chatrooms can be convenient.
  • Chatrandom Plus is a great value for some.
  • Mobile Support
  • Chatrandom Plus is too expensive for some.